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Qtopia Phone is completely GPL

Published Tuesday September 18th, 2007
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Ok, I have had to restrain myself for a few weeks now about this exciting and dramatic news..

“Qtopia Phone Edition to be completely open source under GPL license; Trolltech adds Neo as an open hardware platform for Qtopia development”




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Posted in Greenphone, KDE, News, Qt, Qtopia


Andre says:

This is so cool, I need one of these Neos with Qtopia right now!

Marc says:

From bashing (http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2007/07/09/meanwhile-back-at-the-ranch/) to co-operation in just over two months. Congratulations, Trolltech! πŸ™‚

pinky says:

Why the outdated GPLv2? I wan’t to develop GPLv3 software, not only with Qtopia but also with Qt. When will Trolltech switch to GPLv3? Any plans?

jospoortvliet says:

@pinky: they’re talking about it, it’s a big step. Gonna take a while, but I don’t think they really have a choice, so… be patient.

@Marc: I’m pretty sure this was planned a long time ago. TT has a proven trackrecord in FOSS, I don’t see why many are so hostile. Maybe because they feel their pet projects are endangered of being overshadowed by superior technology?

@TT: congrats πŸ˜‰ This is way cool, I look forward to having finally a real (and foss) alternative to the iPhone…

Jure Repinc says:

Great news indeed. Just found about this a few minutes ago on Digg:
Qtopia is realy becoming the best choice for mobile phone and mobile devices programming. Keep up the great work you are doing Trlltech!

Leonardo Skorianez says:

Cool, now I will see my Nokia N800 with QTOPIA!!!

Right… This is very likely the most exiting news for some considerable amount of time – there is now no question about it any longer, i am getting a Neo1973 GTA02 when it’s out and stuffing QTopia Phone Ed on it πŸ™‚

Correa says:

Any plans on commercial policy review? It’s quite hard as a small embedded device manufacturer to use Qtopia, with it’s license price so high, the no less than 3 developer license and the royalties being more expensive than a geode processor per unit sold. And that’s for Qtopia-core. Seriously, if you want more devices to use Qtopia, perhaps you should consider the other non-phone markets out there. There are other companies with less than a million dollars in their pocket looking for what you can provide. Give us a Qtopia-core for small business *hint*

Kevin Kofler says:

You can use the GPL version. If what you’re selling is the hardware, then releasing all the software under the GPL, or even just using the stock Qtopia apps, should be an option to consider.

(Disclaimer: I do NOT work or speak for Trolltech, nor is this legal advice, as I am not a lawyer either.)

Correa says:

Sure, there is also always the legaly valid option of not using Qtopia *smile*. Which is precisely what everybody is doing right now.

I’m simply suggesting that there are small companies eager to give TT some of their hard earned money too, except that the current policy makes it impossible as it is. The royalties are more expensive than the CPU. It’s actually a lot cheaper to get a unix commercial license, use geode (which is 3 times more expensive than an ARM) and run it on X. Or get the unix license and crosscompile.
Hopefully someone inside TT could bring this to light from within the company. Since the sales ppl are so used to price whining that they might to pay much attention to more valid concerns.

ben says:

I don’t like the openMoko formfactor too much, but I’ll buy it. Promised!

How cool is that? Finally a *working* FOSS-phone. Thsi fits perfectly to the other projects I was always keeping eyes on: OpenSync and Akonadi.

Thank You, Trolltech! Thanks, Lorn!

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