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Updated release schedule for Qt 4.7, Qt Creator 2.0 (and Qt Creator 2.1)

Published Wednesday June 9th, 2010
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I’m publishing this on behalf of Henry Haverinen who is out of the office today. He will return tomorrow to address any comments.

Updated release schedule for Qt 4.7, Qt Creator 2.0 (and Qt Creator 2.1)

In the name of keeping everyone informed and minimizing unwanted surprises, here are some important updates relating to the Qt 4.7 and Qt Creator 2.0 release schedule.

We are working very hard on Qt 4.7 and it is going to be fantastic. As you know, the beta launched in early May. Around that same time Nokia released the Nokia Qt SDK beta, which was a great milestone for us.

The final releases of Qt 4.7, Qt Creator 2.0 and the Nokia Qt SDK have interrelationships, and our release schedule is based around this. You may have noticed that Qt 4.6.3 was released yesterday – this Qt release, along with the upcoming Qt Creator 2.0 will form the core of the upcoming Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 release.

Qt 4.7 and now Qt Creator 2.1 to bring Qt Quick

Qt Creator and the Qt framework each contribute their respective parts to the Qt Quick solution – QML and Qt Declarative in the Qt framework and the Qt Quick tools in Qt Creator. To make sure we´re able to deliver the mobile-specific new features in Qt Creator to the Nokia Qt SDK while also bringing the Qt Quick related features together with Qt 4.7, we´ve decided to:

  1. Accelerate the release of Qt Creator 2.0 and release it together with the Nokia Qt SDK, but without the Qt Quick components. As the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 will not include Qt 4.7 and QML, the Qt Quick tooling components are not yet needed.
  2. Initiate a Qt Creator 2.1 release to bring Qt Quick components together with the Qt 4.7 release.

In essence, this means that the first release of Qt Quick features in Qt Creator will move from version 2.0 to 2.1. Snapshots of Qt Creator 2.1 will be enabled shortly after the release of the Nokia Qt SDK, so you can continue testing the Qt Quick tooling together with Qt 4.7.

Qt 4.7: Beta II, RC and Final Release

The next release after this will be Qt 4.7 moving from being a beta to a second beta – we have decided to add a second beta to the release cycle to ensure that the final Qt 4.7 release is of the best possible quality. Following the Qt 4.7 Beta II release, we will make release candidates of both Qt 4.7 and Qt Creator 2.1 available during the summer, with the final releases several weeks thereafter.

We´re looking forward to lots more great feedback on Qt 4.7 and Qt Creator 2.1.

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


stephenju says:

If I understand this correctly, there will be no stand alone Creator 2.0 release?

Also, which branch in git is or will be which release? Is Creator 2.0 actually 1.3.84 which is from 2.0 or 2.0.0 branch? What branch will 2.1 be from and what version will the snapshots be in?

The relation between git branches, snapshots, and releases is really confusion and should be documented somewhere.

Philippe says:

Thanks for the info and the quality commitment.

But AFAIR, we can’t include a beta or RC in a commercial product (Qt 4.7)? If that’s right, this new schedule means I will have to skip 4.7 which currently works fine for me.

Eike Ziller says:


There *will* be a standalone Qt Creator 2.0 release. We also just published the release candidate 🙂

Regarding the branches etc, hehe, yeah, was expecting questions, but wow that was early 😉
It is a bit confusing, version number-wise: Qt Creator 2.0.0 will be released from the 2.0.0 branch, with changes picked from 2.0 branch. The 2.0 branch will evolve into “2.1”, which is the confusing part, but necessary to keep the scope of 2.1 small. Master will become 2.2 at some point.

eyeofhell says:

Any plans for 64-bit windows sdk? You have 64-bit linux sdk available, but Windows lacks it. 64-bit is important for Windows since it has many components (drivers, com objects etc) that can be accessed only by 64-bit applications. And compiling Qt + Qt Creator manually is a kind of long and painfull process :).

Henry Haverinen says:

@Eike: thanks for posting this 🙂

@Philippe: It’s great to hear that 4.7 works fine for you. Thanks for trying it out! Beta and Release Candidate packages contain pre-release code that is typically not mature for live environments. The packages haven’t gone through all the QA scrutinization we want to run before they’re released. We would very much like people to try them out and use them in realistic development work, so the tech preview license permits starting actual development (in addition to evaluating and testing the Qt package) but not distribution.

Henry Haverinen says:

@eyeofhell: unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to add new binary packages for Qt 4.7, so the users of Qt have to build the 64-bit Windows binaries. We haven’t yet planned the binary packages for the next Qt releases.
However, I don’t think you should necessarily have to build Qt Creator. You could try downloading the 32-bit Windows SDK, and then make a 64-bit build of just Qt, and start using that in Qt Creator. You can even choose between several Qt installations in Qt Creator.

eyeofhell says:

@Henry Haverinen: Will 32-bit Qt Creator debug Qt applications, compiled with 64-bit compiler and linked to 64-bit Qt?

Henry Haverinen says:

@eyeofhell: good point, it won’t. You need a 64-bit build of Creator to debug 64-bit apps with cdb.

Guillaume says:

“As the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 will not include Qt 4.7 and QML, the Qt Quick tooling components are not yet needed”. I am not sure to understand : I have download Nokia SDK beta and it did include a qml-aware qtcreator and qt-4.7. We won’t be able to release QML applications for mobile phones with SDK 1.0 final ?


stephenju says:

Just saw snapshot 1.3.86 showing up. Is that future 2.1?

Philippe says:

@Henry Haverinen: I contacted the proper Nokia service that told me it’s legaly possible to distribute an application with a 4.7 beta, but of course it’s not technically advised and there is no official support.

AndyS says:

@Philippe: I don’t know who told you that, but that information is incorrect, the license attached to Qt 4.7 beta is a tech preview one and does not allow distribution of applications built using it.

Philippe says:

I contacted Nokia via the Commercial Customer portal, and got an answer from “Bernard Falise / Sales Lead EMEA & AP”.
Mistake or not, the Commercial 4.7beta1 package does **not** include the file “LICENSE.PREVIEW.COMMERCIAL” as it could be found in past beta/RC packages, but the standard “LICENSE”.

Thorbjørn Lindeijer says:

@AndyS, @Henry: Surely the Qt 4.7 beta falls under both Tech Preview license as well as LGPL. You could still distribute Qt under the latter, not affecting the license of your application as long as it’s used dynamically.

scorp1us says:


4.7 and 2.1 should be Nokia SDK 1.0. Period. Keeping QML out of the 1.0 release is just not a good idea. Now we gotta say, wait until XXXX… its jsut not a good idea. Plus all those mobile developers will have to redevelop for QML including portin to QML or maintaining that legacy code.

Henry Haverinen says:

@Guillaume: Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 is really meant for Qt 4.6.3 based development (even though some QML features can be present in Creator). We’ll make an update of the SDK available with Qt 4.7 and Qt Quick support once Qt 4.7 is released.

Philippe says:

FYI, my Nokia customer support has contacted me again, to say his first position was wrong: it is not possible to distribute an application based on a Qt beta/RC version.
This means, for me, I will use 4.6.3 but I won’t have time to test and give feedback on 4.7 🙁

AndyS says:

@Philippe: We were just about to post something on that. The first position Nokia support gave you was in fact wrong. The correct information is as follows – the Technology Preview License Agreement, which governs all released prior to the final product release, does not permit distribution of applications. The license grant permits users to begin development, but not deploy applications.

AndyS says:

For everyone’s clarity, here is an update and some further information.

An error in the packaging process for the Qt 4.7.0 beta 1 package led to the package containing the incorrect license text. We spotted the error after release and also received some feedback about it – thanks to those who contacted us about this.

In short, the Qt 4.7.0 beta packages should have included the Technology Preview License Agreement version 2.4 and this error meant they did not. Having users agree to the correct license agreement is vital, even during beta or pre final-release versions. As such we (today) temporarily removed the packages from our servers. Corrected versions should be available and back online by Friday, June 18, 2010.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this error. Please be assured that we will have the issue rectified this week and we’re working hard to make sure this issue is a one-off.

Note – As our Qt beta packages include pre-release code, we don’t recommend that these packages are used to create commercially released applications even though such distribution is clearly permitted under the LGPL and GPL.

sparkymat says:

I intend to learn QML (is Qt Quick the same as QML?). Does this mean, I will need to wait for Qt Creator 2.1 (and that Qt Creator 2.0 has only limited QML support)?

Would it help checking out the latest Qt Creator (and Qt 4.7) code from git and building it? What is the feature-completeness of the Qt Creator available on git with regard to QML?

Daniel Teske says:

@sparkymat: 2.0 won’t have the visual QML editor enabled, we plan on releasing a QML enabled version soon afterwards.
2.1 will have QML enabled and will be released together with 4.7
The git version do have QML enabled, but read the README before compiling.

sparkymat says:

@Daniel Teske: So, when is Qt 4.7 (and Qt Creator 2.1) scheduled to be released (approximately)?

AndyS says:

The Qt 4.7.0 beta packages are now available for download again. The packages now have correct license information included. Thanks for your patience while we resolved this issue.

Daniel Teske says:

@sparkymat: Well you do realize the title and content of the blog post? It does contain all the public information about our current 4.7 schedules.

Insion says:

git clone git://git.gitorious.org/qt/qt.git

Why can’t I use git update qt4.7 ? Every time I stopped updating to 1%.

Jaroslav Reznik says:

is there any update on release of Qt 4.7?

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