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Published Wednesday June 23rd, 2010
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A major focus of the 2.0 release is the support for developing Qt applications for Symbian and Maemo. I think, we have made great progress to make it easy and fun to develop for Symbian and Maemo.
Still setting up everything for Symbian or Maemo development is not trivial, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it manually. Instead try the Nokia Qt SDK, which we also released today. See this blog post for more information on the Nokia Qt SDK.

On the Creator side that involves major improvements to the project page, a new target selector in the mode bar, support for deploying to devices, starting applications on devices and debugging symbian and maemo targets. While those features are mobile specific, quite a few improvements are also relevant for desktop applications.

As explained in this blog post, we have removed most of the Qt Quick/QML support for the 2.0 release. We plan on releasing Qt Creator 2.1 together with Qt 4.7 and thus offer tooling for Qt Quick from the first moment. For those who like to try Qt Quick, by the end of the week our snapshots will be from the 2.1 branch. And we’ll release a 2.1 rc together with the Qt 4.7 rc.

Apart from those 2 areas, we have been working on a lot of stuff. I’ll pick a few favourites out of the changelog, but frankly a lot more was added then can be covered in a blog post. See also our previous post about the release candidate, beta and alpha.

Andre already blogged about the improved gdb support. That is with gdb 7, we use the python bindings to offer improved displays for complex types. Due to being based on python the data dumpers are more easily extended for your own types. The docs explain how to do that.

Our .pro file parser is now much faster and more accurate. And the parsed information is now used better for the codemodel, e.g. the DEFINES variable is used. Also reparsing is now multithreaded.

Creator 2.0 Options Dialog,
Creator 2.0 Options Dialog

The options dialog got a nice new look, which should make it faster and easier to change settings. We added a smart filter that allows your favorite option faster by typing the label. For example in the screenshots to the right, we filtered for “indentation” and Creator shows the Text Options and FakeVim pages.

Also we extended the Search in multiple files to support regexps and to also support replacing. Don’t forget that you can search for all usages of any C++ symbol with Ctrl+Shift+U and rename any C++ symbols with Ctrl+Shift+R.

The biggest external contribution to the 2.0 release is the mercurial plugin by Brian McGillion. Thanks Brian. The FakeVim plugin got quite a bit of love by Martin Aumüller, who contributed over 100 commits to it. Thanks Martin.

If my git foo is correct the 1.3.0 release and 2.0.0 release differ by almost 5000 commits by 71 different people.

You can download binary packages from here.

As always we welcome feedback via the usual channels:

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Posted in Maemo, Qt, QtCreator, Symbian


divide says:

Doh ! I just installed 2.0RC1 yesterday, is there any significant difference between RC1 and the final release that I should upgrade right now ?

divide says:

Also, is French back in 2.0 final ?

Bart says:

It will fails with:
Project MESSAGE: Cannot build Qt Creator with Qt version 4.6.3.
Project ERROR: Use at least Qt 4.7.
Will it only work with Qt 4.7?

Daniel Teske says:

@Bart: Yes, Creator 2.0 requires Qt 4.7 to build, you can use any Qt version for your own applications.

njeisecke says:

Hi! I cannot enter the ‘@’ character any more in Qt Creator 2.0 (not in any editor, not in any lineedit) on Mac OS X 10.5/10.6. I haven’t filed a bug report yet because maybe it’s a problem on my configuration. So, can anybody confirm this problem?

Eike Ziller says:

njeisecke: Are you using a german keyboard layout? (tsts, it’s evil for programing 😉 )
Looks like we use Opt+L as part of a shortcut. You can work around this by opening Preferences->Environment->Keyboard and remove (or reassign) the shortcuts for “Language.C++” and “Language.QML” (you can use the filter line to find them). Sorry for the inconvenience.

njeisecke says:

@eike Thank you, works fine now. And I can even continue typing my beloved Umlauts 😉

Jim says:

Congrats everyone, Qt Creator has really provided a solid ide for Qt and general c++ development.
Now if only the syntax highlighting and auto compete were fixed with precompiled headers i would use it everyday and move several other developers from VS.

http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCREATORBUG-476 .

vpicaver says:

Has anyone else noticed the significant slow down from 1.3 to 2.0 on Mac 10.6? When I build projects, creator hangs for several seconds. Control-k (quick file search) is very very slow and almost unusable. Also scrolling through the project files is also really jerky. Any ideas?

George says:

@vpicaver – Pretty sure the problem is that you are using osx.

Alex says:

Works great on OSX 10.6 here. Qt Creator is my favorite C++ IDE by far. And 2.0.0 is even more streamlined and intuitive to use. Great work guys!

Now to replace that cplusplus lib with clang parser for even more live syntax checking and code completion awesomeness 😉

Danny says:

@George “Pretty sure the problem is that you are using osx.”

And that is supposed to mean what exactly?

JubiluM says:

Download of:
will fail on Mac. Checksum is not valid and the package does not install.
Tried a couple of times.

This is the Qt Creator 2.0 bundle right? I don’t need the Nokia SDK 🙂

JubiluM says:

“And that is supposed to mean what exactly?”

His comment suggests that he thinks that he is funny. Really sad, didn’t see poor comments like that before Nokia era.

stephenju says:

The latest Mac snapshot is still 2.0.0 while all other platforms are now 2.0.80.

Daniel Molkentin says:

@JubiluM: While it is supposed to work, it’s actually Qt Creator 1.3.1 with Qt 4.6.3. You are probably looking for http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/qt-creator-binary-for-mac .

Daniel Molkentin says:

@stephenju: We’ll be looking into that tomorrow

Romk says:

Great! It looks very attractive 🙂
meanwhile I found one “improvement” which behaves a bit different when before.
These lines workes fine at Qt Creator 1.3
exists( $${SOURCE_DIR}/*.h ) : HEADERS += $${SOURCE_DIR}/*.h
exists( $${SOURCE_DIR}/*.cpp ) : SOURCES += $${SOURCE_DIR}/*.cpp
exists( $${SOURCE_DIR}/*.qrc ) : RESOURCES += $${SOURCE_DIR}/*.qrc
exists( $${SOURCE_DIR}/*.ui ) : FORMS += $${SOURCE_DIR}/*.ui

Qt Creator 2.0 doesn’t understand file masks anymore. Is it new feature?

Danny says:


“His comment suggests that he thinks that he is funny. Really sad, didn’t see poor comments like that before Nokia era.”

Yeah I figured as much. I can’t stand fanboys.

Henrik says:

Why is there no more option for a default Qt version ? This was a good setting now i have to change the used Qt version of all my projects and all the build configurations if I switch to a newer Qt version

eugene says:

When I edit a form, left sidebar disappears. How can I fix it?

Werner says:

I started to use Qt Creator at a version

JubiluM says:

@Daniel Molkentin

“@JubiluM: While it is supposed to work, it’s actually Qt Creator 1.3.1 with Qt 4.6.3.”

Strange, it fails on me repeatedly. If I skip the checksum test, install starts but exits on failure at some point. Is the package really ok…since I can’t get a healthy download?

It would also be nice if there was version info of the Qt SDK as there is for Qt libraries on that page.

Eike Ziller says:

@danimo, stephenju: todays snapshots have the new version also on Mac
@vpicaver: it’s quite smooth for me here on 10.6

Eike Ziller says:

@JubiluM: @danimo: http://get.qt.nokia.com/qtsdk/qt-sdk-mac-opensource-2010.04.dmg is Qt Creator 2.0 with Qt 4.6.3, and it works for me

Eike Ziller says:

@JubiluM: true, the download page should have some information about what the Qt SDK contains, I’ll forward that

divide says:

Does the last Qt full SDK includes Qt Creator 2.0 ?
Is french language back in Qt Creator 2.0 ?

Daniel Molkentin says:

Yes, the 2010.04 SDK contains Qt Creator 2.0 with Qt 4.6.3, also, the Nokia Qt SDK (from Forum Nokia) contains Qt Creator 2.0, but no Desktop Qt. Also, we removed all translations that were not updated sufficiently from the 2.0 release. We need more volunteers for translations in languages other than German, Russian and Polish in order to include those translations with future releases.

Edit: I was writing rubbish here before, should wake up first 🙂

JubiluM says:

@Eike Ziller:

“@JubiluM: @danimo: http://get.qt.nokia.com/qtsdk/qt-sdk-mac-opensource-2010.04.dmg is Qt Creator 2.0 with Qt 4.6.3, and it works for me”

Really, really weird…now I’ve tried downloading other packages and any other downloads fine. qt-sdk-mac-opensource-2010.04.dmg is the only one to fail and it will just not download without being corrupt. Anyone else experienced the same?

Giuseppe Vella says:

My goal is to build applications entirely portable, no setup or run-time libraries pre-installed. I thought QT was the ideal choice for this purpose. But I tried and re-tried several times to follow your instructions for building applications with static linking, but I did not get any results. Certainly, I do not possess the appropriate knowledge. But I would ask: why not provide a tool to build within QT Creator, with a few clicks, a completely standalone application that can be booted from USB key and all dependencies (DLL, mingw, msvcr … ) inside the folder that contains the executable? Thanks

JubiluM says:

@Daniel Molkentin:

“No, there will not be a Qt SDK with Qt Creator 2.0. However, the Nokia Qt SDK (from Forum Nokia) contains Qt Creator 2.0, but no Desktop Qt.”

That’s a small inconvenience for us developers I’ll have to admit. It becomes a hassle and confusing if there is a wide spectra of different packages…if it were just a package/installer and options to choose (Qt desktop/Nokia SDK etc) at install time (if one want’s different from the default, like it is basically in the Nokia SDK setup), it’d be great. Now it’s more or less downloading different packages with partially same contents.

Also, it’d be great to mention that Nokia SDK – package does not contain libs for desktop.

My 5 cents again 🙂

JubiluM says:

@Daniel Molkentin:

“Yes, the 2010.04 SDK contains Qt Creator 2.0 with Qt 4.6.3”

Well I was wondering :)!

Only problem is that I can’t get it downloaded :(…..

@Giuseppe Vella:
Can you put a small example somewhere and maybe we can assist you to make it work? I’ve fiddled with creating qmakefiles to link libraries (both static and shared) against applications, especially on Windows platform. Can you specify the problems you’re facing…I’d imagine defining exports etc. can be a problem in the beginning?

My opinion is that qmake is the best tool at the moment to define cross-platform projects. I tend to create the makefiles, atleast partially, by hand, and use Creator to work with the project. You can also create Visual Studio projects easily from the .pro files….which I do on Windows-platform time to time, when there is a need to use VS debugger.

kkoehne says:

@eugene: The Designer is now executed in it’s own ‘Design’ mode. If you want to have the sidebar back you have to switch to Edit mode. (One advantage of this is exactly that the sidebar is hidden, because for average resolutions, the sidebar + the designer specific toolbars didn’t leave enough space for the actual editing area).

Eike Ziller says:

@JubiluM: The package you try to download might actually be fetched from one of several cache servers, it might be that one of these had a broken version lying around. Our sysadmins just purged all caches now, so the servers should get a fresh copy. Could you please try again?

JubiluM says:

@Eike Ziller: Tried it…after download in the download window Mac starts verifying the package, which fails as earlier. Really strange. I downloaded the libs and Creator separately and both downloaded and installed fine. Located in Finland, if that’s of any help.

Fuse says:

How to prevent Qt Creator from creating *.user files?

I do not need them.

Gute says:

Great, I download 2.0 yesterday and looks great, congratulations, but I miss the spanish translation

Dat Chu says:

Congrats Qt team. I sincerely appreciate all your efforts in QtCreator. It is my favorite IDE. Now if only CMake support can be even better.

multiHYP says:

JubiluM is absolutely right. I am having the same problem for the past several days! I just mentioned it on the #qt irc, but all irc members that are present seem to be for decoration purposes only (no one responded) –operators or others–. There is no point of putting the Qt SDK for mac (584 MB) – http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/sdk-mac-os-cpp – for download if the package is made corrupt in the first place. 🙁

Daniel Molkentin says:

@Fuse You cannot, Creator needs them. Just put them into the ignore file of your SCM (Git, Subversion, CVS, they all have a way to ignore files), and it won’t be bothering you.

Daniel Molkentin says:

@Gute: Except for very few languages, translations are contributed. We rely on external contributions. If you want to help, join the Qt localization list at http://lists.trolltech.com/mailman/listinfo/qt-l10n

lyttimara says:

@Jubilum @EikeZiller I’m having the same problem. Tried downloading http://get.qt.nokia.com/qtsdk/qt-sdk-mac-opensource-2010.04.dmg several times with several browsers this morning. Bad checksum every time. Downloading from England.

Daniel Molkentin says:

@lyttimara, Jubilum: I can confirm that now, too. The copy on the CDN seems to be broken. In the meanwhile, ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/qtsdk/qt-sdk-mac-opensource-2010.04.dmg seems to work

mgran says:

We have reverted to local (Norwegian) hosting for the Mac file while we figure it out, you can find it here: http://download.qt.nokia.com/qtsdk/qt-sdk-mac-opensource-2010.04.dmg

http://qt.nokia.com/downloads is updated.

Giuseppe Vella says:

@JubiluM. Thanks for your offer of help. I’m completely new to programming in C++ and, as I wrote, my goal is the construction of completely standalone applications. I’ve done dozens of experiments with QTCreator but every time I received an error message. Now I’m really frustrated. I read several tutorials, but I get the impression that the “Qt/C++” world – with all its qmake, nmake, compilers, libraries, etc. – remains largely closed to those who until now has programmed in languages like C#, Java, Php, Python. Qt is a great platform, but the C# programming – for example with Visual C# Express or SharpDevelop – is infinitely easier and quicker. That is why I come to suggest a number of tools into QtCreator to help those who are completely new to C++, skipping all the endless procedures “make”, “mingw”, “gcc”, etc.

NuShrike says:

Is there a reason why this Creator takes ~2x more memory when opening the Qt src.pro compared to the 1.3.x Creator from 4.6.x? It’s something like 250MB vs 550MB. That’s a lot!

divide says:

In the latest SDK (qt-sdk-win-opensource-2010.04.exe), one demo is broken :
When I try to compile it (using the bundled Qt Creator 2.0), I get the following error:
“colorswatch.moc: No such file or directory”
Also, I find a bit awkward that since Qt Creator 2.0, the default compile behaviour creates another directory (PROJECTNAME-build-desktop) : if I wanted to compile every example from the SDK, I would end up with 2 folders per project, that would be some mess in the SDK :

JubiluM says:

@Giuseppe Vella:

C++ has a relatively steep learning curve and can surprise even an experienced programmer at times. It doesn’t help that the toolchain to produce a C++ executables varies with the platform. qmake helps to abstract that. And as Qt Creator uses also qmakefiles (usually named with .pro extension), you don’t have to know so much about compilers or linkers at the beginning.

But at the end…you’ll have to get into details…learn the language’s peculiarities etc. before you can be really productive and to be able to solve problems when they arise. That is, if you decide that you want to work with C++. You can use Qt from other languages, as you propably knew already.

I can recommend Bruce Eckel’s excellent books, availlable for free:

I suggest that you read and work yourself through the exercises atleast of: Thinking in C++, 2nd edition, Volume 1

As you progress, you can get into Volume 2. You can use Qt Creator to do your training.

Also, dig into demos and examples that come along with the qt downloads.

benlau benlau says:

Hi , It is July already. Still don’t see 2.1 available in snapshot. The release schedule is changed…?

stephenju says:

@benlau: Those 2.0.80 builds in ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/qtcreator/snapshots/latest/ are 2.1 snapshots. Qt likes to label X.Y snapshot as X.Y – 0.0.20 for some reason. 🙂

Too bad you focused on some strange esoteric stuff like QML, while the actual normal functionality was either staggering or plain regressing. Just what the hell is, if I may ask, Shadow build, and why does it invariably mess up all the projects I open? Why do I routinely have to disable it for each project (none of them build with this crap enabled) and then clean up some empty upper-level directories created out of the blue? The unused variables and such used to be highlighted with nice dark background — this is gone, now there’s only a fancy thin frame instead — but it’s barely visible and thus barely usable. Help system got hit, as well — the bookmarks I had don’t work anymore, they open in external browser and I can’t follow links from there. But that’s too subtle, right? So here’s a bold one: in fact, some of my projects plain stopped linking from within Qt Creator at all! They report some insanely cryptic messages about some QtMeta::Whatevers missing. So each time I have to open a console and issue ‘make’ by hand to finish the link step. Also, needless to say, some year-old bugs still aren’t fixed — like when you navigate menus via keyboard and all the items get disabled for no reason. But who needs that — real programmers only use mouse! And may I ask just how long your fingers should be to press Ctrl+6 to get the help screen? It used to be Ctrl+5 — I could do that, but now with Ctrl+6 I only barely can. But wow, I got an awesome design mode instead — though it turned out to be just a mouse shortcut for Alt+0. But not I can train stretching my fingers all across the keyboard to get to help.

Overall, it seems Qt Creator is going downhill. I love this project, but I’m so tired with all those constant regressions. Yeah, we have some very cool debugger which is able to show pixmaps — wow, if I must say. What is this good for if my projects don’t even link anymore?

I could only wish you set aside the QML run and think about the core functionality and polish. People use Qt Creator to write C++.

p.s. I know about bug reports. I used to report stuff there. In fact, a lot. I just don’t want to report anything anymore. After about 20 reports or so, you get tired and just give up to inevitable. I don’t know guys what you’re up to, wish you all the best, sorry for all the vitriol, but I just can’t silently watch the project decline.

Alex says:

Just wanted to say that I disagree with most of what Konstantin said. The shortcuts can easily be changed in Settings, so I don’t see a problem there. I prefer the build files be placed outside my source directory, which is exactly what happens now. Plus, you can specify where you want the build files to go, making this a non-issue. I did find I had to “Clear All” to get rid of the object files in my source directory before the linker would pick up the files in the shadow directory, so that’s probably the cause of his other complaints, or a result of broken make/qmake files. As for highlighting of unused variables, why don’t you file a bug report and ask for it to be configurable?

There’s some great new functionality and little things like code completion for C++ iterators (that alone makes the upgrade worth it for me). Plus, QML is most likely the future of interface design in Qt, so I don’t think that calling it strange and esoteric is warranted.

Just my 2c.

Dennis says:

Some things went haywire in this release:
– I can no longer set a default Qt version
– I can’t disable shadow build in a global sense

This needs to get fixed. Both are very easy to implement.

Niels Holst says:

I have been the happy user of Qt Creator since version 1. I like the transparency of qmake and the .pro files, and routinely delete all the .user files and whatnot, to work on a clean slate. I hate the wizardry of make systems that hide the technical details, which you anyway have to figure out in the end to do more complicated stuff.

I was a happy programmer. I was using the LGPL SDK for Windows version 2010.02. But then this morning, I upgraded to 2010.04. And I still cannot compile a thing. As usual I deleted all *.user, Makefile.* and object_script* files. By previous experience this should force Qt Creator to read through my .pro files and reinterpret my project setup.

Right. But now, whenever I open a .pro file, Qt Creator insists on asking me a question I would rather ignore. A dialog box appears “Project setup”. It asks which Qt version to use. Right, I uncheck all boxes except the “Qt in PATH” one.

But I am worried about the “Build Directory”? It suggests a subfolder named “build-desktop”. I do not want to set any build directory here. The directories are all nicely set up in my .pro files already. Why do I need to specify one here again? And it seems I can even not change it?

Second problem then appears. I cannot build the project because it “could not find make command: mingw32-make.exe in build environment”. I got to Tools | Options | Qt4. I try different paths for the “MinGW directory”, e.g. “C:Qt2010.04mingw” or “C:Qt2010.04mingwbin” or simply leave it blank. Nothing works.

Consequently, I am back to version 2010.02. Is there a way forward?


PL Samuel says:

There definitely should be a way to disable Shadow-builds by default.

Dennis says:

Here’s a diff to make QtCreator 2.0 compile with Qt 4.6.3:

The first diff on qt4buildconfiguration.cpp also disables Shadow Build by default.

Antonio says:

> Just what the hell is, if I may ask, Shadow build

Donald Carr says:


A shadow build is a build outside of the source tree. Internally we make heavy use of shadow builds since it is useful to have multiple different configurations of Qt compiled from a common source tree which is left pristine. Everything other than source (generated files, Makefiles, precompiled headers, object files, Qt build metainformation {.qmake.cache, qconfig.pri, qconfig.(h|cpp)}, tools, resulting libraries) is dumped in this shadow directory.

Dennis says:

So basically what you did before “shadow build” by including

MOC_DIR = tmp
RCC_DIR = tmp
UI_DIR = tmp

in your project file …

I’m still hoping for setting a default Qt version and enabling/disabling shadow builds alltogether in the next Qt Creator release.
A class browser would be nice as well …

Steven says:

Just to say, I’m loving the way QtCreator is going, and use it for all my C++ projects. Thanks guys.

I have quite a large rendering problem with any of the new 2.0 builds on Ubunu 10.04 though. Scrollbar handles, checkboxes and widget borders disappear, where other Qt applications seem okay. Launching qtconfig allows me to switch from GTK+ theme to Cleanlooks which fixes things for me. Maybe this is because I’m not using Qt4.7?

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