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Published Monday April 28th, 2008
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The demo browser in Qt 4.4 has obtained a lot of attention and interest. Now that 4.4 is almost out I have forked it and started a new project called Arora where development can continue, features can be added, and anyone who wants can contribute. The source code is in a Git repository and is currently hosted on github. Along with some improvements and features there are autotest and manual tests. Git (and GitHub) makes it pretty easy for new developers to a project to fork off a branch to develop features that can be later merged back into the project. Feel free to grab the source and add the feature that you miss the most or take one of the fun items off the TODO list. To any artists out there we need an icon to match the new name. Given that this is a fork of the demo future news on Arora will be on the project’s home page or on the Arora blog.

QtWebKit & WebKit trunk

In an effort to stabilize QtWebKit before the 4.4 release QtWebKit was forked from WebKit about six months ago. This is why the acid3 test score in Qt4.4 didn’t match the latest Safari. Now that 4.4 is almost out the door work has begun on integrating the changes into WebKit trunk for 4.5. Not everything is in yet, but already a lot works and it is very exciting. I’ll let this screen shot speak for itself:


The remaining failing tests mostly relate to SVG Fonts. If you are interested in helping out feel free to join #webkit or #qtwebkit on freenode. Instructions on how to build Arora with QtWebKit trunk can be found in the Arora source wiki page.

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Posted in Qt, WebKit


David Johnson says:

Please keep the Arora sources easy to read and understand, just like the webkit demo. Small learning curves prevent bashed shins…

ds says:


bob says:

Too bad gtk+ recently just got 100 :/

Enrico Ros says:

Wow, sounds like a big improvement!! The current QtWebkit-4.4 scores only 44 (IIRC) in acid3.
Bob: don’t worry about gnome: what we have here is an unprecedented integration of top class gui and web programming. It’s just hard to understand, right now, the immense potential of bridging that gap πŸ™‚

Thanks Benjamin, GO ARORA !!!

xet7 says:

There’s article about Qt 4.4 at slashdot:

There one AC said:
“Vladimir just posted about working more on Qt for Firefox – – the more devs that can help, the quicker this will happen.”

(I haven’t checked if someone told about this already)

Although I understand the method and source, it’s been nothing short of amazing to see Qt go from horrible HTML to almost as capable as Safari in such a short time. Really, I think this is an awesome display of open source cooperation.

Adam Higerd says:

What’s so different about trunk and 4.4 that it would have to wait for 4.5 to release? Could it not be released in, say, 4.4.1? Obviously it has to be binary-compatible or it wouldn’t even be allowed into 4.5, so unless we’re talking about some new public API requirements not present in 4.4.0, I don’t see why it couldn’t be out sooner.

Mildred says:

The web inspector looks awsome … But somehow I managed to inspect the inspector itself (right click, maintain the click with the mouse and use the keyboard to select the ‘inspect’ entry). Why can’t that be done using QT. For once I thought that QT was able to do as well as Mac OS X. Not to say that it can’t, but that can’t be a proof of it i think.
I especially like the panel on the left. So cute.

Please keep going, that’s really amazing.

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