Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 released

Published Wednesday June 23rd, 2010
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The lights start to fade, the audience goes quiet, the curtains start to rise, spotlight on, drum-roll…

I have the great pleasure to finally announce the 1.0 version of the Nokia Qt SDK. It is available for download on the usual location at Forum Nokia as of now. In addition to the final Windows and Linux versions we also added a beta version for MacOSX 10.6 as well.
In case you have been using the Release Candidate, the integrated updater will allow you to get your installation up-to-date, there is no need to reinstall.

In related news, there is now a public beta of Nokia signing Symbian apps for free and the Ovi Store will accept Qt apps starting in the next month. Read more about this.

    This final release contains the following components:

  • Qt Creator 2.0 final
  • Qt Simulator 1.0 final
  • Qt Mobility libraries
  • a current version of MADDE
  • Symbian packages
  • Smartinstaller packages for Symbian
  • the experimental Remotecompiler
  • Documentation for all components

Please use our Bugtracker to report bugs and provide feedback (select the “Nokia Qt SDK installer” project).

    Changelog for the 1.0 release:

  • Installer:
    • [QTSDK-10] The Nokia SDK installer attempts to install by default an unsigned “USB network driver” for MS Windows (needed by Maemo?)
    • [QTSDK-57] Can’t install or upgrade the SDK on Linux/amd64
    • [QTSDK-63] Qt Creator is not killed before uninstall
    • [QTSDK-70] Mac: “internet enable” the disk images
    • [QTSDK-72] mac install missing QtMobility headers for maemo target
    • [QTSDK-74] installation completes with progress bar at 97%
    • [QTSDK-87] problems when installing with sudo
    • [QTSDK-90] Application hangs on windows when trying to use ContactManager
    • [QTSDK-92] Cannot build for Symbian with out-of-the-box Nokia Qt SDK
    • [QTSDK-96] SDKMaintenanceTool timeout for checking repository
  • Simulator:
    • [QTSIM-8] make the close button in the Maemo theme functional
    • [QTSIM-40] Mobility Multimedia Examples cannot be compiled for Simulator
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Posted in Maemo, Qt, Qt Simulator, QtCreator, QtMobility, S60, Symbian


Markus Rathgeb says:

And there is again no support to build for symbian on linux. πŸ™

Rick says:

Great, wait is over. It’s time to write cool symbian applications now πŸ™‚

Well done! However, you must work on the libraries. For example, the current support for image formats including metadata is absolutely terrible. There is still a lot of work ahead.

mkalinow says:

Well, we did not say that this is going to happen with the 1.0 release, did we? I thought we were pretty clear on not having native compilation support for Symbian on Linux with this release.
However, you can still try the remote compiler by Forum Nokia, which is available as an experimental component. That will send you a sis package back and also works on Symbian.

Looking forward to your results πŸ™‚

scorp1us says:

How does one geo-tag pictures with this release? That’s the one thing I miss. I know the image IO is slated for an overhaul.

matthias says:

is there a way to specify a proxy when using the online installer?

mkalinow says:


You can use the command line parameter –proxy and then it will use the system settings to identify them.

AlexBravo says:

> You can use the command line parameter –proxy

Maybe this should be added to the announcement. There are a lot of people behind firewalls πŸ™‚

matthias says:

@mkalinow: thanks, i assume those are 2 – which got converted by the blog soft. when I run it, it yields an error: it cannot remove a temp file because it is in use by another process

But I continued anyway, nothing really got installed but a sdk maintenance tool. I ran this tool with the same proxy option and it gives the same error. It also shows the sdk as installed consuming 516 kB πŸ™‚

Could it be that the installer does not authenticate to the proxy? I checked the temp updates.xml file and it was empty (although tcpview showed an established connection to the proxy)

Guess I’d better file a bug report

Mika Pelttari says:

Win32 Installation fails..I quess because of the firewall as it complains about not being able to connect to online repositories.
Is there anyway to specify the proxy settings for the installer? I tried from command line with -proxy parameter, but installer does not start from command line in Windows, at least not for me anyway.

srikanth_trulyit says:

Tried to install on win32 but fails with “installer was not able to get old path nokiaqtsdk…” Removed all previous traces of NokiaQtSDK, but indeed had qt 4.6 installations for win32,symbian (hope they shd not effect). Anything magical required to install NokiaQtSDK

Markus Rathgeb says:

I hope you do not misunderstand me.
I like the Nokia Qt SDK and would like to say thanks to the all team.
But hope dies last πŸ˜‰

Could you help me to find some statements about the privacy terms if I use the remote compiler?
Could I trust, that my source code will keep secure?

Thanks again and keep it up.

SpeedEvil says:

As to ‘is it secure’.

Read any terms and conditions thouroughly.

Then consider what happens if – say – a VM with the compiler is hacked into – or some other breach of security not through your actions causes your sourcecode to leak.

Is there any financial remedy?

I would be astonished if there was.

If you would suffer large losses (of any sort) by your sources leaking, then don’t use a remote build service.
If it’s a few hours work spare-time, then the small risk of your sources leaking is possibly outweighed by the convenience.

popov says:

I had the same problem. For me the “magic” was to temporarily disable antivirus (KIS).

strahlex says:

I think I’ve found 2 bugs:
– converting the ui file to moc file is not working with Qt Creator (workaround: manually use make in commandline)
– Open C seems not to be included in symbian toolchain (compilation of the sym_iap_util.h is not working), but it works in Qt Simulator

Can anybody verify these bugs please, then I’ll add them to bugtracker.

strahlex says:

– signing the sis files with Qt Creator is also not working

jstockhausen says:

FYI: building S60 with QMobility:

porilainen says:

Great to see frequent releases and actual progress after these years of dark ages in the Nokia space. Thank you.

anon says:

Any ETA for the Symbian compiler for Linux?

lostevil says:

Hi, I’m trying to make a PKGBUILD (Archlinux) for the SDK, but I need to be able to use the installer without GUI. To do it this way it’s needed an script to be passed as an argument to the installer. Anybody knows if there is any documentation about this script, because I have no idea how should it be like.

lostevil says:

I’m trying to write a PKGBUILD file (Archlinux) for the SDK. It’s necessary to install the SDK without GUI, and this installer needs an script to be passed as an argument to do it that way. Anybody knows if there is any documentation about this script? Because I have no idea how it has to be like.

srikanth_trulyit says:


actually “magic” works, thanks!

markc says:

@lostevil: I’d be interested to help you with your PKGBUILD. Is there any chance you could put it up on Github or AUR so I can get involved?

weiwei2 says:

Does Qt SDK 1.0 has problem with such system configuration?

*windows 7 64 bit
*gcc 3.4.5 installed on c:mingw

it seems to have build error for Qt even for the cartoonReader example and i can’t get maemo emulator as debug target

Donald Carr says:

@markc and @lostevil:

I have raised this issue internally, and have created:

in order to get it some visibility.

espenr says:

If anyone wondered. I’ve successfully managed to deploy an app using the SDK to both my N97 mini and N900. It actually works πŸ˜€

Raed says:


I used to work on Nokia Qt SDK beta version, and when you compile run a program it is sends the executable to n900 /home/developer/ directory . i just installed the new Nokia qt SDK v1 and now the same program when you compile and run it, a debian package is sent to /home/developer/ not the executable and you have to dpkg -i test.deb
Y? how can i get the executable directly to /home/developer/ ??

mbkitine says:

Hello. I installed the Nokia Qt SDK some few days ago.the problem is everytime i try to use the Qt Designer , the program crashes. And when i try to open the .ui files from the Qt creator , i get the same kind of problem. Despite that , i was able to build and deploy all the example codes given in the Qt creator. My system is Windows 7 32 bit…
Please tell me what i should do to solve this problem..

raedbenz says:

the answer for my question is;
With the current NOKIA QT SDK, having Qt creator (i think) v2.0.0, debian packaging is one of the building steps and cant be skipped. u have to install Qt creator 2.0.8 onwards to have the option to skip packaging.
in the Nokia Qt sdk beta packaging wasn’t there at all. πŸ˜‰

Symbiatch says:

Why oh why can’t you even now make an installer that would follow Microsoft’s guidelines and NOT want to install to C:Nokia? It’s only 15 years since it’s been common knowledge that applications should install under %PROGRAMFILES% Why the continuing ignorance?

Juga Paazmaya says:

How am I supposed to uninstall this once it has been installed, as the connection to the online repositories fails and I do not see the reason why should I check online updates if I just want to uninstall.
Windows Vista, behind a proxy.

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