Back from Redwood City…

Published Monday October 8th, 2007
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Feeling incredibly sleepy. I got back from Developer Days 2007 on Saturday at 2pm, feeling great. Slept through the whole flight. Sunday I slept for 12 hours until 2pm before I was kicked out of bed, and this morning I’ve decided to adjust back to +1/CEST. I’ve had one large cup of black coffee and ate four buns to help me recover, but I feel like I’m at serious risk of taking a dive anytime today.

Enough said, I’m sitting here with a good feeling. It’s been a busy week, but it has been great fun. All speakers have a long list of things, feedback on bugs and features, that we’ll be discussing with our colleagues back at the office. I’m no exception; having talked about Graphics View and Networking, I got a good feel for what’s good, and what we can do in the future.

For those interested, all slides, code and extra material is available on labs:

I’ve got ~38 emails in my mailbox that are addressed to me. Better start digging through. (yaaawn) πŸ™‚

PS: The heavily modified colliding mice example compiles only with Qt 4.4 snapshots.

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Posted in KDE, Qt

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Daniel Kish says:

Hi Andreas,

DevDays07 was great!
I was blown away with the last example you gave in the last minute of your talk, with the flipping padnavigator πŸ˜‰
Having the ability to put normal widgets on or as QGrphicsItem is just huge!
I mean, this allows creating GUI’s that are resolution independent, and 2.5D GUIs with the great Qt API!
That on its own in my mind, will be a good motivator for companies to invest in Qt.
I don’t know of any other gui toolkit that can do anything like that, and Qt is so close to allow that in its API.
Based on our talk after dinner in Munich during DevDays, I’ll try to replicate what you did there or what you did here with the “dilaogs on canvas”.
(But I doubt I’ll be successful)
At any rate, once you will post some example code, I will have to show that to my boss, since as of today, we are using openGL for resolution independent GUIs.
But once this will be possible with Qt (I mean not as a “hack”) – I don’t see any sense working with OpenGL any more (for GUI)

Just brilliant!!

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