The First Batch of Qt DevDays Presentations Online

Published Thursday December 16th, 2010
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Benjamin Presenting at Qt DevDays

Benjamin Presenting at Qt DevDays

After an almost super-human effort by our Learning team, we now published the first batch of recordings from Qt Developer Days on our website. The ones still in the queue will hit the shelves before the end of the year.

If you’re more into reading, you can also download the slides. Some of the presentations included code examples. Those are available as well (or will be soon).

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Yakov says:

What about subtitles for Qt Dev Days videos ?

Alexandra Leisse says:

Subtitles, hm. That’s a big animal. Aren’t the slides helpful enough?

Yakov says:

Why subtitles is good?

They helpful to understand context of report by people with bad oral speech understanding (like me) or deaf person. Also not all of reporters has ideal diction πŸ™‚

Max Waterman says:

I would prefer that these presentations are not in Adobe Flash, or are more easily downloadable for people with low bandwidth connections. Trying to watch them on low bandwidth connections is painful since it stops every few seconds.

midday says:

Tnks ! But we need Subtitles sometimes.
Max Waterman, install firefox plugin DownloadHelper. It will help for you

Alexandra Leisse says:

I have noted your suggestions. Please, keep in mind though that not everything is as easy to do as it sounds…

imrrk says:

hey alexandra..make these videos downloadable bcoz,they wont load properly and often stop…..

Alexandra Leisse says:

Good news, we’re working on a solution for downloading the videos.

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