PySide released to the wild

Published Tuesday August 25th, 2009
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Our friends in Brazil have released PySide, Python bindings for Qt.

PySide is a project that is run by INdT and sponsored by Nokia that provides Python bindings for Qt under the LGPL. These bindings are currently in pre-release form and only support Linux/X11, however the PySide team is hoping the community would be interested in helping to make the bindings cross-platform. The team is happily awaiting your feedack and contributions.

Head over to and learn more.

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Scorp1us says:

I’ve been waiting for this announcement.

But I have to ask, if Qt is x-platform and python is x-platform, then what has to be done for a windows release?

I’ve been championing TT/Nokia to get on board with the python bindings for some time, so I am very happy to see this. The problem is I already use PyQt, and until PySide gets to the same level of stability, the GPL/commercial version has value until PySide is “there”. It is only LGPL people (or those who can’t afford the PyQt commercial license) who are the user base. An important legal distinction, for sure, but one that has major technical consequences.

Why the name “PySide”?
What is the level of functionality?

The User says:

What’s about the existing sip-based PyQt-binding? They also support KDE…

Bruyno says:

Go Brazil !!!!!!!!

@The User

Nokia tried to reach an agreement with the guy who maintains and sells licenses for PyQt and failed… and PyQt doesn’t support KDE, PyKDE relies on PyQt. It’s up to PyKDE to support PySide, not the other way around.

Velizar VESSELINOV says:


Gradja says:

I am curious, will QtCreator support Python (and PySide of course) some day?

elloyd says:

This is certainly interesting news, albeit disappointing that an agreement with Riverbank couldn’t be reached. My question, then, is how can developers be confident in the long-term viability of these bindings? I began a Jambi-based project two years ago but had to essentially scrap it with the announcement of Jambi being discontinued as a first-class product.

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