The tech previews aren´t out until we post a video about them

Published Thursday March 11th, 2010
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If you´ve been using Qt for awhile, you´ve probably noticed our tradition where the Qt Release Manager Jason posts a blog with each release – you´ll find some great examples on Qt Labs.  This has become quite ingrained in our release process, to the point that we claim that the release isn´t truly out until the Release Manager blogs about it.

If you´ve been following our more recent Qt releases, you may have also noticed that we´ve gotten into the habit of creating a (somewhat goofy) video providing an overview of the new features in the release in a (hopefully) humourous way.  The Qt 4.7 and Qt Creator 2.0 Technology Previews are out today, and these releases are no exception, as you´ll see below.


Even though it may seem that way, it´s not all serious business when we shoot our launch videos. Our Program Manager Volker and Product Manager Henry had a great time “on  set” – check out the evidence in a short blooper reel below.

With the videos published, I think we can now safely say that the tech previews are out.  We hope you enjoy them.

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rule says:

O, it’s really halerious :-), but it’s not clear, whar is “dooper” ?

mark says:

What the hell, I downloaded the installer on this link
and after running it, says “welcome to Qt Creator 1.3.81”

Daniel Molkentin says:

@mark: That’s the internal release number for the alpha. We actually use that scheme (last_stable_version.8x or .9x) for quite some time now for alphas and snapshots. To be fair, it’s not very clear and we should try to change that, but hey, it’s an alpha, not everything is perfect :-).

mark says:

Oh all right then, carry on and keep up the good work

Thomas says:

It’s really a nice preview, but umlauts in forms don’t display correctly anymore. It’s most likely an encoding thing, but I can’t do any encoding settings in creator. It works fine in 1.3.1. If you fixed this bug, I’d immediately switch to the TP

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