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Working hard on QtCreator 1.1

Published Thursday April 9th, 2009
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It’s now 5 weeks and 2 days ago that we put the first QtCreator release – 1.0 – on the public ftp server, though it feels like a much longer time to me. So much work has been done in the meantime :). To let you take advantage of the improvements and to keep our promise to release often, we are now in the deep process of creating a QtCreator 1.1 release.

As you can see from the version number, this is not a pure bugfix release. That’s why we’d like to have the opportunity to receive some last feedback from you! Have a look at the release candidate packages here:

Linux 64bit
Linux 32bit
Linux 32bit gcc3.3
Mac OS X

Some of the most prominent changes/improvements:

  • Reworked editor split mechanism, making it actually useful.
  • Function argument hint is actually useful now.
  • Improved Open Documents view, also actually useful now ;).
  • Designers signal/slot editor is finally included in the form editor.
  • Experimental support for generic Makefile based projects.
  • Lots and lots of improvements to editing, navigating, debugging, pro-file parsing, cmake support, ….

Here is a more extensive list. And of course you can browse through the commits in the git repository.

If you find issues, please report them either on the qt-creator@trolltech.com mailing list, through the Nokia/QtSoftware task tracker, or drop us a note on the #qt-creator channel on freenode.

Have a happy Easter!

/me signs off for Easter holidays.

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Lúcio Corrêa says:

Any news on JavaScript plugins?

Eritak Matias says:

Still no MSVC debugging support ?
What a hell !
What´s happen with Trolltech employees ?

-Hey man, the nokia bought us !
-Yeah , that´s true ! They don´t have plenty of money, they don´t need more !
-Yeah ! So, lets fuck with commercial clients !
-What you thinking ?
-Lets works on a VIM plugin, thats all they need ! Lets give the Windows developers a taste of a 4 years old gcc compiler and give then a pleasure of debugging with the ubber cool GDB.
-You so evil !
-Muahaha Muahaha !

Steve says:

Eritak, I also see that there’s no corporate interest in paying customers, and the Trolls themselves mostly don’t really care about anything other than Linux/KDE, so anyone using anything other than gcc+make (i.e. Windows and OS X/XCode users) are likely to be treated as second class users.

However, Visual Studio is not an easy thing to integrate with, so it’s not unreasonable that it’ll take longer to integrate that into Qt Creator than the better understood (and documented) unix toolchain.

Grant says:

There appears to be a problem with the Windows installer. Attempting an install to the path “E:DevQtqtcreator-1.0.90” causes a grammatically incorrect error message to appear, “The installation directory is to long”. I’m using Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit. The path “E:DevQtqtcreator” worked fine.

Rupert says:

@Eritak and @Steve

I am confused by your responses, have you seen any abandoning of the Visual Studio integration projects? I always view Qt Creator as filling a much needed gap in MinGW development on Windows. If you have Visual Studio, why do you want QtCreator? And do you think that it makes sense for Qt software to focus their efforts on integrating Visual Studio in Qt Creator, or to focus on integrating Qt in Visual Studio and focus on making MinGW development increasingly productive.

MinGW is used by commercial customers (I was one of them), this really is not an issue where you can fairly attribute Qt softwares focus on certain primary targets to platform bias. They have limited resources, I think they are using them wisely.

MikeDVB says:

I also see that the Qt development is taking a ideological way.
With the LGPL license , the Qt had everything to become a standard toolkit for development in all platforms.(even if the project is not aimed on be cross-platform)
But with the nokia acquisition looks like the developers only doing the stuff for fun. Some love the Linux/Kde , others devs just like their mac.
The final result is the Qt instead of become a solution for real-world problems, is now a playground for developer ideology. This until Nokia realize that Qt is not a viable toolkit anymore, and only serves for KDE development.
A prove that what i talking is Qt Creator. Is a Magnificent RAD tool. The idea behind it is fantastic ! But now with money to fund it, important things like CDB support is postponed when funky features area added.
Hello Troll developers ! If you want to Qt be THE Framework , realise this things( This is my personal list)
– If you do qt-creator snapshots for Linux and Mac, Windows like it too.
– >>>>>>>>>>>>>>ADD THE CDB support

MikeDVB says:

– Fix the 64bits Qt for windows ! It Even Windows 98 support is better than it.
– At least pretend that you Care for windows, You Trolls can develop for the next Upcoming KDE, but the most waited windows, the 7, you cannot even test something.

I love Qt, everyone love Qt. I wish more than everything that KDE kills GNOME or GNOME drop Gtk if Favor of Qt. But i have to work too.
Concentrate in doing a working toolkit in MAC + WIN + LIN and a IDE for then all (QtCreator). Then EVERY developer in the world will consider Qt for it application development. After that add the Symbian support, then the developers will start porting the app for it. The nokia will be VERY happy for all the Apps and the Troll developers will earn more and everyone will be happy !

I think that they are not asking for VS integration, this dont ever make sense.
I think that asking for compiler(already have) and debugger(there´s one in development) support for MSVC.

Alessandro says:

@Eritak: Your post is certainly entertaining to read but such dialogue does not happen inside Nokia/QtSoftware, promised! 🙂 We are fully committed to deliver high quality products to paying customers, the open source community and (of course) to Nokia.

Speaking of high quality and QtCreator+MSVC debugging… Since we are not yet finished with it, we did not put it into the 1.1 release. I kindly ask you for a bit more patience, and in the meantime please have a look at what is happening in the Git repository (master branch) regarding the “CDB” integration: http://labs.trolltech.com/gitweb?p=qt-creator&a=search&h=refs%2Fheads%2Fmaster&st=commit&s=CDB


Eritak Matias says:

I love Qt more than everything !
I just jealous that my love are talking with other(gdb) but not with Cdb.

You guys are great. The QtCreator is the most beautiful software in the world !
Keep the good job !

Daniel says:

@Eritak Matias: I feel like I should put a few things in perspective here

– There is no stable, supported version of GCC other than the one we ship. For this release, the the binutils were updated to the latest versions, but a new compiler is something that needs careful testing
– The VIM editor flurrished because it got a lot of support from the community, not shipping it because “that would not be fair to those that would rather like something else” seems a bit unfair.
– There is no use to ship unstable components in a release. The CDB debugger, although it is being worked on, is just not ready yet. You can use it if you compile the latest version from git, though, which has CDB enabled.

@Grant: Thanks for letting us know. Will look into it.

Dat Chu says:

I think that people are being too negative in this comment thread. I believe that Qt team is doing a great job especially with QtCreator. Sure, being whiny and all will get you noticed but hey if you want something so much why not do it yourself. As Daniel have said, the vim editing improves because there is a community behind it.

Steve says:

After a few hours of using it, it’s a good step forward from 1.0. A couple of killer bugs have been fixed, and the multiframe UI makes much more sense now. It’s nice to have a working IDE for Qt on OS X – it needs some nasty hacks setup to do things like debugging, but it’s perfectly usable once that’s done. (That it also works nicely on a netbook with a tiny 1024×600 screen is a real plus).

@Rupert: Qt IDE support for OS X has been iffy since 4.0 (and before) – the qmake generator for XCode is simply broken, has been forever and I’ve been told there’s not really any interest in fixing it. There were similar issues on Windows, though I’ve pretty much given up using anything other than qmake+nmake with Qt on that platform. That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about when I refer to non-X11 folks as second class users.

Neoraptor says:

Thank you for these release. Qt Creator is a great software and I am really happy to develop with it.

I have some suggestions for future releases :
* use the documentation according to the library used (don’t propose the library version each time). I have Qt 4.4.3 and 4.5 installed. When a project uses Qt 4.5, the documentation must be for Qt 4.5, and I don’t want to see the doc from Qt 4.4.3
* auto-reindentation of the code
* column selection and multiple edition (a la textmate)
* support for macro

Marat says:

First, I love (very much) Qt, Boost C++ Libraries (especially Boost.Asio – Qt’s network is terrible 8)
MSVC (2005-2008) has a very old support for C++ coding (compare with IntelliJ IDEA support for Java) – poor IntelliSence (especially at templates – Boost C++ Libraries) and full absence of code refactoring (I think it’s a Microsoft policy – their priority is .NET && C#).
I’m waiting Qt Creator (as Qt) will support all (or some) features I found at IDEA menus (Code, Analyze, Refactor).
Do You think about such coding support?

David Johnson says:

Will this version finally be buildable on non-Linux X11 platforms? There’s nothing about Qt Creator that is Linux specific, yet Linux is hardcoded throughout the project files.

Will says:

I’m not sure why there is all hate for the Trolls all of a sudden. For the record:

-I’m a happy paying customer who uses Qt successfull on Windows and OSX

-I use GCC on both Windows (via MinGW) and OSX. Using the same compiler across both platforms saves me a lot of time since for performance reasons considerable code on my project was optimized with the compiler in mind.

-I don’t feel like the Trolls have become any less responsive to my needs since the Nokia aquisition. The only thing that has gotten worse is the Task Tracker web site, which is badly broken, but I hear that’s being worked on.

-I do find is annoying gcc isn’t up to version 4 on Windows yet. I’m aware that those outside the MinGW team have gotten gcc4.3 up and running on Windows with a modified version of MinGW. I wish these efforts could become stabilized since at the very least it would speed up compiling Qt projects on Windows.

-I wish mingw32-make accepted the -j flag, like on OSX, but I suppose this is outside the Trolls responsibility as well.

-Since the Trolls are taking it upon themselves to develop a fantastic IDE for Qt+GCC on Windows, perhaps they should consider devoting some effort to help the above two issues get fixed for Qt Windows users some time this century.

-I’ve had no problems using qmake + XCode w/ Qt4.0 – Qt4.5, so I’m not sure what is broken with the xcode generator that one person mentioned. I actually do some pretty tricky stuff with my .pro and .pri files so this comment in particular surprised me.

Anyways, here’s hoping I’ll soon have an IDE (QtCreator) comparable to XCode on Windows.

Juan says:


I agree, the lack of full 64 bits support is damaging windows developers a lot. The worse part if that the Visual Studio integration adding just can’t handle projects with more than one target (i.e 32/64), but it corrupts the vproj files duplicating moc files everywhere and messing it up. ( Also the lack of a x64 installer for windows makes slower trying new updates. Not sure why Qt provides installers for everything except win 64, like if it was a platform for weirdos when it’s an absolute standard in pro apps.)

Qtcreator is very nice for people that starts programming in Qt, and if it supports MSVC and Intel compilers will fit fine for many projects (and I really love most of the stuff you trolls do). But for massive solutions with petazillions of loc build in Visual Studio, where only an small part of the solution uses Qt, porting it to QtCreator is really not an option, so we need the integration in Visual Studio is smooth but right now we even had to create an xml parser to fix the vproj files when the Qt-VS integration breaks them. Hope to see it improved in future updates 🙂

catanzag says:

Hello, thanks for the new version!
Maybe I was wrong in somewhere, but I got some trouble installing (Linux version 32 bit gcc4) in path with spaces. By default they make shell startup script not to recognize correct path, I workarounded it adding a couple of “” in the 1st, 3rd and 5th lines of /opt/qtcreator/bin/qtcreator file

bindir=$(dirname “$(readlink -nf $0)”)
if test “$(uname -m)” = “x86_64” ; then
libdir=$(cd “${bindir}/../lib64” ; pwd)
libdir=$(cd “${bindir}/../lib” ; pwd)

Happy Easter to all of you

Mike says:

QtCreator doesn’t support Qt S60 pre-release well. But i was surprised that QtCreator was able to start “bldmake” and “make”, but with full of mistakes.

Sam says:

When editing signal/slots and you connect a button to the mainwindow (in order to implement something for the click()) it would be nice there was an easy way to get a suggested new slot name for the selected signal. Now I have to click Add, and then name the new slot (perhaps the name of the new slot could be something like _slot().

Now, it seems I have to manually add the new slot to the .h & .cpp MainWindow.cpp file. Why couldn’t this be auto added?



Philippe says:

I see 3 interests in QtCreator
1) It’s a good way for the Trolls to exercise their skills on a large-scale application and find and correct Qt’s pits and flaws in such a “real life” context. And possibly extract useful classes from QtCreator to future Qt versions.
2) Have a replacement to XCode on OSX, which I find so bad.
3) A large “demo” application for Qt programmers.

Andre says:

Maybe I should not reply to blog comments on days on which my car gets dented
without my personal interaction, but still:

@matias: I looks like you are not a paying customer, otherwise you would know
the official route to directly influence the development (Hint: support@…)
It also looks like you are not an Open Source citizen as you did neither
contribute yourself (Hint: neither bug reports nor patches from you) nor
appreciate the contribution of others (Hint: fakevim was mainly driven by
community support lately and started as a Creative Christmas project earlier –
so no Nokia resources wasted and definitely none of _your_ money spent).

@Steve: Your first paragraph does not reflect reality either, but I appreciate
the tone. Reality is that the technical side is not much different, but finding
a way through legal minefields is much harder and consequently takes a lot
longer. The perception that “the Trolls themselves mostly don’t really care
about anything other than Linux/KDE” is wrong, too, but explainable in so far
as quite a few Trolls spend not only there payed time on Qt but also a large
part of their spare time. Given the generally high quality of feedback from the
OS side in form of complete patches or the willingness to spend actual time to
track down problems it does not seem surprising that it is easy to listen to
their voice also outside working hours.

@MikeDVB: cdb support is being worked on, it was not deemed to be functional
enough for inclusion in 1.1. Your milage may vary. — It’s still a bit
surprising on the moral side that adding the LGPL would make such a difference
in perception, after all, from a pure ideological point of view the old
Trolltech dual licensing (“real” GPL for “proper” Open Source, and a commercial
“do what you want” offering) should have been everything mankind needs. But
then, there seem to be a few people who want to make money out of other
people’s work without paying for it with either money or work, so adding an
LGPL offering is a very pragmatic, very non-ideologic step.

@Rupert, Daniel, Dat Chu: Thanks.

@David: I think a few #ifdef Q_OS_LINUX has been replaced by #if
defined(Q_OS_UNIX) && !defined(Q_OS_MAC) lately. If you are are aware of other
issues, sending a patch to qt-creator@trolltech.com might be an option 😉

@Juan: The Intel compiler works out-of-the box for compiling. For debugging you
need to fall back to gdb. Should work, though. The MS compiler works for compiling,
for debugging use the master branch…

@Mike: Worse even, I discovered lately it does not make coffee. Not to
mention chocolate bars…

@Philippe: 1) and 3) are certainly points taken into consideration 😉

Happy Easter everyone.

Jim Moore says:

Regarding QtCreator, are there any plans to enable internationalization support, adding linguist interface in it?

Keep up the good work

André Pönitz says:

@Jim Moore: The plan is there, but it probably won’t happen in the next few weeks.

André Pönitz says:

@catanzag: Thanks for spotting this, it is fixed now. I would still discourage using directories with spaces for development.

Eike Ziller says:

@ Mike: Yes, Qt/S60 is not well integrated yet. Several things work quite different for Qt/S60 from the way desktop Qt behaves. One thing is that the Symbian SDK toolchain doesn’t contain the compiler for the emulator. That means that you need to follow all the instructions in the Qt/S60 guide at the moment, including Carbide.C++ installation and setting up the environment. After that you should be able to compile for the emulator by just saying “build” in QtCreator. To run your app you’ll need to set up a custom run configuration pointing to the created executable in the SDK directory.

Patrick says:

Please, please, PLEASE fix the Mac key bindings! QT Creator ignores changes to default key bindings on OS X… this makes it practically unusable due to frustration if you’ve customized things like HOME/END to work like it does on windows.

Bard says:

What I want to know is when is Qt Creator going to support Python and PyQt?

Vineet says:

Please, please, please bring on Phil Thompson (from pyqt) to Nokia and integrate pyqt into the qt distribution and have it supported in QTCreator as well.

migueltr says:

Does anybody knows about md5sum of qt-creator-linux-x86-opensource-1.1.0-rc1.bin ?
Also, when i attempt to execute this binary file, i get “Installer payload initialization failed. This is likely due to an incomplete or corrupt downloaded file” message. How to proceede to install ?

Paul Dorman says:

I’d love to try it, but I cannot get rid of the “No valid Qt version set” error. I have set /usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.5.0 in the configuration and the Debugging Helper check is set.

davidf says:

I love QtCreator,
but the new beta did not work well for me, so I returned to QtCreator v1.0.
Especially the nagging about the helper library (although I compiled it already, getting the green OK in the Qt version management panel),
the fact that I had to set the path to gdb manually (although it is on the path),
and gdb crashing on debugging end (I run CentOS 5.3 if that matters)
made working with it quite unproductive.

Regarding the critizism of Trolltech and multiplatform support I cannot agree, it runs fine for me especially on Windows and Linux,
OSX could use some love though, especially that multiple text input fields stop working when one loses focus is killer.

– DavidF

davidf says:

I could care less about MSVC suport in QtCreator through,
thats last priority for me, since MSVC works fine.

And what is the whining about missing 64bit support on Windows?
I use Qt 64bit on Windows all the time.

– DavidF

davidf says:

The Build steps for “qmake” and “make” cannot be removed in QtCreator currently.
Could we make them removable please?
Sometimes its better to replace qmake with a higher level build script, like I am using.

– DavidF

Jörg says:

@Juan: the Visual Studio add-in release candidate supported x64 only half-hearted so far. The final 1.0.0 release will have proper 64 bit support.

juan says:

@Jörg: These are really excellent news. Keep the great work on!

Shaun says:

So how much longer before vers. 1.1 comes out? Eagerly awaiting it.

Xavi says:

Default key bindings it’s still not working. This means that moveToBeginning/EndOfLine is not working on this program while it’s working in all other apps. 🙁

Eike Ziller says:

@Xavi: you mean that you customize Mac’s text system’s keybindings by changing “/Users/USERNAME/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict” ?
/me is not surprised that Qt doesn’t pick that up. I’ll have a chat with the Qt Mac platform and text system guys about it though.

Adriano says:

I’m very happy with this software, the best of RAD tool ever make for Linux, great work!
Generic Makefiles also is very cool. Don’t care to people that only say useless things, I’m sure the QT will gain more space and prestige over open source community and next technologic generationm…. Keep excellent job!

Ibn Saeed says:


Can you please implement PyQt and Python recognition/ code completion etc. into the Qt Creator as well

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