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Published Tuesday July 19th, 2011
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It has been some weeks since we released the Qt 4.8 Technology Preview to the community. The release raised a lot of interest and we have received many comments in response to the Qt 4.8 TP blog.

Today we release the Qt 4.8 Beta. It should be noted it is not yet a final release candidate but it helps us make the quality of the final release even better. It will be available as an online Qt SDK 1.1 update only.

Subsequent Qt 4.8 releases (release candidate and then the final 4.8.0) will be also released through SDK updates.

Qt 4.8 Beta targets

The Qt 4.8 Beta is available in the Qt SDK 1.1 for the following experimental targets: Linux, Windows and Mac. To install the experimental targets, open the Qt SDK’s Maintenance tool in Qt Creator ( Help | Start Updater ) and install them from the “Experimental” category.

Symbian will be added as an experimental target for a later release of Qt 4.8 when it has reached beta readiness, but it will stay experimental until Symbian has adopted Qt 4.8 and final device software is available.

Therefore developers currently aiming to create and deploy apps for Symbian should continue using Qt SDK 1.1 with Qt 4.7.3. We will update the Qt 4.7.3-based target for Symbian before Qt 4.8 target for Symbian can be used for developing applications distributable via Nokia Ovi Store.

Qt 4.8 Beta – content overview

The Qt 4.8 Beta also includes beta maturity implementations of

– Qt Quick 1.1 http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/02/25/import-qtquick-1-1/

– Qt WebKit 2.2

In the Qt 4.8 the focus has been quality and performance improvements, but also other new additional features have been included.

1. Qt Platform Abstraction – to provide a clean abstraction layer for porting QtGui to new window systems. http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/05/31/lighthouse-has-grown-up-now/

2. Threaded Open GL support http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/06/03/threaded-opengl-in-4-8/

3. Multithreaded HTTP

4. Optimized file system access

5. For Symbian especially: Native Symbian networking, Ipv6 and OpenGL Graphics, Symbian resource mgmt.

6. New API’s: Localization API and IP multicast API.

As previously mentioned, the Qt 4.8 Beta includes a beta maturity version of Qt Quick 1.1, with the following improvements.

1. Right-To-Left support

2. Improved image caching

3. Text input improvements – Support for split-screen virtual keyboard

4. Pinch Area to provide a declarative API for handling touch input.

Deprecated items list in Qt 4.8

A list of items that will be deprecated in the Qt 4.8 release can be found in http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/05/12/qt-modules-maturity-level-the-list/

Big thanks again

Big thanks again to all developers, contributors, documentation team, integration and testing team in Qt releasing plus SDK team to make this beta happen!

We hope that you will start using Qt 4.8 and report the bugs. We are very interested to hear about your experience and improvement ideas to make it even greater for everyone. You can post your bug reports here  http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com.


Eckhart, on behalf of Qt 4.8 program team


We have now made source packages available for your download needs: .zip and .tar.gz and checksums.txt
If you’re interested in further details on the QtWebKit version included in this release look here.

— Alexandra

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Posted in Qt, Qt SDK


CP says:

SDK updates? Why have I to install an SDK to get an update of an newer SDK? What are the reasons for not simply putting a zip on the download servers as always before? Especially when one is building Qt out of the sources this is annoying.

Niels Weber says:

@CP: If you want to build yourself, the Qt SDK doesn’t help you much anyway. Please download the sources from gitorious.

CP says:

I am already doing that, but didn’t found any tag/or branch for 4.8beta. I guess trunk of qt:4.8 was the base of the 4.8 beta than.

Bobs says:

No download links for now?

Konstantin Tokarev says:

Does it use XCB instead of Xlib on X11 platforms by default now?

Cader says:

I’ve added 4.8 using the SDKUpdater and seems to work fine until I tried compiling an openGL example. It appears that there is no libQtOpenGL library installed, can anyone else confirm this?

Kevin Kofler says:

> If you want to build yourself, the Qt SDK doesn’t help you much anyway. Please download the sources from gitorious.

Well, us packagers need tarballs to package things. And I know this is not a stable release, but we need to package it in our unstable and/or development repositories so we get it tested before the actual release.

Jim says:

is there a qt 4.8 documentation available? I’m interested in HTTP multipart api . thanks

SpinyNorman says:

So will the final 4.8 release also be available to download as a “libraries/tools” tarball, or only as the full SDK?

Eddy says:

What’s the status of C++11’s lambda support in Qt signals/slots?

Will Stokes says:

Where is the proper place to discuss particular features that are now being deprecated? I remember reading the prior blog posting but somehow missed QPainterPath’s “set” operations being deprecated. Currently this is the only way to draw warped text around a curve using Qt and it works wonderfully. I know for backwards compatibility 4.8 will have to still include this function, but going forward (aka Qt5.0) there needs to be a way to still do this…

Donald says:

@Will: qt5 feedback mailing list:


@Kevin @Spiney

This should be tagged in the repo at some point and should be checked out from there when this exists


Please push the appropriate tag to the public repos

Mika Hanhijärvi says:

Sounds really nice, hope to see the Symbian version soon 🙂

Eckhart Köppen says:

Sorry about the invisible tag, it might indeed be a bit hard to find: I tagged our release branch prior to blogging about the release here: https://qt.gitorious.org/+qt-developers/qt/releases

This is the tag itself: https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/releases/trees/v4.8.0-beta (SHA1 is 1d5041c712acd10020c38a92f1eedc88368ca19f)

The main qt repository should see the tag as well, but there seems to be a delay in the upstream integration.

About the source packages or tarballs, the question is whether additional packages bring much value. You can already now download the tarball straight from here: https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/releases/archive-tarball/v4.8.0-beta

The separate source packages were needed earlier because we changed the license terms between the different release cycles, but the license is now the same for all phases.

If there’s a good reason to have besides the tarball above still separate archives, we can definitely look into that, but I would like to let the infrastructure handle as much as possible 😉

Kalev says:

Distro packagers would certainly appreciate proper source tarballs along with each release, no matter if it is prerelease or final.

Jaroslav Reznik says:

Indeed, for distributions packages and schedules are the must. Unfortunatelly with Qt we are just guessing if we can make it to the next Fedora release and without packages released – we can’t even get prepared. And I think both Qt upstream and distros benefit from this early adoption of pre-released versions. A lot of users are usually testing pre-released stuff, issues are spotted, fixed and not only in desktop components but a lot of bugs affects even things needed for mobile ones – current main target. And we get prepared, we can ship new Qt as soon as possible. Win for both teams!

So please – do proper releases – for both pre-release Qt and even for released – not to be distributed only through Qt SDK.

Thanks 😉

HGH says:

Aaaargh! Good job! I’ve installed 4.8. Then the maintenance tool seem to hang and after it went away after a few minutes it was gone. Now I have no maintenance tool!

Should I reinstall the SDK again? I think this happened to me before and I was forced to reinstall everything again. Also sometimes the maintenance tool just seem to do nothing or breaks the installation when I try to upgrade.

Kevin Kofler says:

The problem with automatic tarball generation is that it tends to give tarballs with different checksums each time it’s used. Plus, does Gitorious’s tarball generation service even scale to something as large as Qt? I don’t want to be responsible for DoSing their server. 😉

Lauri Ahonen says:

Will we be getting support for VS2010? How about release dll pdb-files? Compiling Qt myself just to get symbols seems unnecessary.

Konstantin Tokarev says:

Kevin, Jaroslav: you can checkout git tag and create tarball yourself, than put it e.g. on FTP of your Linux distro.

See above for the update. 🙂

Jaroslav Reznik says:

Konstantin: Rex played with git generated tarball but it was broken (docs)… let’s see how proper release will work.

Alexandra: thank you! you’re our here now 🙂

Luca Carlon says:

I tried the eglfs QPA plugin with my OpenGL ES 2 and EGL implementation on an embedded system I’m working on and it seems impressive! Is there any place where I can find more information about this new plugin? Thanks for your effort!

mnk says:

On a semi-related note: does modularization mean that once 4.8 final arrives, besides all-in-one tarball, separate tarballs for each module (as per the wiki site) will be made available for download for packagers convenience ?

Antti says:

@mnk Qt4.8 does not have a real modularized structure, Qt5 will be the first modularized release

Kvet says:

For Symbian especially: Native Symbian networking, Ipv6 and OpenGL Graphics, Symbian resource mgmt.

Is this mean that now QtQuick applications will be more faster then Qt 4.7? (Cause lists in Symbian are very slow.)
Or will be other improvements for increasing speed?

Donald says:

The beta tag has now landed in the public repos:

* [new tag] v4.8.0-beta -> v4.8.0-beta

Anyone wanting a “package” can check that out and you should be cooking with gas.

mike7b4 says:

I have an important question to ask. Maybe Qt team cant answer it but please forward if not 🙂

Will NokiaN9 be upgraded with Qt4.8 and later on Qt5.0? What I mean is OFFICIAL Nokia support. Also is there any timeframe when Qt4.8 will go finalstate. I mean not a date but can we atlest say “endof Q3” or similar?

for me it seems like 5.0 is a big step forward in case of optimized/improved of OpenGL performance in QML2.0 So I see this as very important both for todays symbian phones and Harmattan.

Even if I know the “mess” inside Nokia atm. I really hope this is the case.

Keep up the good work, You can doit 😀

I trust the QtTrolls and Meego people inside Nokia more than the boarddirectors, FUD media and Marketing department thats for sure….

Konstantin Tokarev says:

>for me it seems like 5.0 is a big step forward in case of optimized/improved of OpenGL performance in QML2.0 So I see this as very important both for todays symbian phones and Harmattan.

AFAIK Qt 5 will not support Symbian

Leonard Hecker says:

There is a very bad bug in your beta.
With Windows 7 x64, Visual Studio 2010 x86 and the configure flags:
-opensource -debug-and-release -nomake demos -nomake examples -ltcg -no-qt3support -platform win32-msvc2010 -no-dsp -no-vcproj -no-rtti -openssl -no-dbus -arch windows -qt-style-windows -qt-style-windowsxp -qt-style-windowsvista -no-style-plastique -no-style-cleanlooks -no-style-motif -no-style-cde -no-style-windowsce -no-style-windowsmobile -no-style-s60 -mp

Error Message:
LINK : fatal error LNK1248: image size (8000003C) exceeds maximum allowable size (80000000).

I guess it’s because of the LTCG.

(And yes, i do know that this belongs to bugreports.qt.nokia.com, but i will never create an account just for a single issue.)

Krys says:

It will be fine to have a Visual Studio 2010 package too !!!! Simply because it is now the official MS version and a lot of peoples are switching to it (And a lot of VS plug-ins, Tools and libraries) !


JarJar says:

It would be fine to have a 64bit visual studio package also.

Quim says:

Running the online installer & updater in Ubuntu (Linux 32) doesn’t show any 4.8 option under Experimental, only Harmattan, Qt Quick Symbian and Remote Compiler. I can see the 4.8 option in the Windows intaller, ad a clleague just told me that he can also see it in Linux 64. Is it only me or are there other Linux 32 users seeing the same problem. Weird.

Eckhart says:

@Leonard, I created a bug report for this: https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-20556

Lance says:

There’s a bug on line 1090 of qwindowsurface_qws.cpp. It needs a closing paren to compile.

Lance says:

How do you build webkit with this version? I’m using the same configure line that worked with 4.7.2/4.7.3 (including -webkit) but webkit never gets built and no errors are displayed.

Maurice says:

this usually happens shortly after we push the update the the distribution to the different servers are ongoing. But it should not happen after such a long time. Do you still experience this issue?

m][sko says:

no QtGLWidget in SDK update version
anybody can provide proper version?

m][sko says:

QtOpenGL module is available in Windows package
but it isn’t in Linux 32bit version
can you update current distribution ?

Alan Westbrook says:

There does not appear to be a Help -> Start Updater menu item on the Mac version of Creator.

In fact there is no Start Updater menu option anywhere in the mac version.

Can we add this? Thank you!

Niels Weber says:

@Alan: That option only exists if you use the Creator from the SDK.

Eric Chiang says:

I have successfully compiled the 4.8 beta and my application with VS2010. However, when I started the application from VS2010, the MOC preprocessor is executed and all moc files are re-compiled (even if nothing is changed). The problem did not exist in VS2008 with Qt 4.6.3. Is it a bug in qmake or VS2010?

Jim Marshall says:

This QSplitter/QGLWidget flicker problem is still not fixed in the 4.8.0 beta:


It is even worse on OS X Lion than on OS X Snow Leopard.

Vladan says:

Trying to build Qt 4.8 with QPA enabled for an embedded ARM Linux. What is confusing me is the following line from ./configure:
No license exists to enable Qt QPA. Disabling.

Is a commercial license required to enable QPA at this point?

Eric Chiang says:

Refer to my post #43 above regarding the MOC preprocessor problem:
In an attempt to “solve” the problem, I installed Windows7 64bit Ultimate on a brand new HP Workstation, then installed VS2010 Professional, (and a bunch of Windows updates!), then compiled Qt4.8 Beta1 with VS2010, and finally compiled a pretty big and complex Windows desktop application. It went pretty smooth and painless. However, the problem with the MOC preprocessor is still there: whenever I modify a single code (that has nothing to do with moc), the ui’s of entire application got MOC’ed and then all moc files are recompiled. Any ideas? Thank you!

Jung Gyu-ho says:

Thank you.

I want to distinguish ‘normal method’ with ‘virtual method’ from different highlighting. but, Qt Creator only has virtual method highlighting. Also, I hope that Qt Creator supports ‘enum’ type syntax highlighting. Also, if i write ‘#define ABCDEFG’, i want to see ‘ABCDEFG’ syntax coloring.

Jack lai says:

I have successfully compiled the 4.8 beta and my application using QWebview with VS2008 on Windows. However, when I started the application and loaded a Javascript web application to the webview, the application showed up but when I opened the web inspector and set break points in my Javascript file to debug. The breakpoints are never reached and the application stuck. The web application that I tried works fine with Qt 4.7.

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