Qt 4.7 for Symbian^3 – developer version available

Published Monday October 18th, 2010
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Finally, we have a development version of Qt 4.7 that can be installed to Symbian^3 devices like N8 and C7. It’s meant explicitly for development purposes only and cannot be used deploy Qt 4.7 based applications to Symbian^3 devices. This is the real Qt version and it will actually replace Qt libraries on your device (don’t worry, we will provide also a package so that you can revert to Qt 4.6.3  which actually ships on N8 and friends).

Target is that developers can start deploying Qt 4.7 based applications for Symbian^3 devices in Q1 2011.

You may wonder why for development only and not deployment? There are many reasons for that:

  • There are applications done by both Nokia and our partners that are based on Qt 4.6.3 and which will ship on Symbian^3 devices. We must ensure that when upgrade to Qt 4.7 is done, those applications will still work – that’s the compatibility promise we have given and that’s a strong one. And the same applies to your Qt 4.6.3 based applications built for Symbian, so if you run into issues here, please let us know – http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/.
  • We want to ensure Qt 4.7 for Symbian^3 will provide a smooth platform for QML and Qt Quick – believe me, it is already now awesome but there are still some improvements we want to do.
  • We want to also improve the multimedia related capabilities of Qt on Symbian^3 devices. We know that there are some issues and we are working hard to fix those.
  • You may wonder why we didn’t create a “system Qt” and allowing deployment of multiple Qt versions by applications? We want to ensure as efficient usage of system resources as possible and that all applications will benefit when an upgrade is done. In the long term it would not be sustainable if you would have different versions of Qt installed to same device depending on what version some specific application would be depending on.

Give it a try and give us as much feedback as possible. We intend to provide updates on regular basis. For details where to get, how to install it and how to report bugs, see http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Qt_4.7_for_Symbian%5E3_-_developer_version

Give it a try together with Mobility 1.1 beta containing lot of new APIs for mobile development with Qt – http://qt.nokia.com/developer/new-qt-apis

– Eero

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Posted in C++, Qt, S60, Symbian | Tags:


Nils says:

Are there any plans for a Symbian^1 Qt 4.7 package?

Don says:

@Nils: S^1 had it already for a while, there’s an installation .sis in the 4.7 symbian packages.

Guys this is fantastic, can’t wait to try it 🙂 However, after installing all packages in the order given in the wiki (qmlfolderlistmodelplugin.sis should go before qmlviewer.sis though), everything to C: drive, and installing qtquickplayground, it does not start. I didn’t set up the SDK with 4.7 though, so I used the qtquickplayground.sis file included in the package.

Also, some of the qml*.sis packages give a warning that they are not intended for this phone (N8 obviously).

I know you want us to file bugs but these seem kind of obvious as I just followed your instructions 🙂

Thomas Luquet says:

grrrrr i wait for qt mobility for too long time….

Eero Penttinen says:

@Nils – you can get Qt 4.7.0 SIS packages for S60 3.1, 3.2 and 5.0 from http://qt.nokia.com/downloads/symbian-cpp

– Eero

Eero Penttinen says:

@Don: You should safely ignore the warnings during the installation. I would assume that the qtquickplayground.sis is not compatible with the Qt 4.7 package for Symbian^3, we need to take a look into that. Try to rebuild it with Qt 4.7 SDK for Symbian and let us know if that worked out.

Eero Penttinen says:

@Thomas: Qt Mobility as Qt are developed as open source projects so you can help us out – contribute :). The 1.1 release starts to have a rather comprehensive set of APIs for mobile development.

Don says:

@Eero: true that, perhaps being a bit too impatient 🙂

Copied over some of the qml demos (ie the pure qml ones) and they work mostly ok using the qmlviewer.

This was released sooner than I expected, thanks a lot for that, keep up the great work!

L says:

How can I set up the Nokia Qt SDK to build Qt 4.7 apps for symbian? Do these packages include the toolchain for this purpose?

Eero Penttinen says:

@L: This package contains only the binaries of Qt to be installed to your device. The Nokia Qt SDK doesn’t support Qt 4.7 yet. However, you can use the Qt libraries 4.7.0 for Symbian http://qt.nokia.com/downloads for this purpose.

C. Breuer says:

>We want to also improve the multimedia related capabilities of Qt on Symbian^3 devices. We know that there are some issues and >we are working hard to fix those.

I miss support for flac on my N8.
Another point is that it doesn’t play MPEG (*.mpg and *.ts) files.
Is there a way to get support for that in QT/Symbian^3?
If this is a cost problem Nokia should provide additional packages
in the ovi store where users can buy additional codec.
Something like a “additional codec pack for Symbian^3”

2beers says:

So if qt 4.7 applications can be deployed in Q1 2011, by that time I think we’ll have qt 4.7.1
So.. do you think that the update in Q1 2011 will have qt 4.7.1 instead of qt 4.7.0

Eero Penttinen says:

@2beers: the update will be based on Qt 4.7.x, where x >= 2.

Don says:

Does this mean you are committing to full backwards (binary) compatibility, for the entire life of S^3, across major versions (down to 4.6.3) ? Even when 4.8 comes along?

Or will you have something like small compatibility wrappers to “behave” like a previous version for apps that need that? How is the backwards compatibility issue handled with for example Qt Mobility ?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is definitely the best idea to have 1 version installed on the phone, shared between all applications. It just sounds difficult to pull off, so I am curious how you guys feel about that 🙂

Eero Penttinen says:

@Don: That’s indeed our target – tough indeed but very important for developers and we are putting lot of effort to improve the BC testing of Qt. The same applies to Qt Mobility.

The Qt 4.6.3 release forms the baseline for BC for Symbian^3 devices, for Qt Mobility it is AFAIK 1.0.2 version.

Eero Penttinen says:

@C. Breuer – I will follow up that with some multimedia experts and get back once I have some details.

Eero Penttinen says:

@C. Breuer – As per the new video codecs like Flac or *.mpg or any other codec, 3rd party developers can write their own codecs. Good place to start will be developer.symbian.org and check MDF/DevVideo documentation.

Don says:

Will it be possible to build the actual Qt / QtMobility packages for Symbian ourselves? (at some point)

I suppose it’s a bit of a pain to build, maybe doesn’t work with any free compilers, and needs an actual developer certificate, but you just may find there are people out there who’d like to improve Qt on Symbian, but don’t work for Nokia 🙂

Since we’ll need the Symbian SDK for that as well, bonus points if it uses Raptor and builds on Linux.

Eero Penttinen says:

@Don: Very valid point and we will provide instructions how to do that because we really want to have your contributions. I have created a task for this – http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-14624. We expect to be quick with this one.

kih says:

Bare with me as a nub here…

I would like to include the CCamera API in my QT creator (downloaded from Nokia forum). Do you
have any hints on where to search for a easy way to go ahead ?


– kih

Eero Penttinen says:

@kih – go and check the article http://blogs.forum.nokia.com/blog/daniel-rochas-forum-nokia-blog/2010/11/01/qt-on-symbian-devices for some instructions how you can use Qt Mobility 1.1 with Qt Creator.

Tried just now, and works like a charm with our existing 4.6 based apps. Also QtMobility 1.0.2 seems to work fine with it as well. Thumbs up!

Now please get it into the NokiaQtSDK as well, so that we don’t have to install the Symbian^3 SDK, PERL and all those outher nasties ;D

Eero Penttinen says:

@Espen – good to hear. We are working hard to get the final bits and pieces in place – we want to ensure it is gonna be good – both the Nokia Qt SDK and also the Qt runtime that can be deployed to Symbian^3 devices.

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