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Qt SDK 1.1 released

Published Wednesday May 4th, 2011
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Today we announce the release of the Qt SDK 1.1. It has been a long way towards this point, which many of you have been waiting for. Before going into any details, here are the download links:

Platform Online Installer Offline Installer
Microsoft Windows 15MB 1,5GB
Linux 32bit 23MB 687MB
Linux 64bit 23MB 690MB
Mac OS-X 12MB 680MB

You can also get it on the Forum Nokia web pages here. Also note that if you have installed a previous version of the Qt SDK, you will receive an update notification and be able to download all changes via the maintenance tool.

Rather than talking about the minor changes between the release candidate and the final version, let me focus on what the Qt SDK 1.1 contains and what the major improvements compared to the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 are.

  • This is the first Qt SDK that allows you to create Qt 4.7 based applications and publish them on the Ovi Store, including Qt Quick applications.
  • The Qt SDK 1.1 unifies the different SDKs we had before. That way it aims at desktop as well as mobile developers, which helps you to try out new platforms for your application and easily port it.
  • Qt Mobility 1.1 is a major step in our offering for mobile applications. Combined with the Qt Quick binding it offers it will allow you to create really powerful and rich applications.
  • Qt Creator 2.1 provides you a development environment with all the tools and features you need for creating an application.
  • Qt Simulator 1.1 has received many updates to support the latest Qt and Qt Mobility version as well as a simulated environment for additional use-cases. Additional models have been added as well.
  • With the Symbian Complementary Package one can install native APIs to be used in your development environment for Symbian^3 as well. This simplifies the development setup in that way, that you do not need the platform SDK anymore for using native functionality.
  • The Remote Compiler allows you compile your project for all Nokia supported platforms, also from a Linux and Mac development environment.


To visualize the list of supported APIs and platforms, please check this table:

Desktop Qt Simulator Symbian^3 Symbian ^1 Maemo5
Qt 4.7.3 4.7.3 4.7.3 4.7.3 4.7.0
Qt Mobility 1.1.3 1.1.3 1.1.3 1.1.3 1.0.2

The target support for the different host operating systems can be listed as following:

Target Microsoft Windows Linux Mac OS-X
Desktop X X X
Qt Simulator X X X
Symbian^3 X (Remote Compiler) (Remote Compiler)
Symbian^1 X (Remote Compiler) (Remote Compiler)
Maemo5 X X X

If you encounter problems, please file a bug report at .

In addition we would like to point out, that the Qt SDK will receive further updates in the future. Qt Creator 2.2 is almost finished and will be included when it is done. Also coming devices will be supported and feature updates will be provided to your existing installation, not requiring you to reinstall a new SDK.

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Posted in macOS, Maemo, Qt, Qt Quick, Qt SDK, Qt Simulator, Qt Simulator, QtMobility, Symbian, Windows


Sun is shining! 🙂

Thank you very much for this release.

chall3ng3r says:

Great work guys!

Now finally we can post Qt Quick apps in Ovi Store 🙂

// chall3ng3r //

Eero Penttinen says:

Finally! Awesome work guys. This is a significant milestone and on personal level, 3 years journey is over 😀

Richard says:

Great, but could someone explain the situation regards Qt 4.7.3 which does not yet appear to be released or finalised according to the Qt Bug Tracker system?

selvarajan says:

Thank you for fast release. I was planning to take the complicated route of developing an another new Qt app for OviStore using Qt 4.6 but now I can use QML Thanks !

Robin Lobel says:

Nice !

I’m also interested to know the minor change between RC and Final ? I currently have RC installed, I’m not sure I really need to install final.

nath says:

@Robin: You don’t need to reinstall, just hit the Updater.

Jucato says:

Interesting. When did the Ovi Store policy for Qt 4.7 change? I think this will be a game changer for app development on Symbian, since QML opens up a lot of opportunities for faster development and more elegant interfaces (I hope ;).

I also long for the day when a local (non-remote) compiler for Symbian would be available on Linux. I know there are some unofficial ways, but an officially supported solution would be ideal.

nath says:

@Jucato: That policy changed today. 🙂 Already the first QML apps are available from Ovi store.

Richard says:

Great, but could someone explain the situation regarding Qt 4.7.3 that is still shown as as unreleased and unfinished according Qt Bug Tracker?

Richard says:

Great, but could someone please explain the situation regrading Qt 4.7.3 that is still shown as unreleased and unfinished according the the Qt Bug Tracker?

Jucato says:

@nath: really? cool! I guess now I have no excuse for sitting on my ass. Thanks for the info. 🙂

rahul says:

Great news! Congrats to the Qt team. Keep up the work guys! Now get to work on 1.2 😛

Guido Seifert says:

Ok, another try. 🙂

Qt Quick allows some very interesting things, e.g. replacing the whole ui just by downloading a few qml script files from a server. Of course this would circumvent the whole Ovi QA. Will there be a specific qml rule to allow/forbid something like that?

Col. Sanders says:

I’m interested in the new Qt SDK, mainly for the purpose of learning QML. But since this would be my first time using the SDK (in fact Qt in general), I will be downloading the complete offline installer for Windows. Question is: how much space do I have to spare for installation?

I’ve not got so much disk space available on my computer due to the plethora of dev tools I have, so I need this information to determine what I will have to yank out to make room for Qt. Thanks.

nath says:

@Col Sanders: It depends a bit on what you install. A really complete installation may go up to 10GB.

nath says:

@Richard: This should be fixed soon.

rzr says:

how comes meego is not shipped in this release ?
can we expect in an upcoming version ?
(also maemo-4 will be welcome)

Shmerl says:

Meego and Android aren’t even listed?

Daniel Molkentin says:

@rzr, Shmerl: Nokia has not yet released a MeeGo device, so it’s not included yet. There is an experiemental MeeGo SDK from with Qt, QML and Qt Creator though. Android is a community port and not even complete yet.

maemo user says:

Poor Maemo, forgotten again…

Alan says:

I was very much looking forward to it, but I am very disappointed to see that a basic problem with macdeployqt on Mac OS X still hasn’t been fixed (see Back to uninstalling it and reinstalling Qt and Qt Creator individually. 🙁

Pat says:

Congrats Qt Team on the release!

BTW – Anyone get this to install via update with SDKMaintenanceTool under Linux? It picks up the new version as available but fails for me during updating the documentation.n (Also locks up at 25% trying to uninstall old SDK)

suy says:

About MeeGo support: I know that Nokia has no MeeGo device yet in the market, but what will happen when it becomes available? I suppose that this same SDK will add support, since is quite similar to Maemo. Is this correct?

Thank you and keep up the good work. Previous versions of the SDK were quite nice, specially the installer.

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

@ Pat May

> BTW – Anyone get this to install via update with SDKMaintenanceTool under Linux?

I did update the SDK using SDK UpdateTool SDK was updated whitout any problems. I am using Debian 6.0 ‘Squeeze’ (32bit) I updated from Qt SDK 1.1 RC to Qt SDK 1.1.

> It picks up the new version as available but fails for me during updating the
> documentation.n (Also locks up at 25% trying to uninstall old SDK)

I did not have any problems like that.

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

Ehm, my last messagfe was a reply to Pat 🙂

Michael says:

Installed SDK 1.1 for Mac OS X (on-line install) and promptly found that the QtDBus includes and libraries are missing (again). I’m DLing the off-line package but suspect that it will also be missing the Bus. Does anyone know where I can get the QtDBus?

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

Nice work guys! This is wery big step forward. It’s great that Qt Quick and Qt Mobility 1.1.3 are now part of the SDK.

Prompter says:

I think you guys should consider putting the offline Windows installer on an official Torrent, or at least some regional mirrors. Downloading 1.5 GB worth of single file isn’t always a single-shot affair in most parts of the world (including here).

Larry McFayne says:

OMG! OMG! xo xo xo The SDK is now finally, um…. final! Congrats for the release.

Can’t wait to check it out. And no, I have never used the new SDK before.
My heart’s beating so fast, it almost feels like having a crush on Miss Universe. lol.

Guido Seifert says:

What is this about this constant question about MeeGo support? Yesterday I installed one of my Qt 4.7/QML apps on the WeTab, which is running MeeGo. Since I develop under Linux there was no problem at all. Only thing I had to do was to create an .rpm package and move it to the device manually. More support is not really necessary. 🙂

xaimiaoren says:

I’m longing for a long time

Philipp says:

Qt is awesome product! This is really great work! Respect for developers.
I don’t know anything about Qt on Windows Phone. Do you have some plans for Windows Phone?

Guido Seifert says:

> Do you have some plans for Windows Phone?

Yep, official Nokia plan for Windows Phones: Install Windows Phone 7. That’s all.

Hamit says:

I’m trying to start the online installer behind our http-proxy. The proxy requires authentication and that’s also the error message I get. Is there some kind of command line argument for passing the required authentication data?

Tim Jenßen says:

@Hamit sorry at the moment you can only install the offline installer, but I created a task: .

koudy says:

How long will you expect to continue developing Qt before nokia ends it?
I suppose new Nokia phones will be on Win7 🙁 without Qt. (that REALLY su#$%)
Meego isn’t that much popular as I was hoping for nokia (I hope intell will continue developing it)

So I don’t see any reason why nokia should finance Qt development
(which is really sad – I liked that the way things worked under Qt and it was nice and easy way making multi-platform apps)

I’m just curious how it will look. Didn’t want to start any flame war or make your great work look bad.
I hope you will cary on this good job.

Rezza says:

What about the last missing piece – Qt Components? Symbian suffers a lot from non-consistent look and feel (even the basic set of applications). Qt Quick is going to make it even worst.

What about Qt Mobility 1.1 for Maemo 5?

But still thank you for a huge effort!

Maurice says:

Regarding Qt Components. Those will be available in the SDK once they are finalized. As you probably have seen in the last preview release it already bases on top of the SDK.

In term of Qt Mobility or Qt on Maemo5, those have not been added to the default image, which means that you cannot use those versions for publication of applications. There are community ports available, but you do have previously mentioned limitations.

lantern says:

How to use this SDK with Qt 4.6.x? I need make some software for S60 3rd Edition devices.

Teemu says:

Pat wrote: “BTW – Anyone get this to install via update with SDKMaintenanceTool under Linux? It picks up the new version as available but fails for me during updating the documentation.n (Also locks up at 25% trying to uninstall old SDK)”

I run Ubuntu 10.10. I installed the RC of SDK 1.1 with SDKMaintenanceTool, and had the same problem. Didn’t try to fix it. Then I updated to the final version of SDK 1.1 today, had the same problem. Uninstalled, and installed it from scratch. Still the same problem.

Then I went to the Ubuntu Software Center (under the Applications menu), searched for Qt 4 Assistant, installed that (after having exited Qt Creator), restarted Qt Creator, and viola! the documentation was there: in the Help view, I can now search for stuff, and in the Edit view, when I press F1 on Qt class, a help pane on it to the right of the edit pane.

nath says:

@Teemu: Did you install as user or using sudo?
Installing as a normal user is the recommended way for now, otherwise you will need to register the docs yourself.

Teemu says:

Nath: I installed using sudo. I didn’t know that one should now install the SDK as normal user. Perhaps the website for the download should include instructions saying that?

Also, one needs to add the execute bit to the downloaded file manually. I wonder if there’s any way for the download to do that automatically? If not, the download instructions should also mention that, and for the newbies, give the command (“chmod u+x” + filename).

Daniel Molkentin says:

@Teemu on the Download page, we give that hint explicitly.

nath says:

@Teemu: I think it is the web browser that removes the x bit for security reasons (i.e. don’t run a program by accident).

aportale says:

@Daniel: I did not find the hint there (after a short search). But I found a link to this blog entry, and now I am caught in a loop.

Teemu says:

Daniel: perhaps you do, but I followed the link in a Qt TrollTalk e-mail to this page, which links to the installers, and do not see such a hint on this page.

There’s a link to the Forum Nokia web pages near the top, but just like aportale, I do not see such a hint there, either.

But enough of this petty quibbling. I have 16 years of full-time software development experience. After having started to use Qt and the Qt SDK last year, I am of the opinion that this is the finest API and toolset I’ve worked with. Programming Symbian phones with Qt is like a day compared to the night of native Symbian programming. (Though that won’t last beyond next year, I suppose).

Makers of Qt, you should be proud of yourselves.

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

@ Teemu

> Also, one needs to add the execute bit to the downloaded file manually.

That’s a normal behaviour in Linux, and that’s exactly how it shiould be. Files downloaded using web browser must not get executable permission automaticallly, otherwise you might run some malicious stuff by accident. So there is security reasons why user needs to set the executable permission before downloaded files can be executed.

> I wonder if there’s any way for the download to do that automatically? If not,
> the download instructions should also mention that, and for the newbies, give
> the command (“chmod u+x” + filename).

You get exactly that hint when you click the download link of Qt SDK for Linux at the download page. You can also set the permission using mouse, how you do that depends on desktop environment you are using.

Javier says:

How come there is not an 32-bit Mac version of the SDK? will it released later? Thanks.

Jisong says:

Good! I have waiting for it so long.

Marcus says:

Nice to see all SDK put together. I am really hopping N950 becomes a huge success and Nokia realizes Qt is the way to go. I will do my part and buy one!

Loell says:

I do agree with the comment that this should be seeded in a torrent, I’ve already downloaded the offline exe four times now, which consistently returns a read error byte/reset with WGET. And this always returns in a bad check sum.

Christopher says:

I’m really disappointed that there isn’t an SDK installer for 32-bit OS X.

Jeremy says:

I have my own installation of MinGW, obtained from the official SourceForge site. How do I get the Qt SDK installer to install MinGW libraries, without installing MinGW 4.4?

Marco says:

Hi, I don’t understand clearly the install process. I develope with Visual Studio Pro 2010 so I need to install Qt SDK, then Qt Creator, and finally Qt VS Add-in ?

Maurice says:

no the Visual Studio Add-In is a separate download and not included in the SDK. One additional thing to mention might be, that we do not have VS2010 builds included in the SDK yet.

Yash says:

Just installed . I’ll try some good with this.
Thank you guys!

yeaiping says:

Haha…, It’s beautiful!

mohsen says:

Hi guy’s
I want to know where QTSDK 1.1 relase with QT Creator 2.2 ?
I want to download it once.
I am from iran and internet acess in my country is almost slow and expensive

mohsen says:

Hi guy’s
I want to know when QTSDK 1.1 relase with QT Creator 2.2 ?
I want to download it once.
I am from iran and internet acess in my country is almost slow and expensive

محسن says:

محسن جان اگه یه سری به لاگهای لینوکس توی شهر خودتون بزنی احتمال زیاد اینا رو پیدا میکنی

Konstantin says:

When will be released 32 bit version for mac?

Laura says:

Some body know if it will be released for 32-bit Mac version? and when will it be released?

Tim Jenssen says:

@Konstantin @Laura Sorry there are no plans to create a 32-bit Mac version.

Konstantin says:

@Tim Jenssen@
But i’m start develop my project on my mac booc with 32-bit os. What can i do ?

Laura says:

@Tim @Qt-Team. So, is there anyway to get/compile a 32-bit Mac version? Our working group have been using previous versions of Qt, and it was always avaliable for 32-bit Mac version. Thank you in advance.

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