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Qt Creator 2.2.1 released

Published Tuesday June 21st, 2011
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Since there were quite a few interesting fixes accumulating in the 2.2 branch of our Qt Creator IDE over the last 6 weeks or so, we decided that it would be nice to let you benefit from them, especially since the timing with the Qt SDK patch release today couldn’t have been better. So today we present the Qt Creator 2.2.1 release to you.

To make it clear, this is really a very limited scope, focused patch release, with roughly 30 changes in it, including but not limited to:

  • Fixed ABI detection of static mingw libraries
  • Some CDB debugging fixes and a few other small debugging fixes
  • Fixes to resolving imports in QML and the mobility type descriptions
  • Translation fixes

Download Qt Creator 2.2.1

Download Qt SDK 1.1.2

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator | Tags:


cmxu says:

How about the schedule of version 2.3?

Orgad says:

Congrats! I can’t wait for 2.3 πŸ™‚

Small typo – 2.1.1 -> 2.2.1

thanks, fixed -mariusg

silvansky says:

3.0? =)

Andre' says:

@cmxu: It’s always the same story: it will be released when it is ready πŸ˜‰ The only planned date for now is “feature freeze”, and that will be next week.

suy says:

That’s why I love the Qt SDK. I’m updating as I write. Cool! πŸ™‚

Where’s the full ChangeLog? Checked the .zip and no ChangeLog, and over at qt.gitorious.org I can’t see that there’s a 2.2.1 tag yet (maybe I’m just missing it). I’d like to know exactly what changed to see if any of my pet peeves have been fixed.

Thanks for an awesome IDE.


vladest says:

>Fixes to resolving imports in QML and the mobility type descriptions
it fixed for S^1 but still not fixed for S^3
includes of QtMobility classes still not recognized by QtCreator in case of S^3 turned on

Christian Kamm says:

vladest: Could you be more specific about what’s wrong with QtMobility QML imports and S^3? Please file a report on the bug tracker at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com if you haven’t already done so.

Guido Seifert says:

Too bad. The tooltip terror is not part of the fixes. Ok, perhaps next version. πŸ™

Andre' says:

@Guido: I am afraid JIRA comes not up with any hits when searching for ‘terror’ (there are a few for ‘tooltip’, none reported by you, though). Is there any issue you are referring to specifically?

Brad Aisa says:

Did 2.2.1 fix the issue of the disappearing mouse cursor in the editor on Mac? It is driving me crazy — many people have reported it. It makes Creator almost unusable for me. Imagine trying to use a code editing tool where the mouse cursor disappears after using it for a few minutes. How can this be usable??? πŸ™ I love it otherwise, but this is so horrible, please!

Andre’, since the very beginning of the qtcreator I whine about the overabundance of tooltips in the edit area. I admit, not always in an appropriate way, sometimes even a bit unfriendly (sorry). My problem is, that I really hate it, when I don’t know where to move the mouse in the edit area so that no popup/tooltip opens shoving informations down my throat, which I don’t need or I don’t want. I think this is extremely distracting from my actual work. So these unwanted distractions are really the last showstopper, which make the SDK and the creator totally unsusable for me.

And come on, how stupid do you think the users of qtcreator are? How often do you have to tell one and the same person that you can press ‘F1’ to get help for a certain keyword? There really should be an option so that whatever help is available, it only shows when the mouse is moved on an active element AND the shift or control key is pressed.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@brad: Unfortunately we haven’t been able to track that down yet – also because we didn’t find a way to reproduce it (it happens to me only once in a while / every other week, cursor comes consistently back after switching back & forth from Qt Creator).

vladest says:

@Christian: sorry, I was wrong meaning its QML
The problem is that S^1 and S^3 have different include folders for QtMobile: “middleware” for S^1 and “mw” for S^3
For some reason QtCreator doesnt switch to “mw” when I switch to S^3 SDK
May be this is known issue?
If not – I’ll create a bug

GortiZ says:

@Elvis Stansvik – The complete changelog is at:


Hosung Song says:

It would have been nicer if the following bug were fixed in this release. When can I expect it to be fixed?



Danny says:

Great stuff guys. Add another vote for the disappearing cursor on Mac issue.

The way Creator has matured since v1 is absolutely incredible. This is a quality IDE that has long since replaced XCode for my own projects!

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