The new pre-release of Qt for S60 is there

Published Thursday June 25th, 2009
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After three incredibly short months, the Qt to S60 porting team is pleased to provide another pre-release of the port! πŸ™‚ This time, the pre-release code name is “Tower”. Nearly all functional areas which are wrapped by Qt’s beautiful Api are now doing their job also on S60.

Download Qt for S60 “Tower”

Red carpet
The red carpet to S60 development with Qt is now rolled out for You. Despite some tiny roughness here and there, Your walk over that carpet should be safe and pleasant. In other words: If You did not already, this is the perfect time to start playing with Qt for S60 πŸ™‚

What’s new?
Besides the usual optimizations, fixes, code cleaning and various improvements, there are three fresh modules: Phonon, QtSql and QtWebkit, new softkeys and input methods APIs, as well as a brand new installer.
Phonon on S60 is building and applications that are built against it will run, but there is currently no functional Phonon backend on S60. QtWebkit on S60 is still considered experimental. However, You should already be able to start developing QtWebKit refined applications for the pocket. A complete list of changes can be found here.

In addition to the new features, work has also begun on making Qt exception safe, in order to fill the gap between Symbian and Qt exception systems. You can read more about Qt and exceptions here.

Installation is easy!
This release makes the installation of Qt for S60 easy. An installer will copy the Qt libraries (for emulator and hardware) to the places where they belong. Start using Qt, right away, the dark ages of required manual Qt builds are over.

Getting started
We at QtSoftware love to create videos. This time, we have three of them showing some demos and how to get started:

Qt for S60 is getting close to being feature complete, and is also much easier to install than before. We really think that this release makes it worth walking the red carpet!

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Posted in News, Qt, S60


Tim says:

This is cool, but please tell me you guys are planning a slicker finger-based UI. Nobody is going to use a stylus these days. And I don’t think you can take a traditional UI and just slap it on a phone – the FTP client demonstrates this clearly. The space for the actual file list is so tiny you can see the first few letters of only two files!

Nokia clearly needs a real competitor to the iPhone and Android. This isn’t it, but maybe something based on Qt and Qt Kinetic would work…

Eckhart says:

Excellent stuff, congrats to the team, and keep up the good work!

alexismedina says:

Great news. Good to see that the keypad is now working in Combo Boxes πŸ˜€ (For phones without touch screen).
But the Open File dialog is still not working with the keypad, is that a bug? or that feature will be implemented in another release?

kreso says:

Anything new on linux front?
I can’t understand how an essentially eclipse plugin (carbide c++) is a windows-only tool?
Will qtcreator support qt-s60, or are there any other good news for us linux developers?

VikingGod says:

Hi there. Great work so far.
But I have the same problem as kreso – I don’t and won’t use windows only for that code creation.
Hope you guys will make a environment for mac and linux soon, too.
I played with the example (binaries) on my Nokia 5800 and I like it.
Hope you’ll bring it up soon, that I can bring my ideas to life and develop my own control-ui πŸ˜€

sandsmark says:

Awesome news!
But now I have fought with Windows (which I got for free, yay for MSDNAA) for almost ten hours, trying to get everything to work together, and this is not what I would categorize as fun (still not working, but I haven’t given up yet). So, any chance of Linux support soon? I like click-and-play. πŸ™‚

When will it be Mac support?

espenr says:

@Tim: I agree, stylus sucks. We definately are looking into new ways to make a UI. Check out and and you get some hints at what you could be doing in half a years time or so. But, even with Qt today it’s not at all hard to make a nice and touch friendly UI. However, the existing native style of S60 really requires a styles at the moment.

@alexismedina: it’s an UGLY bug and it will be squashed

@kreso and @vikinggod and @sandsmark: we’re starting looking into making it possible to build Qt for S60 on Linux. The biggest problems will be the emulator. It doesn’t work on Linux and it’s not likely it will any time soon.

David says:

Nice to hear Nokia is making room for Qt on S60, but the pace seems to be kind of slow if you ask me. News of a Qt that runs top to bottom of the stack would be of greater interest. Its kind of a confusing picture right now for developers – Carbide, Symbian, and Qt. Nokia needs to give developers the tools to write more then that glorified demos. A true phone SDK needs to have access to the phones services.

My guess is that Nokia is working on a unified Qt phone stack and SDK, one that will rival Android, IPhone, and Palm’s WebOS. All of these platforms were done by companies who had little or no experience at building phones compared to Nokia. The great success of the IPhone and the modest success of Android, have two things in common – they value 3rd party developers, and they value Linux.

Question: As Android will now be getting a C/C++ interface is there any chance of Qt being ported to Android ?

Brent Goldberg says:

I just ordered my FIRST Nokia phone (N95-3) and the trolls can take credit for swallowing me as an S60 customer! Keep up the good work. I’ll refrain from b*tching about the linux support although count me in as looking forward to that.

Qts60tester says:

If the emulator is the linux problem, please release a version without the emulator.
Some command line tools would be enough – even preferred!
Keep in mind, that the most Qt developers are linux users πŸ™‚

Thanks for the new release and good luck for your further work.

Kensai says:

Alessandro, on the third video “My first application…” what is the mockup program you use to design your S60/Qt applications? It IS a program, right?

BaiJing says:

It seems that the download link has not been updated to the new version yet. πŸ˜‰

alexismedina says:

@David: ” A true phone SDK needs to have access to the phones services.”

Search for Qt Mobility, maybe that is what you’re looking for..

Lykurg says:

Hey, I tried to install the tower package, but is always failed. I have set up a new WinXp (SP2) in my Virtualbox on Kubuntu. (On the same configuration I successfully have run garden) I start the installer and he says: “Please wait…unpacking data” and the percentage is running up to 100%, then the splash disappear and is shown once again running from 0% up to 100% and then disappear. And then nothing, although the process is still inside the task manager acquiring ~20% of CPU. Waited 10 minutes, nothing… I gave the vbox 2,5 GB RAM and I am running a DualCore 3,00Ghz. Is that error known?

Alessandro says:

@Kensai: The ‘Handdrawn mockup’ scene is actually just me drawing the UI on a whiteboard. Some Video editing (time lapse, higher contrast, synchronization to narration) was also needed. But actually, creating a program for that would be cool… it may take a row of .ui files with small differences and create that animation.

@BaiJing: You mean the link in the screencast? Well, there are even more glitches. Do You find them? πŸ˜‰

@Lykurg: Afaik, the installer needs tons of diskspace (~1 GB) on Drive C: -or whereever the default temp directory is- in order to just start. Maybe Your Virtualbox drive has not enough space? In order to make the screencasts, I installed Qt for S60 in a fresh VirtaulBox/WinXP with a dynamic drive, max 60GB, and it works well. Even the USB forwarding works.

Kensai says:

Thank you, Alessandro.

Indeed mockup drawings to design applications are very important. There is this interesting application, Balsamiq, which is great for creating mockups but the only mobile device it currently supports is the iPhone.

I tried some time ago to convince them create a Symbian environment as well but to no avail. Perhaps if you dropped them a line or two they could listen.

hd says:

I’ve had trouble installing tower in a virtual machine on Mandie Linux, disk space may be my problem, a message would have been nice, but thanks Alessandro I will tidy things up and give it another go. – Garden was ood.

Another vote for a Linux version even without the emulator (The emulater crashes in my windows VM so I don’t use it anyway!!)

espenr says:

@Qts60tester and @hd: We’ll post here if we do get a running build system on Linux πŸ™‚ even if it’s not complete

Tofe says:

@espenr: thanks a lot for taking that into account, I’m looking forward to see such possiblity πŸ™‚ Really, even if we need to start the emulator using Wine (this is one possibility today for getting rid of WinXP inside VirtualBox), this would be a great feature.

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