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A Lighthouse by any other name…

Published Friday June 25th, 2010
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Just a quick heads-up that we have chosen a new name for the Lighthouse platform (as discussed the Remodelling post). The Subcommittee of Renaming has been hard at work in the intervening months, reviewing and considering all the 17576 possible TLAs.

We ended up with: QPA.

Unfortunately, the precise meaning was lost in the subcommittee paperwork, so we no longer know what the abbreviation stands for. However, we can guess: “Q” almost certainly stands for Q and “A” could be Architechture. “P” is more problematic (no, not that), but might be something like Platform, Process or Plugin.

The changes have already been pushed to the repository. The practical consequences are:

  • configure -embedded-lite is now configure -qpa (but the old way still works).
  • Q_WS_LITE is now Q_WS_QPA
  • The _lite filename convention is changed, so qplatformintegration_lite.h is now qplatformintegration_qpa.h (but you don’t care about that, because you were smart and included QtGui/QPlatformIntegration, right?)
  • Since we were already renaming: QGraphicsSystemCursor is now QPlatformCursor

The codename is still Lighthouse, though. In other news, I have been taking pictures of lighthouses:

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Posted in Lighthouse, Qt


SB says:

Oh dear… I will be lots of laugh in Poland – QPA (read pol. “kupa”) in polish means… poo.
Nevertheless, from descriptions it seems to be valuable Qt component.

Fazer says:

Ninjad, I wanted to say the same about meaning of QPA in Polish. You couldn’t have chosen a worse name πŸ˜‰

anon says:

“Subcommittee of Renaming”

Is this part of the Department of Obfuscation? πŸ˜‰

Pobrecito Hablador says:

The subcommittee of Renaming is definitely the worst subcommittee of Nokia. Maemo and Moblin were pretty neat names, and they chose MeeGo, which has IMHO less appeal. Now they touch Lighthouse. Oh my… πŸ™‚

@SB: So that’s why that TLA was (relatively) available. πŸ™‚ Ah well, others have used the same abbreviaton before us, so I guess we’ll survive too. Anyway, this is only used inside the source code; I’m sure the marketing people will find a product name for us before it’s shipped.

@Fazer: I’m sure we could have found a worse one if we tried πŸ™‚ …but I guess we’ll be hearing that joke around the office for a while now.

AlexBravo says:

I actually like it. It’s very easy to type and pretty unique.
I tried serching all 33k+ files in qt-master from January 2010 for “QPA” and found only 192 matches.
So I think it’s a great name for us developers.

Good job guys.

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