Nokia announcement equals even more momentum for Qt

Published Thursday October 21st, 2010
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In the last few hours, a press release was issued globally by Nokia. The focus of the press release was to announce that Nokia will have sole focus on Qt as the development framework for applications on the Symbian and MeeGo platforms.

At the recently held Qt Developer Days Munich, Nokia CTO Rich Green gave a keynote where he also affirmed this commitment. His words were roughly ‘Nokia is eating its own dog food with Qt’.

While we may prefer the analogy of ‘drinking our own champagne’ 🙂 , the message itself is a great indicator of Qt’s increasing momentum and provided a great boost for the soon-to-be released Qt Quick framework.

Nokia stating its intentions for Qt to the market in this way is another positive reinforcement. It will be reassuring for Qt developers to know that their Qt applications for Nokia platforms will continue to work into the future, because they use the framework that Nokia has committed to, even for its own application development.

Today’s news will help us in our never-ending drive towards even more developers, a larger, more vibrant ecosystem and more Qt applications in more places. And rest assured, Rich Green made special mention at Developer Days of Nokia’s commitment to keeping Qt thriving on platforms beyond the mobile space – desktop and embedded.

While on the topic of Rich Green, there is still time to book a spot at Qt Developer Days San Francisco to hear his keynote. After today’s exciting news and our huge success at Developer Days Munich, there has never been a better time to join us at Developer Days.


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Posted in Announcements, Background, Roadmap


Will Stephenson says:

Does Nokia eat its own dogfood on its corporate desktops too? What Linux distributions are used in-house, and is Qt available there?

Daniel Kihlberg says:

Here at Nokia we have Windows, GNU/Linux (several flavors) and Mac images to choose from for corporate use. I assume most are on Windows. At Qt we pride ourselves on being cross platform, and we have some people that use all three (or more) at the same time, and not for fun. 🙂

Eivind Throndsen says:

Great move, congrats to Qt devs & marketers!

Fazer says:

Will Spethenson: You’re either trolling or you didn’t hear about KDE desktop environment for Linux, created entirely in Qt.

Frank says:

Love Qt. Hope it can be more widely used.

@Fazer says:

@Fazer: I might be (gently) trolling, but not in the way you think. I’m curious to know if Qt (via KDE) is used on desktops at Nokia, outside the QtDF office in Oslo. It’s interesting to know for Qt’s future on non-phone/tablet hardware.

favora says:

hope Qt has a bright future.

Aakash says:

can u help me wiith a client server remote method invocation program …

Philippe says:

Properly designed software take years to build, and is rare. I am happy to see that Nokia recognizes the chance they have with Qt.
Maybe Nokia has currently delays compared to iPhone and Android, but in the long term, the scope of Qt should bring advantages.

Alexis Menard says:

@Fazer : Will Stephenson is a KDE contributor as well as an Novell/OpenSuse employee. He doesn’t troll, he asks.

@Will : Well Meego/old Maemo folks are based on Linux and so far many of them run Gnome. I have seen some of them using KDE. About distribution we have a bit of everything for testing purposes but so far OpenSuse is quite used (at least in QtDF). All the symbian folks are using Windows for obvious reason. Until recently there was no other choice. For desktop apps in Nokia that uses Qt we do have the latest Ovi Suite 2.x.

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