Digia to expand use of Qt in the desktop and embedded environments

Published Thursday March 17th, 2011
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The following post is written by a guest blogger: Digia Plc. Senior Vice President, Mr. Harri Paani

Digia’s plan to acquire the Qt Commercial licensing and service business from Nokia has brought up some justifiable questions about the future of Qt from various stakeholders.

While we understand the need for us to quickly participate the discussion around these matters, we would humbly like to ask for patience from all stakeholders. We can’t participate in the detailed discussions before the transaction is completed.

This is a significant investment for Digia. We want to support the active Qt open source ecosystem and contribute fresh blood to the Qt Commercial licensing and services business. Digia is a software and solutions company, with almost 1 600 top experts worldwide. We are known for our ability to offer our customers clear business benefits as well as our ability to swiftly embrace new technologies, to our customers’ benefit.

Digia has in-depth Qt expertise both from framework development and with demanding projects which makes us a good partner for Qt Commercial customers. Digia is a recognized Qt innovator, delivering the latest Qt technologies into products at the cutting edge of today’s market. Digia has more certified Qt developers than any other company in the industry.

Through the years, Digia has significantly contributed to various open source initiatives, directly and indirectly through customer projects (e.g. Qt, Linux, GStreamer and MeeGo). Our number one priority will be to support the needs of our commercial customers.

Together with our existing and potential customers, we will develop and deliver new features and services (with an emphasis on Qt’s use in the desktop and embedded environments). We are also planning to provide improvements in technical support and functionality for older platforms that are not on the Nokia development roadmap. More information about this topic will be shared at a later time.


Harri Paani
Senior Vice President
Digia Plc.

[UPDATE: Additional blog posts have been published on this topic.
Nokia and Digia working together | Facts and Fiction]

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The big question for me is: will Digia play nice with the other independent Qt consultancy companies like Kdab, forwardbias and so on? Or will we have to compete directly with the company that is also selling the commercial Qt licenses?

Tyler says:

Good to hear Qt is in capable hands. As someone who is just getting into Qt, I’m really excited for its future. I think there is a lot of potential for applications on embedded linux targets. Recently Qt on embedded linux seems to have been overshadowed by all the phone hype. This is also an area that has a need for commercial support – making it easy to get up and running on a platform is huge. If Digia can find the right balance of a business plan that is sustainable and benefits the community then everybody wins, and Qt will thrive.

serkol says:

I wonder if Digia’s “emphasis on Qt’s use in the desktop” includes Windows and Mac…

steve says:

Please put more effort into fixing bugs. I got burned with QT and had to move to C#. QWebkit is just not 100% finished. eg you cannot ever login to linkedin.com (cookies with quotes, handling issues). A lot of popup windows never load etc. Its really hard to compile qt as static with Qwebkit. I just wanted a single static to make deployment easy. For me these things just make QT too hard to use and C# a better choice.

Søren Hansen says:

“all” we ask for is official Qt support for all mobile platforms. Symbian, Meego, Maemo, Android, iOS, Blackberry, WP7, …
We don’t want to waste resources using Microsoft tools that only works for WP7.
We don’t want to waste resources using Mac only dev-tools just to release same apps for iOS devices.

Also please update Qt for more modern UI methods. We don’t live in Windows 3.11 any longer 😉 Most of Qt’s Drag’n’drop UI is plainout ugly.

Konstantin Tokarev says:

>We don’t want to waste resources using Mac only dev-tools just to release same apps for iOS devices.

I’m afraid you won’t be able to create natively behaving iOS application without Apple’s tools to get into AppStore anyway.

Stanislav Parkhomenk says:

How can Digia help to improve QtCore, QtNetworks and other base-layer modules?

With best wishes from Russian students.)

Fabio says:

Great Søren Hansen!!

Did Nokia said to Microsoft a condition to be able to develop on mobile
with QT as well as with .net in windows phone? No eh?!?

Facts are facts, and facts I see lead me in pain.
Good news, FOR NOW, are only words….

eyal klein says:


My company has a support agreement until June 2011.
Is this support agreement still valid? Do we need to renew it with Digia?


glenn says:

Actually, Apple as backed off its “no third party layer” stance. They are now allowing apps built with cross-platform libraries, as long as the user experience is still good. So, I would very much like to see Qt for iOS.

David Stone says:

@Eyal – Yes, your support agreement is still valid and was assigned to Digia on March 21 under the same terms and conditions as were included in your agreement with Nokia.

In order to renew, you will be contacted by Digia (by the same salesperson you previously worked with within Nokia).

You can access support at http://qt.digia.com/en/customerportal/

Borgar says:


I’m not able to access the customer portal… I’m getting the following error after I log in:

Apex class ‘CPAnalyticsController’ does not exist

Does anyone else have this problem?

Frederic Lambert says:

I wonder if Digia will finally implement a new MVC for Qt-Desktop user instead of the current old and ugly one ?

Thank you all for comments and questions.

@Serkol: Yes, Digia is supporting all the desktop platforms, including Win and Mac, as well as embedded.
@Steve: One area that Digia will especially focus in is fixing the bugs reported by Qt Commercial customers. We cannot promise to fix them all, but more than before.
@Stanislav: Digia is co-operating with Nokia to contribute the improvements.
@Eyal: All the support agreements are still valid, and you can renew them normally when due.
@Borgar: There does not seem to be anything wrong with the support portal, maybe the problem was temporary?

Tuukka Turunen
Digia Plc

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