Four countries in two days

Published Friday April 4th, 2008
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I’m preparing for an interesting trip… Finishing up Qt 4.4.0, as Thiago blogged about yesterday, I’m spending my time planning activites for 4.5 and 4.6. Input from everybody is crucial these days and months ahead; we want to hear first hand from you all what we should focus on. So I’m going on a trip to meet our fellows and users face to face :-). It goes something like this:

Oslo – Prague – Milan – Helsinki – Frankfurt – Sao Paolo – Porto Alegre – Sao Paolo – Frankfurt – Oslo

Thiago pointed out that I’ll be in four countries in just two days. One is a connection, so it doesn’t really count ;-). But I’m not used to traveling, and I prefer economy over business [*] ;-). I enjoy airtime, so it’ll be fine.

I’ll be in Milan for the April Plasma sprint. Hoping for quality time with some of KDE’s Plasma developers. I’m there to look and listen, hopefully I can help out with something. I’ll share some ideas we have for improvements to Graphics View and Qt in general, we’ll see what comes from that. Looking forward to beer in the evenings too of course ;-). Unfortunately (a slight communication error or lack of attention from my side) I’ll be there a day late, arriving the evening of the 11th, and I have to leave the evening of the 13th, so I’ll only be there for two whole days. Still, I’m very much looking forward to this event :-). Got my laptop, prepared to eat chips, drink coffee and coke, and just help out.

After that I’m heading to Helsinki to co-present some of our plans for Qt for a group of representatives of our future benefactors. ๐Ÿ™‚ At first I was intimidated by the upcoming acquisition. Now I’ve learned that there are some really cool people working for Nokia, they’re down-to-earth, they respect the work that we’re doing, and also the methodology and development culture that Trolltech is known for. Arriving at 00:55 that day (ugh!).

Then I’m going to Sao Paolo (Thiago’s home town!), having some pizza, staying over one night and then going to Porto Alegre to attend the FISL (9ยฐ Fรณrum Internacional Software Livre) to present how Qt is evolving to match tomorrow’s UI requirements across all platforms.

Oh and btw, our plans point in the direction of improving stability, quality, and performance of Qt as a whole. My sketchboard is also covered with ideas on how we can evolve the UI (thinking about styling, benefits and limitations our widget model, animation support, and more).

If you have small or large features you’d like to see in Qt, go ahead and open the threads on qt-interest, and other forums. Get your ideas out, get feedback for them, and let us know about it.

[*] I’ve never flown business class ever before, and I’m proud of it!

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Posted in Graphics View, KDE, Qt


physicistjedi says:

I would like to see support for more document formats. PDF is very high on the list, followed by ODF, RTF, RTFD, PS, DJVU, DOC etc.

Josh says:

As you’re looking for new features, big or small, I thought I’d bounce one off of you. I don’t know how feasible it is, so I put it to you first and you can pass it on if it is workable. Since Qt runs on the majority of major platforms already, the one niche that I see could open many doors for Qt is running on a browser (ie. as a plugin for a browser, like Flash). This would open doors for certain types of applications where deployment limitations would make running in a browser ideal. Once again, I don’t know how much work it would take, but I think it would be a great benefit to Qt… – Josh

charles chen says:

“we want to hear first hand from you all what we should focus on.”

We love the ability to style our ability with CSS. But the CSS engine seems to have serious performance problems. If this could be addressed, it would be great. Happy to offer more information if that would be helpful, but the problem is widespread.

David Boosalis says:

One area QT has never really excelled at is in the ability to do animations at the widget level. It would be nice to see some kind of animation engine built into Qt that would allow for transitions such as fade in/out move in/out.

I’d like to see QTable(View/Widget) get an overhaul as well. Adding functionality to customize header columns with vertical or slanted text, or simply having the paintEvent more exposed for TableHeader Items. I’d like to see the ability to lock top rows from scrolling, that is to have them always viewable. Setting table header resize attributes could be cleaned up and simplified.

Incorporate KDE’s idea of Standard Actions and pixmaps (Save,Copy, Edit, Email, etc.).

An OpenGL rendering engine and theme to proved hardware accelerated 3D shading and beveling of PushButtons, etc.

More sophisticated Dial and Gage widgets.

Marius says:

@Josh: You can already start Qt(/Jambi) in a browser using Java WebStart.
Try it here:

Josh says:

Thanks for the pointer. If you have a fairly complex Qt app, is it fairly straightforward to port it to Qt/Jambi, or could that potentially be a lot of work? Thanks.

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