Published Wednesday September 19th, 2007
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As I’m new to this blog space, I thought I’d introduce myself. People reading certainly know me already, as I have been working on KWord for ages, with loads of blogs there about the cool new things that KOffice2 will bring.

Me moving to this site is a direct extension of that work, since I still have the dream that KOffice2 is going to rock the world and since KOffice is build on top of Qt I’m going to be working on making Qt be even better for text-based graphical work as well as printing here at Trolltech.

I’m firmly standing with one leg in the Trolltech community and the other one in the KDE community (which is a bit overwhelming at times, but a great experience on the whole!) so my work will partly be to keep the goals of the two communities aligned. Which in human terms simply means that I’m playing go-between πŸ™‚

In other news, I moved from Holland to Norway some weeks ago, and I can say that I’m very much enjoying this change. Oslo is a wonderful city; with awesome people and lots of things to do. And I certainly enjoy going by bike to work every day (20mins). I’m slowly getting my head around the fact that on my way to work I bicycle past a genuine waterfall.

Anyway, enough about me, on to some coolness in Qt!

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Posted in Contributors, KDE, Qt


What a surprise, welcome to Oslo. I read your blog for quite some time and I look forward to read from you even more now. I’ve moved to Oslo 6 months ago, also bike for 15 minutes to my job and also know that waterfall πŸ™‚

Will Stokes says:

Riding over a waterfall is indeed very cool. I always enjoyed it while at Cornell, even in the winter. πŸ™‚

If you really like waterfalls you should make a trip to Ithaca and visit the numerous ones that abound. See here for some examples…

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