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Last week (6) in QtWebKit trunk

Published Monday February 15th, 2010
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This week’s highlights include bugfixes, performance improvements and much improved layout test coverage πŸ™‚

  • Noam fixed bugs with the GraphicsLayerQt implementation used for accelerated compositing during animations (34681, 34761).
  • Yael implemented support for window.showModalDialog (25585, 34755).
  • Jedrzej continued on improving and completing QScriptValue (34575, 34592, 34749, 34793).
  • Diego implemented pageNumberForElementById() in the Qt DRT, which makes us pass 10 more layout tests (34777)!
  • Ariya (welcome back on webkit hacking!) implemented a mapping from image interpolation quality to QPixmap transform types 34629). Sometimes WebKit can determine that a faster but lower quality scaling algorithm may be used for drawing images, and that’s now passed down to QPainter.
  • Afterwards he continued on speeding up clipping operatings by using a faster method with QPainter to determine the combined clip region (32375). Also we use a few less cycles in constructing QBrush objects by re-using an existing object when setting the stroke color (34874).
  • On Friday Diego implemented LayoutTestController::dumpFrameLoadCallbacks() in the Qt Drt, adding another 9 more new passing tests (34702).
  • Chang re-enabled support for the app cache in the Qt DRT, adding 33 more passing tests out of 43 (34713).
  • In QtLauncher it’s now possible to toggle the use of QGraphicsView as well as accelerated compositing via the menu at run-time (34844, r54654).
  • Janne found a workaround for a bug with isNan on Symbian (34170).
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Diegol says:

Great work!!

I would like to build QtWebkit for windows CE, with the last version of Webkit. Could anybody give me some tips??

Best regards,


Matt Rogers says:

Thanks for these summaries! It would be awesome to have some sort of summary in terms of the total number of tests, how many pass, what the difference from the last article was in addition to the written summary here. a +19 improvement in passing tests sounds pretty significant, but I’d like to see that progress against the overall number of tests.

Ariya Hidayat says:

@Matt: Track the new buildbot at to see per-revision status.

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