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Lighthouse has grown up now

Published Tuesday May 31st, 2011
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Just a short notice that we have now closed the Lighthouse repository. Lighthouse was the research project aiming to make it easier to port Qt to different windowing systems and devices. It is now integrated into Qt 4.8, and it will be the foundation for Qt 5.

Lighthouse development now happens in the regular Qt repositories, and the Lighthouse master branch will no longer be updated. To avoid people accidentally being stuck on a dead branch, we have pushed one last commit to lighthouse/master, adding an #error to qglobal.h, which will cause a compile error for anyone who tries to use it.

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QtRoS says:

Cool! May You explain, what it mean? Qt5 will be much easy to port? It’s connected with the Qt Quick orientation of Qt?

Scorp1us says:

It means for people who port to new platforms that the Lighthouse capabilities are in Qt itself, and not a side project.

QtQuick has nothing to do with this aside from coming to new platforms 🙂

Martin Ribelotta says:

Cool! The lighthouse project is very exitant…

PD: I had not seen this!

New, by two: The lighthouse project is very exitant…

Sekar says:

Add the error message to configure too, maybe 🙂 ? Let the bike shedding begin

Thiago Macieira says:

git rm -r *

Jorgen says:

Sekar: good idea. I updated the branch

Shmerl says:

Hopefully it will make Qt ports like Android one, official soon.

billconan says:

I am very interested in the lighthouse project. I want to make my own port of QT. Right now, I am studying the Android -QT project. But the information about how to write, compile and integrate my own platform plugin that I can find from the internet is very little. I hope to see more detailed documents and tutorials of lighthouse. Thanks a lot.

咸鱼仔 says:

也就是说QT4.8 能在Android上跑啦!!!!

linfan says:

really wish with light-house’s support Qt project can run in Android more easily ^_^!

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