4.7 program update

Published Tuesday August 31st, 2010
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Every Monday the Qt program team meets to discuss the current status for the next release. We thought it might be a good idea to share some of the results of our discussions with you.

We are now focusing on getting 4.7.0 out of the door. Today we were reviewing showstopper bugs – that means bugs with priority P0 and P1 that are not explicitly scheduled for a later release – and decided to down prioritize QTBUG-12644 and QTBUG-12611. Down prioritizing here means that we aim to get it in but won’t hold the release if we can’t make it. The fixes will then go into 4.7.1.

We are currently going through the feedback we received on 4.7.0-RC and hope you keep it coming. However, we have decided that anything that comes in after Friday will go into an early patch release, probably 4.7.1.

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porilainen says:

Does this mean we can expect the final release during wk36?

No, it doesn’t. We are rapidly approaching our release date but we won’t be releasing during wk36.

NoName says:

So, can you give us a approximate date or week when you plan to release 4.7.0?

Thiago Macieira says:

Soon, but it really depends on the bugs and issues reported against 4.7.0-RC1.

NoName says:

When you plan to fix bug QTBUG-12189?

It is serious bug, on Symbian unable to make submenu.

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