Qt for S60 repository going public

Published Tuesday May 26th, 2009
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About two weeks back, the Qt repository was made available to the public. Since then, we on the S60 team have been dying to do the same, and finally, we are able to make our branch of Qt available to all of you!

On the master branch you can see all the latest development of the S60 port, and everyone is free to clone and submit merge requests, just like for mainline Qt.

In order to compile the branch, I suggest reading the installation instructions at pepper.troll.no. There is also a very nice webcast to get you started.

Unfortunately, compiling Qt for the actual device is not possible unless you own a license to the RVCT ARM compiler. While it is possible to compile Qt with the GCCE ARM compiler, the binaries will not run due to shortcomings in GCCE when dealing with static data in DLLs. We’re hoping that this problem will be rectified in the future. Compiling for the emulator should be a breeze though, and the majority of code can be tested there.

Fluidlauncher in the emulator

Welcome to the world of Symbian!

The repository is located at http://gitorious.org/+qt-s60-developers/qt/qt-s60.

Update: Right now the master branch will only compile with a beta version of Open C that is not yet released to the public. We are told that it is to be released very soon, but in the meantime, it should be safe to comment out the parts that fail to compile. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

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Posted in Contributors, Git, Qt, S60


Henrik Hartz says:

Congrats on going public! Great work!!

dimsuz says:

Great news!

Will you keep us posted when it will become possible to compile apps to run on an actual device?
Testing all things in emulator is good, but often a real device testing is needed.

Anyway, hurray! πŸ™‚

David says:

Congratulations. It’s nice to see Qt becoming relevant for Nokia devices. I hope we soon see the S60 SDK ported to Linux. (Right now it only runs on WIndows).

Vincenz0 says:

…fantastic! πŸ™‚

Liang Qi says:

Just wrote an article to introduce “Build Qt with S60 5.0 Public SDK”:

David says:

Was wondering if this release is a true integration with the S60 OS. For instance what happens when the phone rings while your application is up.

What are the plans for a complete S60 integration. Will there be one unified API or will it be a mix of Qt and Symbian C++.

Are there plans to support Linux phones, I hope so as there a lot more Linux developers then Symbian.

What does the Symbian OS even look like, DOS ? UNIX ?

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