Build Qt with S60 5.0 Public SDK

Published Wednesday May 27th, 2009
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Platform: Windows XP with SP3(now we only support Qt/S60 on it.)

1. SYMBIAN Development Environment

For downloading the packages, you need to register an account in the forum of Nokia,

1-1. Carbide.C++

Carbide.C++ 2.0
Carbide_cpp_v2_0_en.exe 203MB

1-2. S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for C++

S60 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for C++, 5th Edition 622MB

2. Installation

Please install above 2 packages in default path.

Installation order: Carbide.C++, S60 SDK.

After Carbide.C++, you may need to install ActivePerl-

And you also need to use Git to get Qt from Qt S60 Git Repo, better to download this version of Git.

Please also make sure the path of our perl(default: C:Perlbin) should be in front of the perl from git(default: C:Program FilesGitbin) in PATH.

Please run this, Start->Carbide.c++ v2.0->Configure environment for WINSCW command line.

3. Build Qt with S60 5.0 Public SDK

cd C:git
git clone git://
cd qt-s60
set PATH=C:gitqt-s60bin;%PATH%
configure -platform win32-mwc -xplatform symbian-abld -openssl-linked -qt-sql-sqlite -system-sqlite
make debug-winscw

4. Build Examples

cd C:gitqt-s60exampleswidgetsanalogclock
make debug-winscw
“Menu”(or click the middle one of the 3 buttons)->QtExamples->analogclock

You got it!

Analog Clock

BTW, it’s my first blog here.

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Posted in Contributors, Git, Qt, S60


Thomi says:


I’m about to buy the Nokia 5800, mainly because I want a phone I can program with Qt that isn’t totally rubbish. It’d be good if someone could post an example of using Qt together with the phone hardware (say GPS or camera) to produce a useful application. I haven’t looked into the platform SDKs, so I don’t know how easy this is to achieve…

Tim says:

I have a question. Is Qt going to offer widgets that can be used to make a finger based UI? I notice the videos of Qt/S60 are basically desktop apps running on a phone. They have things like scrollbars that you need a stylus to use. Is there going to be a set of widgets to allow iPhone/Android-style apps?

Birdy says:

Nice to see progress on Qt/S60.
Too bad it’s still Windows only. And I hope the installation procedure will be simpler in future.

Rule says:

Very good to see QT on new platform.
WAiting for easer installation (without GIT and 3-rd party packages), and waiting for good documentation and support on MAc os and Linux platforms

Lawand says:

“it’s my first blog here.”
It’s nice to see a newcomer, welcome Liang Qi 🙂

“Too bad it’s still Windows only.”
Me 2.

“it’s my first blog here.”
It’s nice to see a newcomer, welcome Liang Qi 🙂

“Too bad it’s still Windows only.”
Me 2.

Same here.

I hope there’s a Linux and OSX S60 SDK in the future.

But, for now, there’s a tutorial on how to run it on Linux at the Nokia Forum wiki:

There’s another helpful page here:

vohi says:

@Tim: You might want to have a look at Declarative UI:

For device UIs in general and touch UIs in particular it is likely going to be easier, more powerful and easier brandable/customizable to build controls from such simple elements using declarative expressions than to use something equivalent to the current set of QWidgets and QStyle C++ classes.

sandsmark says:

I’ve been trying to get this to work stuff to work lately, but the Windows world is pretty alien, so this guide is awesome!

kiki says:

I would like to develop GPS programming and i want to combine it to with accelerometer. would you help me?
It would be helpfully if you want to share an examples code for me?Thnx

vps says:

Very useful. Thank you.

tercüme says:

Thanks for your great article. I will try that.

Peter says:

I’m running Vista
I receive:
Can’t execute /c/Program Files/Common Files/Symbian/Tools/
Can’t execute /c/Program Files/Common Files/Symbian/Tools/
Cleaning qmake failed, return code 2

Have I to start Perl manually ?

Peter says:

It seems too that I have no qmake …

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