Qt officially signed for Sony Ericsson phones – and soon Samsung

Published Tuesday June 8th, 2010
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Some cool news for the Symbian crowd. With Qt 4.6.3 we are now officially Symbian Signing Qt for Sony Ericsson phones as well as Nokia phones. That means that if you’ve got a Sony Ericsson Satio or similar phone – Qt now installs fine with the same capabilites as on Nokia phones.

It’s really cool Sony Ericsson opened up for this – so big thanks to them.

If you have a Satio (or a Nokia phone running Symbian) and quickly wanna try out a set of Qt demos on your phone, simply enter:


in your phones browser and install the .sis file. The Qt demo launcher will autostart when the install finishes. And, make sure you have the latest firmware for your phone before trying just to be sure.

Note: Open C 1.6 does not install on the Satio – but that is OK as the latest firmware for Satio has a recent Open C version already included. Therefore, ignore the warnings about missing Open C or PIPS components when installing.

Qt 4.6.3 running on a Satio
One of the Qt apps running on the Satio

In other good news, Samsung has also allowed us to Symbian Sign Qt with manufacturer capabilites for their phones as well! Sadly this information got to me too late for it to make it into the 4.6.3 release, but I promise that coming Qt releases will include Samsung phones too. We already made the changes in the package building scripts, so it’s just a matter of time.

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Posted in Qt, S60, Symbian


James Mansion says:

Any chance of Qt on Bada?

Craig Ringer says:

For what it’s worth, that doesn’t all work the best on my Nokia E71. Everything launches, but some apps have input problems. For example, Flight Info doesn’t seem to have a cursor or focus and doesn’t appear to offer any way to enter text in the flight number field.

Could this just be because of the older Symbian + Series 60 release used by the phone?

espenr says:

@James: No plans at the moment no. Start your own port πŸ˜€

@Craig: Yeah, several of those apps haven’t taken non-touch phones into account.

couragic says:

Great!!! It works fine on my SE Vivaz (U5)!

espenr says:

@couragic: Epic! I only tested it on my Satio, so it’s good to hear it works for other models as well πŸ™‚

couragic says:

@espenr: Except to demos that does not work normally. “Anomaly browser” does not start at all – nothing happens when i tap on its thumbnail in the list of demos. And OpenStreetMap does not show anything – i see only gray rectangle and magnifier tool (“Whether Info” for example works fine – not my ISP problem).

Despite all the above, Greate Job! Congratulations!

Pavel Zdenek says:

@James: given the Bada aversion to a proven standard libraries (STL to name one), providing instead its own homegrown seriously buggy foundation (as of sdk 1.0.0b3), i doubt it will be ever possible. They only recently admitted that it would be actually a good idea to support try/catch sometime in the future…

Guillaume says:

Great ! And what about Nokia SDK 1.0RC ? Can it build for sony ericsson and samsung ?


Mr. Choi says:

What with Windows Mobile ?

Fay says:

Guys, if i install QT 4.6.3 on Satio, will i be able to play GPSP emulator (which require QT)?
I just want the emulator, if someone can help please, answer.

chenziteng says:


I found that the sqlite3.sis embedded in qt.sis is not signed for Sony Ericsson’s S60 phones, that means the sqlite3.sis will not be installed on Satio, vivaz and Vivaz Pro. It seems that the qtwebkit has dependency on the sqlite3 so all webkit apps, including the Anomaly Browser example app can not be started.

I’ve raised a bug please fix it:

“Anomaly Browser can not be launched on Sony Ericsson Satio, Vivaz and Vivaz Pro installed with Qt for Symbian v4.6.3”


Ziteng Chen

ta5e4 says:

Cannot play GPSP emulator..


Ash says:

Will Qt have an equivalent of the Nokia Smart Installer (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Nokia_Smart_Installer_for_Symbian)? The resaon I ask is if we are to use it commercially, how do you distribute the Qt libraries? The Nokia Smart Installer is quite good in that aspect, but limited to Nokia phones. There is a need for a universal smart installer which works for all manufacturers.

Also, are there any ristrictictons on distributing the Qt librarie SIS with a commercial app?

fay says:

chenziteng, so did you find the answer?

makis2 says:

No news yet,….
CAN YOU FIX IT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
At least we want an answer … Is anyone here reading?

Fay says:

no answer yet. but it is said that the bug was fixed and the solution will be applied in 4.7

NoName says:

The URL “bit.ly/qt463demos” doesn’t work on a Samsung GT-S5230, which is the link for Samsung phones?

recoctro says:

As this page says http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-11515 bug is fixed in QT 4.7.0 RC1, but still broken in downloadable 4.7.0-beta2 version, can someone please attach the packed sis file?

Gerii says:

@NoName: It’s just for Symbian phones, e.g. the I8910HD, i8510 Innov8 and so on.

a g says:

Is there a fully working version we can download yet i.e with the sqlite bug fixed, even if it is just beta it would be nice to have.

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