Qt Quick showcase – basysKom smart home control demo – with source code

Published Monday May 16th, 2011
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Now that Qt Quick is out in the wild, we have been collecting some great feedback from developers on their experience learning and trying this new tool.

basysKom Qt Quick showcase

To help developers learn and progress to building and deploying their own Qt Quick applications faster, we have had three of our Qt partners come up with some great, open source demos to show off some of what can be done with Qt Quick within specific industries.

The first of the demos we are focusing on is from Qt Certified Partner basysKom and it addresses the fast-growing home automation market.

For our recent Qt Quick launch, the basysKom team re-implemented existing Qt embedded widgets with Qt Quick to document the features and benefits of using the new technology. Their demonstration shows a concept for a Qt Quick Smart Home Control application.

With the application a user can control and adjust various home operations from both a PC and a mobile phone. The demonstration includes several core smart home functions, such as controlling windows, blinds, heating and lighting. The various functions are triggered by the system’s intuitive integration to outside weather conditions. To prove the functionality here, the demo allows users to adjust the weather using a  “weather god control” mode.

New to the Qt Quick version of the demo is the creation of a touch screen GUI that shows the on-going support of Qt for embedded touch screen devices. In addition, it extends the pool of available industry type graphics for touch widgets to be used with Qt.

basysKom Qt Quick home control

basysKom Qt Quick home control

Qt Quick is a smart and quick solution to make a platform-independent application with just some basic knowledge of scripting languages. The demo took only a few weeks to produce and the re-implementation to Qt Quick was made possible by the SVG and C++ plug-in options offered by Qt Quick.

basysKom will continue to build on the demo, but no plans exist for it to be productized at this stage.

To learn more about how the demonstration was developed, check out the videos on the Qt Developer Network.

The code is available on gitorious for you to look at, learn from and to continue to build on.
For more information about basysKom and the services they provide, please visit their website, www.basyskom.com.


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Guido Seifert says:

> and the re-implementation to Qt Quick was
> made possible by the SVG and C++ plug-in options
> offered by Qt Quick.

Ouch! SVG… Did they use QWebKit to render SVG?

Guido Seifert says:

Ok, now I was able to download and read the code. The old embedded widgets where a great inspiration and helped me to develop a few very nice applications, this new package might have a similar influence on my code when it comes to QML.

But I must say, there is an ugly fly in the ointment. With QtSVG deprecated AND Graphics Effects deprecated, this package isn’t as much fun as it could be. It uses both.

Kaitsu says:

Guido: Checked briefly, looks like plugin exports Blur and DropShadow effects but those aren’t really used. My advise would be not to use QGraphicsEffects, mostly for performance reasons. Either stick with what QML provides or move on to shader effects with QML Scene Graph or with qml1-shadersplugin.

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