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Qt SDK 1.1 RC released

Published Wednesday April 6th, 2011
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Today we announce the availability of the Qt SDK 1.1 Release Candidate. This is a major step towards the final Qt SDK 1.1, building on the beta we released a couple of weeks ago. The final Qt SDK will allow you to submit your Qt 4.7 based applications to the Ovi Store.
Summarizing the most important updates compared to the beta:

  • Qt 4.7.3 is included for Desktop and Symbian
  • Update to Qt Mobility 1.1.2
  • Qt Assistant added as separate package (due to developer request)
  • Installer can use system proxy on Linux
  • Notification API moved from experimental to “Additional APIs”
  • Several fixes for the Qt Simulator
  • Several fixes for the installation/updating workflow

Furthermore we suggest you read this important article about that Qt 4.7 will not be supported for S60 3rd Edition. Please note that you are still able to create Qt applications for those targets based on Qt 4.6.
Finally, here are the download links for you to try out the Release Candidate. Either download it directly here:

Platform Online Installer Offline Installer
Microsoft Windows 15MB 1,5GB
Linux 32bit 23MB 687MB
Linux 64bit 23MB 690MB
Mac OS-X 12MB 680MB

or on the Forum Nokia pages.

As always, feedback is highly welcomed. Please create an item at our bugtracker at if you encounter any troubles or want to share suggestions and ideas. Note that bugs or feedback added as comments to this article might get lost and hence not handled to your satisfaction. Use the bugtracker instead 🙂

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Posted in Maemo, Qt, Qt Quick, Qt Simulator, QtCreator, QtMobility, Symbian


knobtviker says:

Ovi Store here I come!
Thanks for your great work.
Too bad for S60v3 though.
What happened?why is it out?

Good, waiting for final one to appear soon…

Ivan Galvez says:

And, as usual, Maemo is forgotten.

Fortunately the next community driven update for Maemo will bring Qt 4.7.2 (maybe 4.7.3). And most of the work is being done by a 17 year old guy!

Jim says:

Can I make an update from the beta version to this version?

Haunted Ghost says:

Thumbs up for the RC release..cant wait for the final one!

friesoft says:


Thanks for this release! I really had hoped that proxy would work now but sadly I can’t get it to work..
What do I need to do to make it work? Starting ./SDKMaintenanceTool –proxy alone doesn’t work…

Thanks for your help!

nath says:

@Jim: That’s the idea, just start the updater. And please report if anything goes wrong.

nath says:

@friesoft: Please look here: This works from the RC onwards though, so you won’t be able to update from the Beta through the proxy. 🙁

Robin Lobel says:

What’s new about Qt 4.7.3 ? I can’t find a changelog from 4.7.2.

Jim says:

@nath I’m updating now, but it stays to “Downloading archive for component Simulator Qt 4.7.3 – MSVC 2005” for more that 20 minutes. Is that ok? I know my internet connection is good.
What would be better is to have a field where it can show you how much have been downloaded (in percentage) for every component you wanna update. This way you can figure if it is blocked or you just have a bad internet connection.

nath says:

@Robin: Bugfixes only.

nath says:

@Jim: Ouch, it shouldn’t be that slow, but it can always happen that you got handed a slow server. We are going to improve the progress bar in a future release.

Jim says:

@nath ok. So I hit cancel , and start the updater again. But surprise the updater is no longer available. It has been deleted. Did I do something wrong? I’m using win 7

nath says:

@Jim: That surely sounds like a bug on our side. 🙁 I’m afraid the best way for you is a complete reinstall.

aportale says:

@Jim: Could you mention the steps you did before the tool was deleted? Ideally as comment for task:
It happened to some of us here, too, but we are still missing a reliable way to reproduce (and fix) the issue.

Nicola says:

And Meego?

shri75 says:

when is the final stable version scheduled ?

Jim says:

@aportale yea sure. I think it has something to do with updating the updater. I had an older version of updater so first asked me to update the updater.

meego_man says:

hm, after update Qt Linguist utility lupdate stopped working properly. Before I was able to include qml files into translation (via -extensions) but not any more…

meego_man says:

update: it looks that the full path to lupdate works, but not through PATH, sorry for missinfo

friesoft says:

regarding proxy fix:

at first I tried updating using my 3G stick – worked – but afterwards I could still not connect behind the proxy
so I tried using the new rc1 installer.. the proxy is not recognized

I’ve set http_proxy to the ip:port

Any further ideas?

Daniel Molkentin says:

@friesoft: the correct syntax is http_proxy=http://ip:port

bash says:

automatic updates worked fabulously well. Thanks!

m][sko says:

Any reason why did you remove s60 3rd ???
QML is really nice on this phones.
Our company count on QT on s60 3rd !
N95 has openGL

Indigo Jo says:

Is the Qt 4.7.3 in this release the final version? If so, why hasn’t it been released on its own?

Cristian says:

Release notes do no say anything about QtQuick 1.1. Documentation initially said Qt 4.7.3 (see, but now it states Qt 4.7.4

Will Qt Quick 1.1 be part of Qt SDK 1.1 final release?

silvansky says:

Hey, where is standalone version of 4.7.3?

friesoft says:

Okay sorry for this mistake.. proxy/installer works great now 🙂 Always a pleasure to use Qt and to communicate with its community/creators 🙂

friesoft says:

Another question, this time about QtQuick. I think it was mentioned before that QtQuick 1.1 (required by QtComponents iirc) will be included in Qt 4.7.3 which doesn’t seem to be the case… I just found this site ( mentioning Qt 4.7.4.

Can I somehow use QtQuick 1.1 with this SDK release without compiling Qt 4.7.4 myself?

Daniel Teske says:

Qt Quick 1.1 was suppossed to come with 4.7.3, but due to some scheduling changes another minor release was inserted after 4.7.2 which does not include Qt Quick 1.1.

Maurice says:

@Cristian, friesoft:
Qt Quick 1.1 will be part of 4.7.4. The Qt 4.7.3 inside the Release Candidate basically is a bug-fix release for Qt 4.7.2. We have figured some things which we needed to fix to have Qt more stable on the mobile devices. More details will come with a separate release update blog together with the final SDK.

@silvanski, Indigo:
The aim is to simplify the releasing process by delivering via the Qt SDK only. Please note that the online installer of the Qt SDK allows you to deselect anything but the part you are interested in (in your case Qt for one certain platform).

Indigo Jo says:

Where does that leave Linux distro packagers, who need the source on its own to build debs and RPMs, not the SDK?

SABROG says:

How about create links like Torrent2Exe for fastest downloading?

nath says:

@Indigo: They could simply check out Qt from Git?

Konstantin Tokarev says:

@nath: There’s no “4.7.3” tag on gitorious – so nobody knows what is “Qt 4.7.3” yet.

Pekkeli says:

I downloaded the update yesterday. Today qtcreator.exe had dissapeased from my computer. I installed Qt SDK 1.1. RC again. Nothing worked. Simulater started to work when I installed the latest version of mingw but I could not run anything on my N8 (I did install new versions to my cell also). I had to uninstall 1.1 RC and installed 1.1 beta again. Now everything works perfectly.

best says:

hello , I’am glad to here . I first use it now ,

Rene Jensen says:

Hi. Sad to hear about S60 3rd edition.

Good work on the SDK in general. I have tried over and over during the last 6 years to get a simple C++ symbian toolchain up and running on everything from linux to XP and Win7. Never succeeded, but a lot of time wasted on perl installations, python-hacks to delete files during installation when the file system broke down from file overload etc. etc.

QtSDK elevated my position within a few days to a place where I can simply peruse the simple building blocks in the mobility API and utilize them. Congratz on taming the symbian monster!

koichi mori says:

Where’s the right forum to ask/complain about the issue with QtSDK? Here, or some other forum? My problem is QML Audio on simulator giving a weird error ‘defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for – “” ‘.

Ilgaz says:

I really wonder what kind of a developer sent feedback to drop already being sold devices (E71, E72) and what kind of person actually listened to him.
Using computers since 8bit and smart phones since 7650, Nokia never ceases to amaze me, in a bad way.
So the message is taken and it is easy to predict what will happen to s3 once Windows 7 ships. Funny is, easy to predict what will happen to windows phone 7 customers once the 8 ships.
So this is how to sell 150M phones, by abandoning the existing, being sold devices.

weaver says:

Anyone know if this fixes the issues that keep QT applications out of the Apple App Store?

Maurice says:

As mentioned in the blog article, JIRA is the correct location to report. Also note that there is one item regarding this already:

The Mac version of the Qt SDK has become even more unstable. There are several errors when Qt Creator is launched:

Could not resolve dependency ‘Core(2.1.81)’
Could not resolve dependency ‘TextEditor(2.1.81)’
Could not resolve dependency ‘ProjectExplorer(2.1.81)’

Could not resolve dependency ‘Core(2.1.81)’
Could not resolve dependency ‘Locator(2.1.81)’
Could not resolve dependency ‘Find(2.1.81)’
Could not resolve dependency ‘TextEditor(2.1.81)’

Could not resolve dependency ‘TextEditor(2.1.81)’
Could not resolve dependency ‘ProjectExplorer(2.1.81)’
Could not resolve dependency ‘Locator(2.1.81)’
Could not resolve dependency ‘CppTools(2.1.81)’

For some reason, Qt Creator launches also “SDKMaintenanceTool” which does not seem to do anything and it also seems that Qt Creator is using Qt 4.7.2 instead of 4.7.3.

Maurice says:

are you sure you got the RC packages? We had that issue with the beta packages and instantly pushed an update. The Qt version is an indicator for that as well.

Lenteng says:

Could you support the VS 2010 compilers in the latest Windows SDK please? The VS support in your SDK is heavily outdated!

Fabrizio Machado says:

I’m having trouble building for Symbian with this SDK, anyone seen this issue?

Here’s the build command:
sbs -c arm.v5.urel.gcce4_4_1

Here’s the log:

sbs -c armv5_urel

sbs : warnings: 0
sbs : errors: 1

built ‘armv5_urel’

Run time 53 seconds

sbs: build log in N:/QtSDK/Symbian/SDKs/Symbian3Qt473/epoc32/build/Makefile.2011-04-13-08-02-21.log
sbs: error: Could not read variant configuration file N:/QtSDK/Symbian/SDKs/Symbian3Qt473/epoc32/tools/variant/variant.cfg (No such file or directory)
make: *** [release-armv5] Error 1

Zeddy says:

Any reason why jQuery mobile: can someone confirm to me that Qt Webkit 4.0.7 does not support Jquery mobile:

doesn’t work in the webkit (4.0.7) included with this SDK? It worked with Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 ..?

aportale says:

Zeddy: I assume that it worked for you with Qt 4.6 but now, you have a problem with Qt 4.7. Could you clarify what the differences are? Ideally as bug report:
I just tried in Qt4.7.3/QWebKit2.1 on Symbian^3, which are the Qt/QtWebKit versions that come with Qt SDK 1.1. And the site seems to work. It is not exactly a fluid UI, and the flicking does not work out-of-the box (it works if you use QtCreator 2.2’s HTML5 app wizard with touch optimizations) but it looks more or less like it looks for example in Google Chrome.

aportale says:

Yes, im running a Nokia 5800 express music, i was using Nokia Qt SDK 1.1 earlier and it worked fine, now i switched up to Qt SDK 1.1 RC and it just stopped working, i have no clue where to even start debugging this 🙂

Zeddy says:

wth, sorry for using your nickname, im a bit tired after sitting all day trying to figure out whats wrong.. i posted this yesterday:
it contains all the code im using at the moment, yet the problem i had yesterday is not the same as i have today (allthough im still facing the same problem as yesterday aswell, just figured to give a more fresh version of Qt a try)

Zeddy says:

bug tracker is kinda messy regarding Qt Webkit, but i created a task (it didn’t allow me to make a bug out of it, but i told me that after i had allready spent time filling in all fields):

kaycii says:

I can’t install this prog. is taking ages to install on my system. before now I installed qt sdk, without problems. when I download nokia qt sdk tried to installed it couldn’t install. It was taking hours on; “preparing to install” I had stopped it and let go to focus on the aforementioned installed qt sdk.

When I visited back for solution on the nokia qt sdk I found this and downloaded it successfully. uninstalled the qt sdk and Installing this now is problem. Taking centuries on; “preparing to install”. Pls what could be the problem? I am suspecting the nokia qt sdk embedded in the Qt SDK 1.1 RC released which is not installing on my system.

I am using a windows 7 Home premium Hp-Compaq Presario, Dual-Core of 2.10ghz and ram speed of 3.0ghz, 64bits.
Please what could be the problem? I will be glad for help ASAP. coz I am new willing to learn programming soon.


Matti Vuori says:

Maemo support seems to be sort of “lacking”, for some reason. When I opened an old project into Qt Creator (from Nokia Qt SDK 1.02 Qt Creator), it would not build, but complained of an existing debian directory and offered a “shadow build” as one solution, whatever that is — I really should not even need to know. Of course, old projects should be imported properly. But what this worse: After fixing the directories it would not create a .deb file and offered no means to define one.

And when I tried to make a new Maemo project, it still behaved the same regarding deb packages. No way to create one, as far as I could see.

Of course the problems is not that big as the Qt version for Maemo seems not to have been upgraded so perhaps this is a version that will not give much benefits Maemo, which is kind of sad, and can be skipped.

Simon Wells says:

IS there going to be a 32-bit version for mac for the final version? also it may be an idea to clarify the current one is only a 64-bit build for mac

Tim Jenßen says:

kaycii can you create a bugreport with the information whether you used the online or the offline installer?

While the installer is showing these “preparing for installation” it tries to get admin rights via UAC – maybe there is something broken on your machine.
But please create a bugreport.

Victor T. says:

I’m having trouble getting Qt 4.7.2 to build under C++ Builder 2007. I’m also not getting any activation email for the Qt forum which means I cannot post on there for help. What can be done about this?

Hamit says:

I’m trying to start the online installer behind our http-proxy. The proxy requires authentication and that’s also the error message I get. Is there some kind of command line argument for passing the required authentication data?

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