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Qt Creator 2.3.0 RC released

Published Thursday August 11th, 2011
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Today we release the Qt Creator 2.3.0 RC. As the name suggests, we think that this is already in quite good shape and want it to get some final tests, so please check it out!

To get an overview of what this new version provides compared to 2.2, please check out the beta release blog.

If you want a complete list of what has changed you should take a look at the change log, or our bug tracker (‘fix version’ 2.3.0), or our code repository directly.

You find the downloads here: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/Qt_Creator_Releases

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Adam Pigg says:

Will this find its way into a QtSDK soon, or will it work with an existing QtSDK?

RealNC says:

Will Qt 4.7.4 make it out any time soon? Creator 2.3 can’t be built against the current 4.7.3.

Marek says:


“Support for the App TRK on-device debugging agent has been removed from Qt Creator 2.3. Only CODA is supported.”

And from http://tools.ext.nokia.com/coda/

“CODA is only supported on Symbian-based devices starting with S60 5th Edition.”

Does this mean that on-device debugging shall be disabled for S60FP2 devices? Way to go, guys! This kind of behavior certainly provides incentive to stay on the sinking ship that is mobile Qt…

Konstantin Tokarev says:

RealNC: I build it against Qt-4.8 branch, works OK

Old School says:

Very nice, but I still prefer emacs

RealNC says:

It doesn’t work that way on Linux. Installing a Git snapshot of Qt would conflict with the system’s version of the Qt libs (4.7.3). I had to install 4.7.4 from Git system-wide, so I’m OK. But I ask because distros use released versions only, not Git snapshots.

danny says:

I’m having this trouble with this RC on OSX 10.6. It didn’t pickup with Qt 4.7.2 build from the path (as Creator 2.2 did) and although I could add it manually I cannot build the debugging helpers. I get this error:
Building helper(s) with toolchain ‘GCC (x86 64bit)’ …

Building helper ‘GDB helper’ in /Applications/Qt Creator.app/Contents/qtc-debugging-helper/92501879/

Running /usr/bin/qmake-4.7 -nocache …

Running /usr/bin/make all -k …
Error running ‘/usr/bin/make all -k’ in /Applications/Qt Creator.app/Contents/qtc-debugging-helper/92501879/: The process returned exit code 2:
make: *** No rule to make target `all’.
Build failed.

Any ideas?

Scorp1us says:

Is there an OVERWRITE mode yet in the text editor? I hate having to copy text to a different program to use overwrite mode.

Donald says:


I am not sure I follow your statement: There should not be any problem having multiple versions of Qt installed/built and use on a single Linux machine. Just configure with a different prefix and make sure the correct qmake is in your path when building.

In Qt support we were sitting around with upwards to 30 different Qt builds/configurations depending on our respective functional ownership.

RealNC says:

In Qt support you were probably not using KDE 🙂

Donald says:


several of us were, and far be it from me to suggest you run your KDE on the bleeding edge, I am not alone in running KDE against the cusp:

/opt/dev/src/qt-4.8/configure -release -make libs -fast -optimized-qmake -confirm-license -prefix /usr -no-pch -xplatform unsupported/linux-clang -platform unsupported/linux-clang -system-sqlite -separate-debug-info

The resulting Qt drops into Arch Linux without the wheels popping off. (I had to backtrack from my original configure line which was a little too aggressive and did invert the rubber ducky of life/sanity)

The prefix option is pretty bomb proof in any case, and having a dedicated Qt build for your Creator is hardly stressing the system. We eat this dog food perpetually and with gusto. If you find rat turds, please let us know.

David says:

Hi guys. Any news for QML on desktop? what’s Qt’s plans for the future? As far as I know, nokia abondoned widget system.

kkoehne says:

@danny: Can you report the debugging helper compilation issue as a bug to bugreports.qt.nokia.com? I’d like to know specifically where the Qt version you’re building with comes from (did you built it yourself? With which configure line)? Specifying the ‘all’ target is new in 2.3, and until now I assumed that every qmake-generated Makefile features one :/

Kai Koehne says:

@David: Don’t spread FUD. Nokia didn’t ‘abandon [the] widget system.’ It is still there and maintained in Qt 4. It will most likely also still be there (but optional) in Qt 5 for the Desktop.

Jason says:

Qt Creator update soon, very good , I will go to download each update to experience the support .

Konstantin Tokarev says:

I run fairly ancient KDE 4.4.5 with Qt 4.6.3 as my desktop environment, and have no conflicts with other Qt versions installed on my computer. I’d never recommended anybody to replace “system” installation of Qt as you do.

Jason says:

I am a Chinese , unfortunately not all of Qt Creator2.3.0 Chinese translation.

danny says:

@kkoehne I didn’t build Qt myself – it was installed from the official LGPL installer. No custom options. I’ve had no problems with the previous Creator versions building the helpers.

One thing I did notice was that the combo box in the Qt4 settings pane only contains the 32bit x84 toolchain, not both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

Unfortunately I need those helpers for debugging so I’ve had to go back to Creator 2.2.

Jung Gyu-ho says:

Thank you.

I want to distinguish ‘normal method’ with ‘virtual method’ from different highlighting. but, Qt Creator only has virtual method highlighting. Also, I hope that Qt Creator supports ‘enum’ type syntax highlighting. Also, if i write ‘#define ABCDEFG’, i want to see ‘ABCDEFG’ syntax coloring.

overwriter says:

@Scorplus1: There’s “overwrite” in fakevim mode (‘R’). Toggling fakevim on/off is it the Edit menu, or Alt-v, Alt-v.

kkoehne says:

@danny: Okay, I found the problem with the debugging helpers: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTCREATORBUG-5806 . Should be fixed for final 2.3.

Danny says:

@kkoehne great stuff so qmake was attempting to create xcode projects for the debugging helpers?!

Will this be fixed in the latest snapshot? If so I will check it out. Thanks for the fix!x

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@danny: yes, the fix is in since yesterday’s snapshot

danny says:

@Eike Ziller @kkoehne I tried out the latest snapshot and the helpers are building fine. Thanks for the super-fast turnaround on this!

Azeem Anwar says:

hi , i am using Qt creater .when i run any meego/Harmatton project. there is an issue
com.nokia.meego module is not installed
i have all updates of qt sdk.
can anyone help me about this issue
thanks in advace

Azeem Anwar says:

hi everyone i am usning Qt Creator on windows.when i start to develop an application for meego/hamatton .on compiling there is an error i have face. “com.nokia.meego” module is not installed.
please help me to solve this error
thanks in advance
azeem anwar

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