Hi from Bossa Conference (and BossaTetrix)

Published Monday March 8th, 2010
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Several of the Trolls are right now in Manaus (Brasil) at the Bossa Conference 2010 and we’re having a great time. The conference is hosted by INDt here in Brasil, and the topics covering Qt directly are:

  • QML
  • QtWebkit
  • Next generation widgets, and
  • Shipping Qt apps on Symbian

but there are also talks about KDE, Ubuntu, Maemo etc.

Hi from Bossa (Espen underwater)

In my talk I’m explaining how to go from nothing to having your own Qt app on the Ovi Store. So for that purpose I created a little app wich is a “mobilized” touch version of our old Tetrix example. See image below. It’s not fantastic in any way, but I thought it might be interesting for some to install it on their phone and try it out.


There are two ways of getting this app on your phone:

Method 1: (recommended)

  1. Install Qt 4.6.2 (Symbian)
  2. Install BossaTetrix (normal version)

Method 2: (experimental)

  1. Install BossaTetrix (Smart Installer version)

Note: Version 2 is not stable and I’ve had limited success with it. The Nokia Smart Installer is still in beta! – so if you just want something that works, go for Method 1.

My current highscore is Score: 529 Level: 2. Post your score as a comment πŸ˜€

Oh and btw, my app is not in the OVI store yet– As I said, the Nokia Smart Installer is still in beta and the OVI site still needs some changes before Qt apps can be uploaded, but we’re one step closer, and I now basically know the whole complete process involved.

Twitter feed about the conference here.

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Posted in KDE, Qt, S60, Symbian, WebKit


Marius says:

I looked into submitting an application to the Ovi Store but it turned out to quite some hassle and not least expensive.
I’d love to see a post on the best way to do it though..

summel says:

πŸ™ too bad it is touchscreen only

detro says:

OT: Man, don’t drown. We need you and the amazing work you and your mates are doing on Symbian and the other platforms.

imcdnzl says:

Unfortunately this makes my X6 16GB reboot when I try to start the game. Used method 1 to install.

espenr says:

@Marius: I was thinking of making a webcast or something of it. Anyways as it seems now you have to visit 3 sites (trustcenter.de, symbiansigned.com and ovi.com) and pay 200USD + 50€ (this is a once time fee) + 10 USD per app. signing.

espenr says:

@summel: it actually works on non-touch too. Try the arrowkeys on a N97 mini for example – but it looks very bad in some resolutions πŸ˜€

@detro: it’s OK, I survived πŸ™‚

@imcdnzl: ouch! I have only tested it on my N97 mini – actually we don’t have any X6 around here at the moment. If you have time, please try the normal Qt demos here: http://get.qt.nokia.com/qt/symbian/4.6.2/qt_demos.sis on your phone – and if they also crash, tell us!

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