Animated Tiles

Published Wednesday March 4th, 2009
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There’s a new example in the animations branch called “Animated Tiles”. It’s nothing very fancy, showing how to animate transitions between five defined states.

But it does qualify for youtube material :-).

If you want to access the code, visit the Kinetic labs page:

Discussions are on #qt-kinetic on


(update 13:41: updated the url)

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Posted in Graphics, Graphics View, KDE, Kinetic, Qt, Uncategorized


sheytan says:

WOOOW! That’s amazing!

abdurrahman says:

Soooooo qt.. sorry …. cuuute.

Scorp1us says:

Problem: the public git repo is not syncing with your git repo. Can we get a .tgz?

eMPee584 says:

Wo0w very fancy candy :==)
And astonishingly fluid, too.. does it use the GL render backend?

Andreas says:

Scorp1us: I think it’s synced every night, but I’ll check if it’s out of date for some reason.

eMPeee54: The video was recorded on Windows, using the standard raster engine. I’ve run it on the other engines, including X11, and it runs smoothly there too.

Scorp1us says:

13 days ago | Snapshots | Update to Qt Kinetic snapshot 20090224 [qt/kinetic-animations]

That’s the last thing I see in the repo. Who knows how long until things are updated again?

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