New certification level launched – Nokia Certified Qt Specialist

Published Friday April 15th, 2011
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We are celebrating with discounts on ALL exams!Nokia Certified Qt Specialist

Since the Qt certification program was launched 18 months ago, it has gained a tremendous amount of recognition and credibility within the community. Several Qt partners now have a policy that all their developers must be Qt certified, and will only employ people who have obtained the Nokia Certified Qt Developer level.

We are now extending the program with the worldwide launch of the new Nokia Certified Qt Specialist certification level. This new, specialized qualification gives experienced Qt developers the opportunity to prove their higher skills in specific areas of Qt by passing a Qt Specialist examination.  The first two Qt Specialist exams “Widget UI with Qt” and Core C++ for Qt developersare available right now. More Qt Specialist exams focussed on different areas of Qt will follow in time.

To get your name on a shiny gold Nokia Certified Qt Specialist certificate, you will first need to reach the Nokia Certified Qt Developer level by passing the Qt Essentials exam. Developers who have done that must then pass one of the Specialist exams to become a Nokia Certified Qt Specialist. Those who really rise to the challenge and pass more than one Qt Specialist exam will have each one listed on their certificate.

The new exams are available at the same test centers located in most major cities worldwide, with pricing is the same as the existing Qt Essentials exam (with more competitive pricing in developing countries, and discounts for re-takes).

We are celebrating the launch with a special promotion of 30% off ALL certification exams until the end of July 2011 – just use the special promotion code “QtSpecialistLaunch”

For full details about all aspects of Qt Certification, go to

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Posted in Announcements, Programs | Tags: , ,


Romain says:

I just got mine in the mail last week, the shiny gold Qt logo is nice indeed 🙂

Romain says:

I just got mine in the mail last week!
The shiny gold Qt logo is nice indeed 🙂

Adam Higerd says:

I’m all for shiny pieces of paper but I can’t really afford to take the exams. 🙁

Guest says:

Certifications are so early 2000s

Sam says:

Good way to Invest some money.

Manoj Agrawal says:

Even I got mine last week. Consolidated certificate with shiny logo really looks impressive!!

Huzy says:


Got mine as well in the post last week.

The certificate looks cool and I love it.

Way improved from the Developer certificate !

Bonzagdog says:

Great, but if Nokia are going to kill Qt – then not much use !

Anjali says:

@ Bonzagdog: why Nokia will do so?

Pat says:

@Anjali: I think Bonzagdog is talking about Qt on smartphones, since the two officially supported OSes (Symbian and MeeGo) were made obsolete in Feb. with Nokia’s decision to replace both with Windows Phone. Qt will still live on for Desktop and embedded, but it would be nice to see Qt extend some official status to the community ports on Android and iOS. I think this would greatly increase the chance of Qt becoming a major player on smartphones.

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