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Published Thursday September 1st, 2011
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We are happy to announce the Qt 4.7.4 release for desktops. This is mainly a maintenance release which contains bug-fixes based on feedback and contributions since the Qt 4.7.3 release back in May.

4.7.4 is currently last planned 4.7 release. Work will continue in 4.8, Beta has been released already and Release Candidate is going to be available soon.

4.7.4 introduces new features like Qt Quick 1.1 (see more from documentation)

  • Right-To-Left support
  • Improved image caching
  • Text input improvements – Support for split-screen virtual keyboard
  • Pinch Area to provide a declarative API for handling touch input

and also QML Shaders plugin (embed OpenGL shader effects in QML apps, see more). Documentation can be found from here and here.

For Symbian there are additional improvements:

  • Opt-in split view editor support (e.g. enabler for Qt Quick Components 1.1),
  • Graphics improvements: Productized OpenGL ES support with optimized GPU memory management, Several OpenVG paint engine optimizations
  • Faster orientation switching support
  • Support for copy/paste keyboard accelerators in editors

Please note that Qt 4.7.4 will be available for the upcoming Symbian and MeeGo devices when final device software is available. Targets will be made available accordingly with updates of the Qt SDK.

Qt 4.7.4 is available as part of the Qt SDK update. Qt packages can be downloaded from the Qt Download page, and for those who prefer to get it directly from the public git repository at http://qt.gitorious.org. The release has been tagged there as “v4.7.4,” and the changes are listed in the Qt 4.7.4 changelog.

Thank you to all of you that have provided bug reports and/or bug fixes.

To provide feedback, you can use the Qt Bug Tracker. To contribute code, documentation updates or autotests for Qt, then all you need to get started is at http://qt.gitorious.org.

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Posted in Qt, Qt SDK


Steve Walker says:

Where is the MinGW build for the 4.7.4 library release?

MySchizoBuddy says:

so no opencl yet

rec says:

MinGW build please!

Collins says:

Yeah… When will we see the MinGW build for this version?

XiaMiaoren says:

MinGW build please!

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

Apologies, MinGW packages are missing and we are working to get them released as soon as possible.

Wojciech Cierpucha says:

What about #16855? I can’t find it in the changelog.

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

@Wojciech Cierpucha: Yes, it is in. Somehow it was missed from changelog.

Dmitry Savchenko says:

There seems to be no styles (I mean css) used in documentation, so it looks a bit messy…

Sinjh says:

So Q_OBJECT and qmake still there? 🙂

Use boost::signals2 please!

Roy Jensen says:

No, please do not use boost::signals2 and please do never make Qt depend on any boost library 🙂

TS says:

MinGW build? What about vs2010?

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

@TS, @Wolfgang Baron: vs2010 will be supported in 4.8. 4.7 supports vs2008.

Stuk says:

Please add Mingw 4.7.4 on Qt Sdk 🙂

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

MinGW build has now been added to the download page.

Tim Jenßen says:

Stuk we have it in the Qt SDK since yesterday.

Wojciech Cierpucha says:

@Jarmo: I hope you are refering to my post.

Jason says:

Have you ever checked all the demos and examples carefully?? When I complie ‘guitartuner’, I got this:

E:/QtSDK/mingw/bin/mingw32-make -f Makefile.Debug
mingw32-make[1]: Entering directory `E:/QtSDK/Demos/4.7/mobile/guitartuner-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4_for_Desktop_-_MinGW_4_4__Qt_SDK____’
mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory `E:/QtSDK/Demos/4.7/mobile/guitartuner-build-desktop-Qt_4_7_4_for_Desktop_-_MinGW_4_4__Qt_SDK____’
windres: can’t open icon file `/../images/guitartuner_icon.ico’: No such file or directory
mingw32-make[1]: *** [debug/guitartuner_res.o] Error 1
mingw32-make: *** [debug] Error 2

“guitartuner_icon.ico’: No such file or directory” So…where is it ??

Nagaraj Shenoy says:

Is the 4.7.4 libraries available for Symbian (Symbian^3 and Symbian^1) platforms? I can see 4.7.4 for Symbian Belle (in beta).

Wolfgang Baron says:

I would very much appreciate vs2010 builds, and even more Windows 64 bit builds!

Volker Götz says:

Regarding bug https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-20925, I am quite disappointed that the into-the-wild release of the libs contain such (IMHO) serious regressions.

The move to the mobile platforms, the QML stuff is all exciting. But despite all the other turbulences caused by Nokia decisions, you will not gain much confidence by developers on breaking things on the desktop and not fixing that.

I’ll have to check the impacts of that bug to our applications, but from the tests that already failed with the 4.7.4 using Creator, that version is most likely to be on the blocked versions list. What a pity…

Andreas says:

It seems that the Windows CE version of Qt 4.7.4 cannot be built of some reason (with target Win Mobile 6 Professional). The ‘configure’ steps completes successfully, but make process fails (with unresolved external error referring to symbol ‘gmtime’). Is this a bug?

Roy says:

same as Andreas linking error for Win CE, gmtime unresolved.

Andreas says:

I created a bugreport for the WinCE linking issue (https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-21331)

Amey says:

>>Please note that Qt 4.7.4 will be available for the upcoming Symbian and MeeGo devices when final device software is available.

Won’t Qt 4.7.4 be available for S60 R5 devices, such as the Nokia N97? I’m worried about https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com//browse/QTMOBILITY-1278

Talv says:

None of the docs actuallly show how to use the split entry in QML now :S

eric_vi says:

is there any plan to fix qmake so the command

qmake -spec macx-xcode proj.pro can generate an xcode 4 project that does not crash on opening (true for 4.7.4 and beta 4.8 on OS Lion), this is pretty basic cannot believe it is not a top priority!

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

@eric_vi: Is there JIRA bug about the issue ? That is good start to solve this.

pshah says:

Can someone please share information on how to use the split-screen virtual keyboard in QML?

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

@pshah: I checked this from our Symbian experts.
If you are using Qt Quick components it is automatically there (note that you need at least Qt 4.7.4 which has Quick 1.1 and also you need to have Symbian Anna (where we have first time split keyboard)).
If you are using pure QML or QGraphicsView you need to setup QApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_S60DisablePartialScreenInputMode, false).

Hope this helps.

Bogle says:

Jarmo Bäcklund :I downloaded the latest version of QtSDK,there is still no MinGW build.Please check it again.

Bogle says:

Jarmo Bäcklund :I downloaded the latest version of QtSDK yesterday,there is still no MinGW build.Please check it again.

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

@Bogle: I checked this from Qt SDK team and they said that MinGW has been ok all the time in latest Qt SDK. If you still think that is not the case please create JIRA bug for SDK.

Pritesh Shah says:

@Jarmo: I have a Qt/QML hybrid application and trying to display split screen keyboard instead of the full screen keyboard. I’m using Qt Quick 1.1 on Anna, but it still displays the full screen keyboard when I tap a textbox in QML. Do I need to set a property in QML for displaying the split screen keyboard in favor of the full screen keyboard? I couldn’t find any information.

Thanks a lot.

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

@Pritesh Shah: it should work in your case if you set property like described. Note, we are working to enhance Symbian documentation so that will be ready when 4.7.4 for Symbian will be released.

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

NOTE: we have updated Qt 4.7.4 source packages as it was missing documentation style sheets.

Pritesh Shah says:

@Jarmo: Thanks that worked!
I added QApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_S60DisablePartialScreenInputMode, false) to main.cpp and that did the trick.

creatio says:

Does it support the newer g++ compilers (4.6) on MinGW? I tried compiling them, but compilation stops with an error (code 5 if i remember correctly) with 4.6.


Michael says:

@Jarmo Bäcklund
In post 36 you spoke of updated source packages.
On the official download sites and on the download server directly (http://download.qt.nokia.com/qt/source/) I can only find the first, buggy version of 4.7.4 (qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.zip) from the 12-Sep-2011.
Where can the updated source package be found?

Jarmo Bäcklund says:

@Michael: 12-Sep-2011 is correct, those are updated ones. If you still notice any problems or errors please create JIRA issue rather than trying to solve it through blog comments. Thanks !

Niels Holst says:

(1) Why was auto-import for DLLs disabled going from 4.7.3 to 4.7.4? This is causing us some grieve. See http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/44540-qt-4.7.4-linking-error-missing-enable-auto-import

(2) What is the best way to enable this in my own .pro files?

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