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Animations and state machine APIs in qt/master

Published Monday May 25th, 2009
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That’s right.

This weekend we integrated the animation and state machine APIs (part of the Qt Kinetic project from the road map) in Qt’s master branch.

They were both released as solutions before, and we’ve had a lot of feedback. The APIs have been through a bunch of reviews and iterations, and we’re really really proud of the results. So go and pull the latest version of the repository and try out the examples and the examples.

I’m not going to say any more about it, rather I’ll just link to a bunch of blogs that we posted earlier. (PS. some of these have screenshots and even videos)

Qt Animation Framework.

Welcome to Kinetic.

Qt State Machine Framework.

Qt Kinetic hits Plasma.

Animated Layouts with Qt Kinetic.

Qt Animation Framework reloaded.

Animated Tiles.

Qt Hierarchical State Machine Framework add-on released.

New (and last?) QtAnimationFramework Solution (wasn’t the last, by the way.)

Writing a game with the animation and the state machine API.

A full serving of the Qt State Machine Framework.

Qt Animation Framework 2.3 is out.

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Posted in Contributors, Git, Graphics, Kinetic, News, Qt


gcarvalho says:

When do you expect to integrate the declarative UI? Also, any dates on when we can this out in a stable release?

allen says:

What does this mean for the Kinetic project? Is that project now completed? If not, can it be compiled with/against the core libraries with no conflicts?

sohail says:

Yes please, I can has declarative-ui?

This is great news. The new animation framework is very well thought out. Declarative UI also seems to be very well thought out. I can’t wait to release code using both of these new APIs.

eskil says:

gcarvalho: I don’t know when the declarative UI will be ready for integration, but it’s available here:

allen: The Kinetic project is not completed. This only means that we felt that this particular part of the APIs were now stable enough to be integrated into Qt. We will continue to work on it there.

hanrai says:

Where is SCXML support? I can’t find QScriptedStateMachine class in this branch.

eskil says:

hanrai: QtSCXML has not been integrated

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