Qt at MWC – Cross-platform Qt-based games

Published Wednesday February 16th, 2011
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Chicken wrangler

Chicken wranglers!

As we continue our showcase around Qt-related technologies being demonstrated at Mobile World Congress (hall 1, booth 1E44), we come to one of our favorites: The Chicken Wrangler!

First, the concept behind the demo/game:

We wanted to explore creating an app that was capable of running on different devices, such as handsets and netbooks yet be based on the same codebase without requiring significant rewriting. MeeGo was the obvious target for this as the MeeGo UI is based on Qt and is already running on several device types. We also wanted this app to work in a multi-user environment and ideally engage users to come into our stand and learn more. The obvious choice was to build a multi-player game.

We took this concept and asked INdT to make it so.

They came back to us with The Chicken Wrangler.

The Chicken Wrangler is a multiplayer game that supports up to 4 players where they compete against each other via Bluetooth in a “main board”, displayed by a computer with a larger screen.

The players use their mobile devices to control their own characters through the “battle field”. The objective of the game is to use the grids to trap the chickens and create a path that wrangles them back to their henhouse. The player who wrangles the most chickens wins!

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Abhishek says:

Can we see a video? And code would be nice to see too.

paulo says:

Source code is available? . Thanks

Pat Le Cat says:

Rich Green may even believe that Qt is safe within Nokia. But it is Elop who runs the show and he might just cancel the support for Qt in the near future as fast as he decided to run Nokia phones on Windows.
Companies do have the nasty habit to strongly deny future strategies up to the day they effectuate the planned change. So “sudden death**” may happen at any moment and without any warning.

** Sudden Death = Mort Subite (fr.) Good belgium beer btw.

Antonio says:

Only with this picture this blogpost is frustratingly useless actually. The INdT guys deserve at very least a video 🙂

Elopocalypse says:

Looks nice. Hopefully QT will still get forked so things like this survive rather than dying Elop’s long, slow strangulation of QT. A clever strategy to get people to lose interest and go elsewhere. After all, that’s the only real way you can kill an (l)gpl project.

Alexis Menard says:

@Antonio : A video?

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