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Rhymin’ and Freein’

Published Wednesday September 15th, 2010
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While everyone is holding their breath for the release of Qt 4.7.0 I will entertain
the masses in the meantime with a little poem.

A Windows programmer from Latin
Am’rica was almost forgettin’
to sleep and to eat
cause it has been freed
the Visual Studio Add-in.

That’s right! The source code of the Qt Visual Studio Add-in is now available on gitorious.
Check out the repository page and the build instructions.

Contributions are welcome and can be provided in the usual way via merge requests.
The published Qt Visual Studio Add-in can be used under the Qt Commercial License or the LGPL.

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Posted in Qt, Windows


couragic says:

Thank You!

manudwarf says:

Thanks, now I’m thinging alone in my office…

razvanpetru says:

Oh my god, it’s full of C#! 😀

mgb says:

So is it possible to port it to vs2010?

ibs says:

some love for Visual Studio 2010?

Jörg Jörg says:

VS 2010 support will be in 1.1.6 which will be released with Qt 4.7.0.

Hope someone now fixes that thing, cause it does not work well in anyway.
Having to deal with VS + MOC is a nightmare, at least with Qt 4.6.

kruz says:

Something strange happen with this post in Plant KDE, it is like spam, 9 times published.

mgran says:

@kruz; Sorry about that, we had to juggle redirects around when upgrading labs and this would most certainly have confused a feed reader. PlanetKDE, that takes several feeds from this blog, got a bit too much there. It should be all back to normal now.

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