Nokia Qt SDK and Ovi acceptance a good start for Qt on mobile

Published Wednesday June 23rd, 2010
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Today is a significant day for developers using Qt for Nokia devices.

The release of the Nokia Qt SDK and the announcement that Qt developers can distribute their apps through Ovi Store means that as of now, developers can:

• Download and use version 1.0 of the Nokia Qt SDK, a mobile specific version of the Qt SDK for targeting Nokia devices.
• Deploy Qt to Symbian/S60 3.1, 3.2 and 5.0 devices with the Nokia Smart Installer
• Distribute Qt applications via the Ovi Store for Symbian and Maemo devices – initially the Nokia X6 , Nokia N97 mini and Nokia N900, with more selected devices to follow.
• Participate in the public beta of cost-free signing of Symbian Qt apps.

These advancements make it easier for developers to target Nokia devices, and create greater opportunities to target a very large market of addressable devices by using Qt. In further good news, developers can now also register as an individual at Ovi Store (as opposed to a corporate publisher).

Future Nokia devices with Qt pre-installed such as the Nokia N8 will create even more compelling reasons for mobile developers to start working with Qt and to target Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo (using one codebase).

The upcoming Qt 4.7 launch featuring Qt Quick (QML) will make it even easier for mobile developers to get started with Qt. Qt Quick will improve and accelerate the process of creating great looking applications, and allow closer cooperation between developers and UI designers.

So I consider June 2010 as the true starting point for Qt in mobile development, and I think that this is only the beginning.


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Posted in Roadmap


gemfield says:

that is great!

PR says:

What is very important that developers are sent a strong message from Nokia that this is a dev env that will be supported and nourished. We have seen UIQ rise and set, and it is important for any developer to understand why Qt, who supports Qt, how many devices will be there, who pays the money to evolve Qt. I always feel sorry for Nokia, they had they lead way back in 2007 – they just did not play their cards well and apple stole the show – I just hope and pray that Qt can get back the lost luster because of agening S60 and primitive S40, not to mention S80 and UIQ that got lost along the way. Cheers ! for Qt

Kensai says:

The whole success of Qt strikes me in another way.

Trolltech was probably one of the most forward-looking corporate acquisitions Nokia has ever made. Even if the Finns don’t manage to retain their huge market share in the smartphone segment, they will have provided probably the best cross-platform development suite in the whole IT world. This is far more pervasive than simply creating phones and proprietary OSes.

I only hope Qt doesn’t lose steam now and continues to invest in the future of “hybrid code” (offline/online solutions) that will power the cloud computing paradigms of the next decade. Mobile devices could surely make use of it since they have limited resources and always-on connectivity with the ‘net.

bluedares says:

Great News !!!!

Qt Revolution Starts !!!!

jp says:

its really mobile convergence in creating innovative applications for mobile…

tyger says:

I hope that Nokia ends up supporting all major platforms from its QT SDK, including Android native code. That will allow developers to “write once, run everywhere” just like Java promised 🙂

HAF says:


There is a problem on QtMobility 1.0.1 for API location, Qt Application don’t run if QtMobility 1.0.1 is installed on device. with QtMobility 1.0.0 Qt run !!!

It’s a big problem to deploy Qt application on Ovi using smart installer…741#post749741

help please

David Stone says:

@HAF thanks for bring this up. We will contact you directly about it soon.

I develop small business and enterprise accounting applications. I found that QT by Trolltech to be the best and easiest development package that includes both good GUI development and SQL integration. I hope that Nokia continues to advance in those areas and not only on mobility. I would love to see the ability for cloud development integrated into my applications.

Mark says:

Good news; as a newcomer to Symbian development, I’ve been impressed with Qt (and I also like that I’m learning an API that’s supported cross-platform on desktops too).

“Nokia X6 , Nokia N97 mini and Nokia N900, with more selected devices to follow.”

What about the 5800? And why “selected”, and not all devices? As a developer, I’m not encouraged to use the Ovi Store if it can’t target all devices. And as a 5800 user, I don’t want to be prevented from running an app that would otherwise run on my phone. Or do I misunderstand?

“Participate in the public beta of cost-free signing of Symbian Qt apps.”

This sounds promising – I was disappointed to see that I have to pay Nokia just to sign my apps, and to get it onto the Ovi store (for commercial apps, Nokia take a cut anyway; for free apps, shouldn’t they be encouraging as many developers as possible?) I believe on Android, signing is free.

@HAF: Hmm, that sounds like the problem I’m having – if I use the Location classes from QtMobility, my application doesn’t run on my phone (works fine if I just use systeminfo). But your link is broken?

@PR: “they just did not play their cards well and apple stole the show”

In reality, Nokia are still the market leader at ~40%, Apple have a mere few percent. Of course, you’re right that they’ve unfairly stolen the show in terms of media hype, and I also feel sorry for Nokia who despite being number one, seem to get far less coverage than Apple and now Android. Possibly this is party due to Nokia having little presence in the US, but even in the UK media I see it. Sadly Apple have always received disproportionate hype from the media, for whatever they do (just look at the Ipad – vast amounts of hype even before the thing was announced, let alone shipping).

Klaus Schultz says:

Where can I find more information about “public beta of cost-free signing of Symbian Qt apps”?

tomi says:

The version numbering is very confusing? You have the Qt 4.6.3 and then this 1.0? What version of Qt does the 1.0 use? Then the upcoming Qt 4.7, in what Nokia Qt SDK release will it be in?

David Stone says:

@Klaus – Start with this page for more info on free signing.

@tomi – the 1.0 version is the version of the Nokia Qt SDK, not the version of Qt being used in the Nokia Qt SDK. The version of Qt inside the 1.0 Nokia Qt SDK is Qt 4.6.3.

Qt 4.7 (and beyond) will be in future versions of the Nokia Qt SDK.

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