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Published Thursday June 10th, 2010
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Alex and I are in sunny Berlin for LinuxTag 2010!

LinuxTag is a community-focused event (no guys in suits – many people in geek humour t shirts) for the Linux user and development communities. The event is also a platform for showing open and free software projects.

LinuxTagOur presence at LinuxTag allows us to connect with the people who develop using our Qt SDK on Linux, or target Linux platforms with their Qt application. It also gives us a chance to speak with developers new to Qt or considering switching their development efforts to Qt.

Developers and experts from KDE, Skolelinux, VideoLAN (VLC) and some other interesting Qt-based projects such as TeamDrive have been through our stand to take in some Qt Quick demos and talk with our experts from the Berlin office about their experiences using Qt and their plans with it going forward.

Two trolls are giving presentations at the show and we will continue at the show until its conclusion on Saturday.

The presentations;

Thursday 11:00 – What is Special about the QML Declarative Language – Matthias Ettrich

Friday 11:00 – Mobile Development with Qt and Qt Creator – Daniel Molkentin

If you’re at LinuxTag, come and see us!

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Posted in Community, Events | Tags: , , ,


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