Qt Creator 2.2 Beta released

Published Thursday March 24th, 2011
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The latest version of Qt Creator, Qt Creator 2.2, made it to beta release today. To read all about it, Eike has the scoop over on Qt Labs. Here is the short version of the story.

Qt Creator 2.2 contains some big (beta) fixes to Qt Creator 2.1, and also some very useful new features that make Qt Creator an even stronger and more flexible IDE.

Some highlights of this beta release, which is now available for download, include:

1. Enhanced QML support. Specifically, lots of improvements for textual QML editing.

2. Debugging improvements. For example, the CDB engine in Qt Creator 2.2 allows 32 bit and 64 bit applications to be debugged separately. Mixed QML/C++ debugging also got what Eike described as ‘a big update’.

3. Improvements to compiler tools.

There is LOTS more is under the hood in Qt Creator 2.2, like improved external tool integration, manual toolchain configuration and the option of changing or adding mime type definitions, which allows users to use different source or header file extensions.

Detailed information on all of the fixes and new features in the release is listed on our change log.

So don’t just stand there. Jump in and download the Qt Creator 2.2 beta and give it a try.

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Posted in Announcements, Programs | Tags: ,


Robin Lobel says:

Will it be included in Qt SDK 1.1 final ?

Guido Seifert says:

Thanks, but no thanks. I disliked the way QtCreator uses tooltips.
I started a little test project:
MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent)

Mouse pointer on MainWindow -> Tooltip with content ‘MainWindow’. I really hate it, when an editor forces information down my throat I don’t need and want. It is distracting.
Nevertheless, I could live with this.

However, I stopped testing when I tried to set the GotoLineStart shortcut emacs like to Ctrl-A. It accepted the shortcut, but ignored it because Ctrl-A is default key for selectAll, which cannot be deleted.

So it is your IDE and you prevent me from making it mine. This is my absolute showstopper. Looks like the creator will never be ok for me.

Lilian says:

As always, QML, QML, QML…
Most of the Qt users are C/C++ programmers…

Lilian says:

Checked it out… Qt Console for C/C++ programmer which are most of the Qt users is in Other? I had to search for it and had no idea that it could be there…

Stig Dybdahl says:

Thanks, and yes please.
The QML/Ecmascript – QT/C++ combination is the future of programming.

Rapid prototyping combined with complete control of any critical details.

Keep up the good work !

Gute says:

Thanks, great work!!! But I miss the symbian target in new project -> Qt Mobile wizard, and I can´t find how to setup for symbian, only maemo

Symbiatch says:

And still you can’t install into the correct program files locations…

Konstantin Tokarev says:

>However, I stopped testing when I tried to set the GotoLineStart shortcut emacs like to Ctrl-A.

Haven’t you tried “Home” key? 🙂

Guido Seifert says:

Konstantin Tokarev, I don’t care. An editor has to support _my_ shortcuts. The software has to adjust to the needs of the user and not vice versa.

Maiko says:

I can’t debug.. there’s any site to report bugs or see which already was report ?


my problem: There is no gdb binary available for binaries in format ‘x86-windows-msys-pe-32bit’

But if I define in toolchain->Debugger: C:Qt2010.05mingwbingdb.exe

it tells me that:

“The gdb installed at C:Qt2010.05mingwbingdb.exe cannot find a valid python installation in its python.25 subdiectory…”

what can I do ?

secretNinja says:

@Maiko – the same problem (and solution) in this thread: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/5284/

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