Qt 5 at the MeeGo Conference

Published Friday May 13th, 2011
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On Monday, when he exposed his thoughts about Qt 5, Lars mentioned that he would be at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco later this month. At the time, he hadn’t yet submitted his session proposal.

I’m happy to announce that the program committee has decided to accept his submission, as well as the BoF session I proposed to plan for Qt 5. If you’re coming to the MeeGo Conference or if you’ll be in the San Francisco area then, come join us for the first discussion on how to get a Qt 5 release in a year’s time.

Another interesting session I plan on attending in San Francisco will be the one on using Wayland for the MeeGo Tablet, by Kristian Høgsberg and Liu Xinyun. These two are just a few examples of new sessions that the program committee has accepted as part of the “Late Breaking News”, improving even more the program which was already great.

We have several trolls presenting at the event:

On the second day, there’s a full track on developing applications using Qt Quick, in parallel to a full-day track on how to use the SDK for creating and deploying applications.

Other talks I would like to see:

I clearly won’t be able to see all the talks… In Dublin, I spent most of my time introducing people to other people and I don’t expect San Francisco to be any different. Unlike Dublin, I don’t expect to have to walk too far between rooms, but there will be a fair bit of going up and down stairs.

Still, I think we have a great line-up of talks. I’m hoping this will please everyone in the audience. At the program committee, we spent a great deal of time reading every single submission and trying to make a conference for everyone in the MeeGo community.

Now, I think I should get started on my presentation. The email I received on Wednesday says I should upload it by the end of today in San Francisco (9 am tomorrow my time).

Happy Friday 13th!

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Posted in Lighthouse, MeeGo, Qt


Romain says:

Wow that’s a lot of interesting Qt related talks, it almost feel like the Qt Developer Days 🙂
See y’all tomorrow 🙂

Steven says:

I just don’t get all this Wayland hype, for it to work properly on Nvidia cards, Nvidia would have to add some code to the kernel to support kernel mode setting, which would require the Nvidia driver to be GPL. This will never ever happen. Wayland is vapor-ware just forget about it.

Thiago Macieira says:

NVidia is not the only video card manufacturer. And their proprietary driver not even the only option for their own cards.

Besides, NVidia cards already support embedded systems without X, albeit with other solutions besides Wayland. And they do this without KMS.

Finally, vapourware is software that never becomes concrete. You cannot tell the people who are actually doing the work that their work is vapour. That’s just plain insulting. I’ve seen it running, I’ve worked with the people making a reality. What is your contribution?

Steven says:

I’ve been contributing to Linux and KDE opensource software development for as long as KDE has existed.

My point is the opensource community finally has AAA game development library’s, that need those proprietary Nvidia drivers to compete on the same level as other platforms.

I would absolutely love to see a modern replacement for X even if that meant we had to start from scratch and rewrite all legacy applications, not saying we would.

But I have personally spoken with the Nvidia devs that produce the linux driver, and there just not going to go for wayland. And the Intel, Nouveau driver’s just don’t come close to the
proprietary AMD/Ati and Nvidia offerings.

“NVidia cards already support embedded systems without X”
You mean on Mesa without hardware acceleration? Yah Ive seen that trick also.

Thiago Macieira says:

No, I meant full hardware-accelerated, non-X NVidia systems (Tegra II). It exists. It might not be freely available though.

Anyway, the point is that we’re not stopping for “I don’t have a driver”. We are going to optimise for the case where you do.

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