Qt 4.7 Program Update, Week 38

Published Tuesday September 14th, 2010
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A new week, a new meeting. We reviewed the current status of 4.7.0 and it looks good. All critical issues have been fixed, including the SSL issue for Symbian.

QTBUG-13462 that caused linker warnings on Mac OS X has been postponed to 4.7.1 after all parties agreed that it should not block the release.

4.7.1 will be branched off from master soon and enter the usual release cycle. Among other things, it will bring OpenGL support for Symbian.

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Jesper Thomschütz says:

Nice update Alexandra 🙂

Small (nitpicking): 4.7.1 will be branched off of the 4.7 branch, not master.

snowpong says:

Cool, OpenGL in 4.7.1 – thanks for the update.

ppx says:

Please can you tell me when will be released the new Qt SDK whit 4.7 and Qt Creator 2.1????

Thanks, Jesper. I might get that right at some point. Eventually…

Daniel Molkentin says:

@ppx: The next Qt SDK will not contain Qt Creator 2.1, but 2.0.1. Qt Creator 2.1 hasn’t even had a beta.

NoName says:

@Daniel Molkentin: I think ppx means the date/week, not only that the qt creator 2.0.1 will be included instead of qt creator 2.1.
I’m also interessted to know when the release comes out.
Could you give us a date or week when the release is coming?

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