Qt 4.7 is here, so is Qt Developer Days

Published Tuesday September 21st, 2010
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It is a great time to be out meeting companies using Qt; the vast majority see the potential of Qt and especially Qt Quick.

Let’s start with Qt 4.7: Congratulations to the community and to everyone on our Qt team that put in such a huge amount of work to make this launch happen. We are very proud of this major release. Let me touch on its importance.

Qt 4.7 provides the first pieces of technology to help developers using languages such as Javascript to benefit from Qt. It contains QML and Qt Declarative, the first building blocks in the upcoming Qt Quick solution (Qt User Interface Creation Kit).

Today’s launch, combined with the increased use of Qt in devices, is an important milestone in the journey to make Qt a preferred framework for a new wave of developers and companies in the coming year.

With Qt 4.7 we help Qt developers do a lot of the things they’ve been asking us for: go from concept to code quickly, cooperate more closely with UI designers in faster and easier iterations, resulting in smoother and richer UIs. All while still benefitting from performance improvements across the Qt framework, including in the Qt WebKit integration.
Qt 4.7 is available for download as part of the Qt SDK at get.qt.nokia.com.

Qt Quick: Already in Use
Let’s highlight some of the things people are already doing with Qt Quick – in its current state, without our Qt Creator IDE support – and let’s remember that we will continue to improve Qt Quick, as we continuously improve Qt.
• Digia – flow*d (location based services)
Mixd.tv (web TV client)
• Cybercom – Qt Quick evaluation (in vehichle infotainment)

Learn More about Qt 4.7 at Qt Developer Days
To provide a kick-start on Qt 4.7, Qt Quick and much more we have Qt Developer Days 2010 coming up in Munich on Oct 11-13th and in San Francisco on Nov 1-3rd.

Qt Developer Days is the event where our broad community of developers, who create everything from the tools behind Hollywood’s most amazing special effects to the interfaces on devices such as web TV’s, tablets, e-books, and upcoming in-vehicle infotainment systems in cars, meet up.

At Qt Developer Days this year, companies such as Asus, HP, Netflix, and Polycom will explain how they use Qt and why Qt is good for them.
Nokia CTO Rich Green will keynote both events, and we are proud that Nokia’s CTO will be part of our event. In addition, industry heavyweights including Intel, Orange, DreamWorks Animation and Telecom Italia are providing insights on how they use Qt to create better user experiences.

Qt Developer Days, with 50+ technical sessions delivered by our own Qt developers themselves is the best place for developers to become Qt experts. Time is running out to join up with us, so we urge all interested parties to head to http://qt.nokia.com/qtdevdays2010 to read more about the event and to sign up.

Next milestones
Now Qt 4.7 is ready for anyone to use! The next milestone will be to get Qt Quick ready. Then, in 2011, we aim to have Qt developed in a full Open Governance mode, with even more developers outside Nokia actively taking ownership of the future of Qt by contributing and benefitting from the latest improvements in Qt.

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Lonko says:

Still no support for VS2010?

Daniel Kihlberg says:

Qt 4.7. has a focus on performance and stability (in addition to show strong progress with Qt Quick). And as you probably noticed, with the last two betas, we have taken an extra long time to get Qt 4.7. right. Since VS2010 was not fully released by the time we started stabilizing Qt 4.7 it was not included. We support VS2010 as a Tier 2 platform (as per the documentation: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/supported-platforms.html)

Please note that Tier 2 platforms are covered by our commerical support service, but are not included in daily quality gates like the continuous integration system. Today I cannot give you an exact date of when we will have it included, and we have noted your request to have such support included

Insion says:

on mac:

:-1: warning: directory ‘/tmp/qt-stuff-6474/source/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.0/lib’ following -L not found

:-1: warning: directory ‘/tmp/qt-stuff-6474/source/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.0/lib’ following -F not found

Oluseyi says:

I get the warning Insion gets as well on OS X 10.6.4. It would appear to be a bug in qmake causing it to add this superfluous library search path to projects converted for Xcode – and possibly for Qt Creator; I’ve only built Xcode projects since installing Qt 4.7.

I also get this message in my Console after my application crashed on launch:
Reason: Incompatible library version: phonon requires version 4.7.0 or later, but QtGui provides version 4.6.0.

A reinstall resolved that one. Perhaps the installation media was updated since the original announcement? A heads up to reinstall would be nice. Thanks!

Igor says:

How can I download QT 4.6.2 for Windows?

I tried to search through archives, and it is not there. I need it since QT 4.7 plugins like QSQLite4.dll cannot be loaded into apps compiled with QT 4.6.2.

voidref says:

I would like to second Insion’s bug report here despite it being the wrong place to file such a thing.

It appears that the build seems to have put this into some config.

It shows up in files such as: /Library/Frameworks/QtXmlPatterns.framework/QtXmlPatterns.prl

Daniel Kihlberg says:

Dear Insion and voidref,

Thanks for your for feedback. The particular issue you are referring to is a known issue and you can track it on the following link: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-13462

Please be aware that the best way to notify us about potential issues with regard to Qt are by reporting them to our public bug tracker; http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/

Daniel Kihlberg says:

Dear Igor,

Previous Qt releases are available in our archive: ftp://ftp.qt.nokia.com/qt/source/

You can either build Qt yourself from source, in that case search for qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.6.2.zip or you can use the available binaries;

Please note that the best place to post technical questions are on http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums

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