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Published Tuesday June 16th, 2009
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While planning for Developer Days 2008 I tried to wring something interesting out of my technically starved brain to show off to the crowds of hackers attending. At the time I had just noticed Twitter, a service that seemed to promise the value of Facebook without all the junk – seeing status updates from my friends and the ramblings from people I find interesting or useful from an academic perspective.

I started looking into the Twitter API and found that using Qt’s QNetworkAccessManager I could quickly create something powerful that interoperated with URL API’s. Attempting to be different, I decided that it wouldn’t be cool to create a UI based on traditional QWidgets, and definately too boring to simply browse So, using the Twitter API which returns XML data, QtXmlPattern’s XSLT support and a little bit of creative tinkering with exposing Qt native objects to QtWebKit, I ended up with a useful Twitter client that converted the XML data to UI.

After returning from Developer Days, we enlisted the help of Girish – a(n ex )Troll and Generally Great Guy who helped polish my haphazardly written demo-code into something beautiful and functional – as well as write a completely new example on how to integrate with YouTube! Girish also made some nice screencasts for our Qt 4.5 launch (source follows after);

And now we have finally pushed the two cool examples of QtWebKit that shows how easy and elegant it is to mixing web programming paradigms with native code in Qt! If you want to try it out, play with it, modify it, please head over to the Graphics Dojo and look for twitterview and videofeed. Happy hacking!

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Posted in Graphics Dojo, Patternist, Qt, WebKit


Tim says:

Funny I always thought Twitter was the crappier part of Facebook (inane status updates) without all the useful bits (mainly photos and events).

chaz6 says:

It is interesting that you link to a video about XSLT, and a video about QtWebKit. I hope that there will be support for XSLT in QtWebKit with 4.6! Right now, if you visit a web site with QtWebKit that uses xml and xslt, it looks awful.

sohail says:

Howcome Giresh is an ex Troll? He seems very knowledgeable!

Henrik Hartz says:

chaz6: XSLT is supported in Qt both using WebKit and XQuery. This post is just about an example that uses it. Which page are you referring to which doesn’t look right using QtWebKit?

Thiago Macieira says:

sohail: it depends on whether you define “Troll” as an employment contract or a state of mind. Girish left Oslo a year and a half ago to start his own business (which qualifies him as “ex-Troll per employment contract”), but you’re right: he’s so knowledgeable and still so very in touch with us that he’s still “Troll per state of mind” ๐Ÿ™‚

chaz6 says:


I am afraid you are mistaken! Please see for a comparison, and you can see the test at

According to a comment from @englich on the page it was planned for Qt 4.5 but was postponed.


chaz6 says:

I apologize for the tone of my last comment, I did not intend any offense.

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