Technology Preview of Qt 4.8 now available for testing and feedback.

Published Tuesday May 24th, 2011
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I am very happy to announce the release of a Technology Preview of Qt 4.8 to the community for testing and feedback.

Qt 4.8 will be a release containing a lot of quality and performance improvements that were carried out during the last 12 months, such as File System performance improvements. It also includes the Qt Platform Abstraction (Lighthouse) feature, which enables easier porting of Qt into new graphics systems for third parties. Today’s Technology Preview is released to get your feedback, comments and improvement ideas.

Packages – Qt 4.8 Technology Preview
The Qt 4.8 Tech Preview packages available today have been tested with Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6, Linux and Symbian^3.

Supported platforms for Qt 4.8
Targets for Qt 4.8 will be announced in due course. As a reminder and a guide, the supported platforms for Qt 4.7 are available here

Deprecated items list in Qt 4.8
As announced recently, we will deprecate a list of items in the Qt 4.8 release. This list can be found in

We are aiming to release Qt 4.8 beta in next few weeks and the final release candidate in the second half of 2011. These are available through the SDK only.

We would like to thank all developers, contributors, the documentation integration and testing teams in Qt releasing for making this happen!

The Qt 4.8 Tech Preview is available now at

We are looking forward your contributions, comments and suggestions on the Qt 4.8 Tech Preview. Please post your bug reports in

Pia, on behalf of Qt 4.8 Program Team

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Max says:

Does Qt 4.8 supports QSceneGraph? Or it this a theme for Qt 5?


Pia says:

Hi Max

Qt 4.8 does not support SceneGraph yet, it is supported by Qt 5.0 like you anticipate.

cheers, Pia

Srikanth says:

Does Qt 4.8 support QtScriptedStateMachine? any plans for it in near future?

Juha Turunen says:

Any chance of getting Symbian^3 binaries? Kinda hard to test and provide feedback when you don’t get binaries and building requires an expensive ARM RVCT license. Or can Qt be built with GCCE nowdays?

Gil says:

How’s 4.8 looking in terms of Mac App Store acceptability?

Janne Koskinen says:

@Juha Turunen Yes you can build it with GCCE. You do need dev license to put it to device if you want all features.

charley says:

Is there a set of “release notes” or summary of how Qt4.8 is different from 4.7? (Yes, I see the discussion roadmap for Qt5…)

kevin says:

Hello Qt Team,

Qt is amazing and using it is always a good time !
So really thank you all for your work and passion!

Just wondering : Does this TP include all the recent Qt Earth team work?

Love you Qt dudes !

Scorp1us says:

I for one welcome our new Qt 4.8-based overloads.

Scorp1us says:

What’s in the box?!
What’s in the box?!
What’s in the box?!

Changelog pls!

Alan says:

Looking forward to giving it a try, but… no binaries? A changelog would be good too…

MementoMori says:

I hope you’ll fix the problems affecting the QSqlRelation/QSqlRelationalModel classes at least for Qt 5.0. Working with the sql module is often a pain…

No'am says:

@Srikanth: QtScriptedStateMachine lives happily in, and with a better name than the odd one I chose for it originally.
Since Qt is moving to a modularized approach anyway, I believe QScxml will keep living in its humble abode as a separate and hopefully useful project.

Eckhart Köppen says:

@kevin: the Earth team remixes are included.

We’re also gathering a more descriptive change log, at this point we haven’t started to maintain the changes file, so we need to put something else together. As a quick fix, we have a list of closed tasks in JIRA:

The important changes are Lighthouse to facilitate supporting new platforms, and File I/O and networking improvements for Symbian.

Pia says:

Thanks for the comments. We are working with full speed to provide beta release in the next few weeks thus no binaries for TP available (no change into normal practise). We hope that we get some feedback for beta from you in the next weeks.

worthless says:

Totally worthless without a list of changes.

Oliver Knoll says:

@Gil: With regards to “Mac App Store Compliance” (MASC(tm)):

Still “work in progress”, but I suspect the necessary changes should already be in 4.8.

As I understand the scope has been extended such that the “Qt generated settings” are now stored in “application private setting files/locations” (and not globally under some Trolltech key in the registry, or under ~/Settings/com.trolltech.qt (?) or the like – I believe it was mostly the later file which caused Qt apps to be rejected. To my understanding all other issues could be worked around in “application code”) – not only on Mac (should be finished), but also on other platforms (desired behaviour switchable via some setting, off course). And apparently THAT is still work in progress.

Manuel says:

I had a short look at the source code?
Still no support for QScriptClass-es in QML??!

What a pity…

JubiluM says:

What’s the maturity level of The Qt Help Framework and/or Qt Assistant in the view of future releases?

Could not find info on this in the maturity level list blogged earlier.

Jan says:

What’s changed? Please provide a changelog.

susi says:

Qt3D is also a part of this package?

Wladimir says:

So is QtSVG now deprecated (like specified in the list topic)? If so, will that mean that scalable SVG icons are no longer usable in Qt 5? That’d be a real pity.

Jason Barron says:

@Manuel: Correct, there are still no support for QScriptClass-es as far as I know. The discussion about this is happening here:

@JubiluM: Anything not on the maturity list is considered Active and Maintained.

@susi: No Qt3D is not part of Qt 4.8.

@Wladimir: The module is still there. It’s just that Nokia has no current plans on developing it further or fixing bugs that exist in it. The module only supports the SVG 1.2 Tiny module and we don’t see a large benefit to improving this given that WebKit contains a much more feature complete and optimized SVG renderer that is still actively developed.

Manuel says:

Thanks, Jason. I’ll check that thread out.

Brocan says:

Any chance of get the precompiled QtDemo back again? there was a great start point to search for samples and look how they work. The new SDK framework and installer it’s great to select if you want to download the demos or not.

JubiluM says:


I also appreciated the QtDemo. A really convenient way to access samples and the relating documentation.

Is the GTK theme going to be ported to GTK3, now that GNOME 3 is here and is the only GNOME in Fedora 15 and will become standard over the next year or so?

MySchizoBuddy says:

what progress has been made regarding mac programming?

Jason Barron says:

@MySchizoBuddy: One of the major improvements for the Mac in 4.8 has been the added support of “alien” widgets. For more information on that see this blog post:

Rick Stockton (AKA "rickst29") says:

The last time I looked for schedule info regarding 4.8, there was nothing more than “2H 2011” on the Public Roadmap

That page (and it’s links) continue to offer nothing more substantial. In this blog post, however, I read “Beta in a few weeks”. I will need to introduce some new functions and data structures in order to solve 3 (or perhaps 4) of KDE’s top-20 “all-time MOST VOTED BUGS”. How long have I got?

And is the documentation freeze at a later time?

Hopefully you are going to fix the existing Mac issues. For example, the notorious com.trolltech.plist issue prevents us from submitting any of our applications to Mac App Store which is more than frustrating. I recommend once again that you focus on fixing existing issues before making any new releases.

mariu says:

Will QT 4.8 be available for Win 7 64 bits?

Antti says:

@Rick Stockton: Beta packaging & testing is already under work and content is frozen. Documentation should be quite final for the release candidate. And RC schedule after Beta depends on the feedback we get from the Beta and on the Qt4.8 quality in general.

@mariu: Yes. I am personally already using Qt4.7 with my Win7 64-bit laptop. Do you have any specific concerns regarding Qt4.8 and Win 7 64-bit ?

Does QWebView now support pinch zoom?

Luca says:

Is there anything new in Qt 4.8 for Embedded Linux regarding the usage of OpenGL ES 2 for acceleration of regular widgets and of composition of top-level windows?

Nokia fans are happy only when they say Qt.. QML ..

Poman So says:

Will there be a 64-bit version for Windows 7 x64?

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