Qt SDK 1.1 beta has been released

Published Tuesday March 1st, 2011
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I am pleased to announce that the Qt SDK 1.1 beta has been launched. While the SDK may be a beta, Qt 4.7.2 and Qt Creator 2.1 releases within it are final, meaning we have a complete package of the Qt Quick offering. Qt Quick is our fantastic new tool for creating lightweight, dynamic UIs and apps.

As you hopefully have seen for yourself already, Qt Quick is a brilliant technology that lets developers and UI designers work together for fast, beautiful UIs and applications on any of Qt’s platforms. And as of now, all of its three main parts are at final release for the first time. So if you haven’t already, jump in and start using it!

As we first introduced in the technology preview, we have made a change in packaging. Based on your feedback we have decided to eliminate some confusion with our offering of SDKs – specifically your queries regarding the merits of having two separate SDKs.

This Qt SDK 1.1 beta is a precursor to a final ‘combined’ SDK that merges the previous desktop-focused Qt SDK and the mobile-focused Nokia Qt SDK. That package is the Qt SDK and this release is a beta of the upcoming version 1.1. We are carrying forward this one-SDK strategy.

What does the new, combined Qt SDK contain?

Going forward the Qt SDK will contain the Qt libraries, the Qt Creator IDE and the rest of the tooling you would expect, plus Symbian and MeeGo packages.

What if I am only targeting one platform?

You select the packages you need during the installation process. For instance if you are only interested in Symbian development, you don’t need to download or install the MeeGo packages. If you are looking to target desktop only, then install only that.

What is in this particular package?

This particular release includes the following packages:

  • Qt 4.7.2
  • Qt Creator 2.1
  • Mobility APIs (Qt Mobility 1.1.1)
  • Qt simulator
  • Symbian toolchain
  • Madde toolchain for N900

As usual we ask that those that test this new package please provide feedback and such. So download, enjoy and try.

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Posted in Announcements, Community | Tags: , , ,


mike says:

What about x86-MeeGo? Will it stay separate (Intel offering)?

JubiluM says:

“Based on your feedback we have decided to eliminate some confusion with our offering of SDKs – specifically your queries regarding the merits of having two separate SDKs.”

That is why you rock…you take input from a sensible feedback and make (good) decisions up on it. That is why we love you, among other things :)!

Andy says:

So will this affect publishing apps to Ovi store?
We will still have to publish Qt Mobility 1.0.2 only?

David Stone says:

Re “So how will this affect publishing apps to Ovi store” – apps built with Qt SDK 1.1. Beta can be submitted to the Ovi Store now, but will not be published until after the final Qt SDK 1.1 (since currently the Ovi Store / smart installer doesn’t support Qt 4.7.x yet.)

Re ‘Will we still have to publish Qt Mobility only, I need more context to the question. But if you mean “what can I do in the meantime” the answer is to use the Qt SDK 1.1 Beta to develop and submit your app to Ovi, and then wait until the final release for it to be published – OR use the current Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 if you need to publish ASAP

Alex Bravo says:

I wonder if the fact of combining two SDKs into one is a big enough change to call it a 2.0 version. It marks a new era and would help clear up some confusion for new people coming to Qt.

Does this update address the problems with deployment for the Mac App Store?

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

Awesome! I just ypdated the SDK using the SDK update tool and everything seems to work just fine.

Tuuli Rinne says:

What is the plan when smart installer will support Qt 4.7.2 release or is it already supporting that?

gemfield says:

I just wonder that how can make Qt apps port to nokia 5230,N8,meego Device more convinient

David (Nokia) says:

@Tulli Smart installer supports what the current SDK (Nokia Qt SDK 1.0) supports, so Qt 4.6.3. More info here: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Nokia_Smart_Installer_for_Symbian

JubiluM says:

Ok…a stupid question: what is a most convenient way to set up Qt command line environment on Mac? Where should QTDIR point at, and how about QMAKESPEC? Lets say I have the 1.1 beta installed.


JubiluM says:

I noticed that Assistant is missing on Qt SDK 1.1 beta, Mac. Obviously there is a reason for that, but I’d be pleased for the information :)?

Not only I personally like to use it as a help viewer, but the deployment of end user documentation depends on it. I wish you are not considering dumping it?

JubiluM says:

Ok…not only is the Assistant a nasty to build (required several changes on 4.7.2 sources to make it compile, on Mac), I haven’t succeeded get it running. Now WTF is up?

fdgkj says:

I hope you include a fix for the Mac App Store in the 4.7.2.
Qt apps are currently rejected.

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