Qt 4.6.0 Beta1 for Symbian is out!

Published Wednesday October 14th, 2009
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Together with the other platforms (finally!) we’ve now released the Qt 4.6.0 beta1 for Symbian. Get the nice installer here:


So what has happened since the last release (I’m talking about “Tower” released around 3 months ago).

  • We’ve moved into the Qt 4.6 branch. This means we can break the other platforms – yay!
  • We’ve added an experimental backend for Phonon (using MMF). It plays audio and video!
  • We’ve fixed a lot of bugs! Still lots left though.
  • We’ve added the possibility to have a mouse curser on non-touch devices!
  • QtWebKit has been updated to a newer version
  • The QtScript engine has been completely replaced with a nicer and faster one from WebKit.
  • We’ve added daily snapshots.
  • Ariya has added some new nice demos. Check out the video below.
  • We’ve also removed support for compiling qmake with the Nokia Win32 compiler, but added support for MinGW and Visual Studio 200x instead.

If you want to try out these demos on your own S60 phone, here is what you do. Open your browser on the phone and navigate to:


Then simply click on the link found there, answer yes around 20 times to all the dialogs and security warnings. Then once finally done navigate to Applications and launch fluidlauncher.

For help on getting started with your own application development go here. And then finally, the obligatory video of whats new. This time I used a Samsung i8910 and my old trusty Nokia 5800. Enjoy!

Qt 4.6.0 Beta1 demos on YouTube

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Posted in Multimedia, Qt, S60, Symbian


jack says:

i have an old nokia 6680, would it work on it?
and most important, why should i install it on my phone? which are the advantages?

Ian says:

Are there any plans to include the QtMobility libraries in these releases too?

Marius says:

Does not work on my 5800. Nothing happends when i click the fluidlauncher icon.
Installer gave me 4 errors about things missing, PIPS or something was one of them. Installed once more and no errors but still fluidlauncher doesn’t work.

Development using qt for s60 has been a complete mess, each guide i read tells me 4 new things i have to install, SDK’s (none of which list 5.ed. as a supported platform), qt, creator, openC, arm compilers, blabla. It looked like it would be easier this time around with a more official release but i guess not. This was the 5. time i tried (tried twice with tower and twice with the other tp), and i have yet to be able to compile or run an app. (fluidlauncher didn’t work using the previous tp’s either (that time i installed openC and one more thing separately)

When QtMobility libraries will be added? Where I can see a roadmap for this?

vohi says:

APIs from the Qt Mobility API program will become part of Qt when they are ready for source and binary compatibility commitments, and implemented across platforms – just like all other Qt APIs. The next opportunity for some Mobility APIs to become part of Qt is Qt 4.7. For the roadmap, see:


rainerk says:

Nice to hear that an experimental phonon backend is included.

I will for sure test it in my new application! ๐Ÿ™‚

omersaleem says:

Have installed and re built my Qt for S60 apps on emulator and hardware with no problem. The problem is that I am experiencing a bug in this version that didn’t exist in ‘tower’. This bug has caused many of my apps to break. Is there any place that I can report this problem or shall I just raise it here? Other than that, it works and runs great!

Ian says:

I think what felipeandrade & myself meant was that we would like some binaries of the mobility features to be available either as part of the release or as a seperate zip/installer so we can use them on an S60 SDK without having to get the code & build them (and sort out any issues if there are).

It would be one less thing to have to do each time you start fresh.

espenr says:

@marius: First _which_ .sis files did you install. If you only install fluidlauncher.sis – it won’t work. It needs Qt and Open C 1.6. Try installing the big meta-package http://pepper.troll.no/s60prereleases/qt-demos.sis which contains everything needed to run the demos. I have a 5800 and it works for me. It’s a consumer version V 20.0.012. What is your phones firmware version? (In order to find out press *#0000# in the dialer). If fluidlauncher doesn’t launch, try going to the QtExamples or QtDemos folder and start some of the apps there -does any of those launch?

And for the “chaos” comment, I feel your pain and we’ll do everything we can to make the final release be a nice and consistent experience for developers.

@omersaleem: We’ll soon have a better error reporting site, but at the moment go to http://pepper.troll.no/s60prereleases/ and check out the “Feedback and contributions” section.

detro says:

Samsung i8910 doesn’t install the package qt-demos.sis.
What kind of signature did you use for it?
I tried to resign it with our ALL-TCB certificate but didn’t make any difference, so it’s possible that the problem is in something else as well.

Jason says:

When I install, I get the message “Unable to install. Component is built-in.”

John says:

Installer crashes in my Nokia N82, with an “Update Error”.

cgTobi says:

I tried to install on a E71. It complains that it would need PIPS version 1.05 or greater. Although it asks to install that it seems to ignore it.

norberto says:

had problems installing it on my nokia 5800 aswell but after turning the phone off and on again it seems to work. seems slow though

The videos look fantastic, but so far no luck installing the all-in-one .sis on my i8910. I get the following popups:

– Security warning
– PIPS Installer
– Open C LIBSSL Common
– Standard C++ library Common
– Certificate error. Contact the application supplier.

.. and the installation stops there.

hamishwillee says:

Nice. Installs on my Nokia 5800 using the demo SIS – but I had to delete the existing versions of everything first, and ignore a few “component missing” errors.

Is there a SIS file for Samsung devices?

hamishwillee says:

Message boxes still don’t work properly. Instead of being centered, now appear in bottom left corner. Still not displaying the title bar.

Giorgio says:

i’ve installed the qt-demo.sis and i noticed that on my n95 applications startup takes too much time ? is it gonna be improved ? Apart this, applications seems to work fine. Hurry up nokia people with Qt for Symbian Android is gaining in importance.

Mike says:

@ Jeremy Lainรฉ, runs fine on my phone…installed on internal mem….

my phone is hacked though, and i installed with installserver patched…so…likely need to do that to install it….

Mike says:

sorry, forgot to mention i was using the i8910.

PePPe says:

I tested this application today and now want to remove it.
I remove everythink from appmanager. I used logs to see every package it installed and then remove the same packages. Now i still see in apps menu “qtdemos” and “qtexamples” directories. How do i remove those?

PePPe says:

Aah.. and the phone im using is Nokia 5800

kwbolte says:

Install broke with PIPS Installer on my Nokia E90

JanneK says:

Guys who are complaining about speed, did perhaps install it to memory card ? Qt libraries are pretty hefty in size and it will take time to load them off the not so fast memorycard.

Open C PIPS is troublesome, I hope this will eventually get fixed. I’ve filed few bugreports to Open C guys and one for SIS installer.

@PePPe QtExaples and QtDemos won’t get deleted :S I’ll add bug about this.

SME says:

@PePPe – you can use 5800Xm’s functionality to remove the empty folders. From Menu, Options->Organize; then move focus to the directory and select Options->Delete.

detro says:

I solved the problem installing the sis on Samsung i8910 one by one.
– pips
– libc
– stl
the packages are were described in the http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtcreator-1.3.0-beta/creator-qt-for-symbian.html.
Then qt.sis and fluidlauncher.sis require a ALL-TCB certificate: so first unsign both of them (twice for qt.sis) then resign with a certificate that is right for your device.

Hope it helps.

Mike says:

or like i said earlier….if you have rompatcher installed, and installserver patched…it installs fine on the i8910. it’s easier than signing it properly for this device. i know. i installed this demo, and it runs great.

detro says:

@Mike: didn’t have access to rompatcher and installserver patched.

Btw, getting all sort of weird things out of the compiler here. Stuff that is all within Qt headers…

Ladies (& Gents),
in case you run into problems (or just want to share something cool with us) please use the FN discussion boards. There’s plenty of guys hanging around there just waiting to give you a hand: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=196


espenr says:

@jack: no 6680 is S60 version 2 or something, we require S60 3.1 or later versions.

@detro: Sorry, we forgo to to inform you. As you’ve found out already the qt.sis included here are only signed for Nokia phones. We’re still waiting for Samsung to provide us with a qt.sis signed for their phones. We tried getting a Symbian Signed qt.sis for the beta so it would work for ALL Symbian/S60 phones – but we ran into problems getting permission from one of the phone manufacturers. We’ll get it sorted for the final. Hopefully we get a samsung signed .sis by the end of the week – I’ll update the blog when it happens. Otherwise, we’ll just make a selfsigned one with less capabilities that will work on Samsung phones too.

@PePPe: Not quite sure. I think it’s a bug in S60 that it doesn’t remove tose directories. If it’s a mistake in our .pkg files, please inform us and we’ll fix them. Or use @SME’s tip.

@Giorgio: if installed on the memory card – it’s SLOOOW. This is a bug in Symbian apparently where it will re-read and re-create CRCs for the Qt dlls multiple times on app startup. At this time you should really install the Qt libs in phone memory. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜

@pekka: Or – they can just stay here and talk directly to the Qt developers. If you want to help you can comment here as everybody else does already.

kelvie says:

Just installed it on my E71 — this is a great improvement from the Tower release, especially in the usability sense.

Selection and focus between widgets is improved, and the QFileDialog is now useable without a touch screen.

One thing I’d like to add, though, is a way of showing if widgets have focus (such as the TreeView in the FTP example in the fluidlauncher).

I don’t know when the focus is actually inside the tree widget, that is, if the arrow buttons will change widgets, or items in the tree view. Maybe some sort of colouring scheme change to show focus would fix this.

espenr says:

@kelvie: Yeah, it’s still hard to see the focus some times. It has to do with the theme colors we choose to use for the different parts. We’ve fixed some of this already (after beta was out). The idea about having a way of knowing if you’re “inside” an itemview, I’ll pass it on to Alessandro ๐Ÿ˜€

Alessandro says:

@kelvie: Is the focus border itself well visible for you?
If the focus is ‘inside’ the treeview (changes between items), the border is supposed to be a bit more prominent compared to when it is just ‘navigating over’ it (changes to other widget). The borders are simply supposed to have two different opacities for both states. Maybe, the difference is too subtle and needs to be made more obvious.

Another thing that may also have gone wrong is that with the theme that you have, the QPalette color role that is used for the focusrect (currently QPalette::Text) does not have enough contrast against the background.

kelvie says:


This is inside the QFileDialog that I’m especially concerned about — when my focus is inside the file/directory view, the only way I can tell if I am selecting widgets or files is by the soft button labels (Open and Cancel versus Done and Exit).

I don’t see the rectangle; I will try adjusting the theme later on, though.

Aamer says:

I installed this on my new Mobile Nokia N86. But when I try to open fluidlauncher, nothing happens. I even dont see it in Apps running list.
N86 has S60 3.2 edition.
What can be the problem ?

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