Qt SDK Update introducing Qt Creator 2.3 and other updates

Published Thursday September 1st, 2011
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We are pleased to announce the newest update for the Qt SDK introducing updates to several SDK components.

There are quite a few updates in this release partly just because of changes in the SDK internals, but there are also functional changes and quality improvements included. As a summary there are following updates included:

  • Qt Creator 2.3: Plenty of small improvements to improve the basic developer experience. For more information, read the release blog.
  • Qt Simulator 1.2: in addition to a significant UI facelift, Qt Simulator 1.2 is introducing several new features: sensor simulation, simulation of NFC tags as well as gesture simulation.
  • Notifications API 1.1 is introducing QML bindings and quality improvements.
  • Qt 4.7.4 for desktop app developers.
  • MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan beta: This version of the Harmattan target is built on the same software image that was used in the version released in June so does not introduce new features, but is required to be updated in order to continue developing MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan apps.
  • Update to Symbian Complementary Package: important CODA update to expand the support also to the latest Symbian Belle devices. Note that the apps created with the beta level new target for Symbian Belle devices can not yet be submitted to OviStore.
  • Update to Qt Quick Components for Symbian is not introducing functional changes.

If you already have Qt SDK installed you can update to the latest version by running Update Qt SDK from the Qt SDK application folder on your computer. If you want to get started with Qt SDK, you can download 1.1.3 using the installers in below.

Platform Online Installer Offline Installer
Microsoft Windows 15MB 1.4GB
Linux 32bit 23MB 1.2GB
Linux 64bit 23MB 1.2GB
Mac OS-X 12MB 1.2GB

Nokia Developer also offers the updated installers on their Qt SDK website.

If you encounter problems, please file a bug report at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com.

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Posted in MeeGo, Qt SDK, Qt Simulator, QtCreator, Symbian


Wellu Mäkinen says:

…and downloading!

Martin Storsjö says:

When trying to update the June version on OS X, SDKMaintainanceTool.app says:

Could not download information for component
Bad hash
Only uninstallation is possible.

Does updating that way work for others, is it something that will be fixed on the servers, or should I just do a new clean install from scratch?

Niels Weber says:

@Martin: Please wait half an hour and try again. Bad hash errors are usually caused by some mirrors not being completely updated yet.

Robin Lobel says:

Qt SDK 1.1.1 for Mac OS was 680MB big… Why is it 1.2GB big now ?

Niels Weber says:

@Robin: We added support for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan, that’s why the size increased.

Sandeep says:

Is there Qt Mobility 1.2 included? If not then what is the point of having just simulator support without actual mobility API?

Helmuth says:

How to install the maemo target OFFLINE? Is there a different installer?

Luca says:

+1 to Sandeep. Is QtMobility 1.2 included? 🙂

Niels Weber says:

Mobility 1.2 is included, wouldn’t make much sense otherwise.

bou-finger says:

XML patterns are broken when comparing tag and string: query=”name()=’some_value'”!

Martin Storsjö says:

@Niels Thanks – about an hour later it worked.

Vladest says:

any plans regrding Qt 4.7.4/QtM 1.2.0 for S^1 ?

nic says:

Great guys. Congratulations. But question: does the version changes affect in any way the inability of the Linux SDK to target Symbian? Will that change anywhere in the near future?

Jec says:

Thanks for the update guys. You managed to trip 300MB off the Windows Installer and the custom install options work better. In the previous SDK, if I modified any custom settings, I would get a qmake error. Thats gone and I freely install the components I wish to use on my machine.

Just one question. When will enum class be “accepted syntax” for QTCreator? It compiles if I use the C++0x flag but QTCreator still underlines the enum stating “Expecting an enum identifier”.

Andreas says:

I had to reinstall the complete QtSDK as the update operation failed in the middle of the process. I have tried with both the online and offline installers, and it seems that it is not possible to install the Maemo target? Has this been removed of some reason, and in that case, from where can i download it?

Matti says:

Andreas: There doesn’t seem to be an option to install Maemo target, but when I installed this over the previous SDK version, at least it didn’t remove the old Maemo related stuff. So, if you first install the previous SDK and then this one over it, you should have Maemo support.

Tim Jenßen says:

@Andreas and @Matti – we removed the Maemo(N900) target from the offline installer only.
But with the online installer you can install it.
Even with the offline installer you are able to postinstall this target start after an installation the sdkmaintenancetool which use the online installer package repository and add the needed component.

PS: Please don’t install the sdk over an existing one this results usually in big installation problems und broken Qt versions.

Andreas says:

@Tim I tried to select the Maemo target from the sdkmaintenancetool after offline installation, but it only seems to install the USB driver (nothing else found in the Maemo folder).

Yuvraaj Kelkar says:

Online and offline installer both don’t have the Maemo target… Help!

Sandeep says:

Hi, I tried to use NFC APIs using the qt mobility 1.2 but it seems that all NFC targetDetected signal never reaches up in the qt level. Instead symbian message notification always handles the tags. Can anyone shed some light?

Tim Jenßen says:

@Andreas and @Yuvraaj Kelkar

You are right we missed an adjustment to the new installer please read:

Vladest says:

It seems qDebug() output is broken for S^1 release target

Vladest says:

It seems, qDebug output is broken for Symbain1 release targets

Robert says:

Already have it running both under Windows and Linux!

I like the C++ code style options, and hope to benefit from the Valgrind integration on Linux.

There are two annoyances I hadn’t previously seen, could someone please confirm or refute whether they are connected to Creator 2.3.0 (as opposed to 2.2.1):

1) When running console applications, they now always wait for a key on exit, instead of closing automatically. I often forget to close them (the window disappears behind Creator), and the next compile fails.
SUGGESTION: If I re-compile a project, why not automatically kill the previous run?

2) When opening a new project, it automatically becomes the “active” project
I often open project for reference only. Now I open Qt’s gui.pro to look something up, and suddenly I’m building it, instead of my own project.

zhxt says:

:-1: error: Cannot deploy: You want to deploy to Qemu, but it is not enabled for this Qt version.

This version does NOT support Qemu?

Tim Kelly says:

@Vladest – Make sure you are using CODA 4.0.23 for Symbian targets. May not work with older CODAs.

tpunagan says:

-Which target have you selected to deploy your application to ? QEMU is bounded to Nokia meego target. So you have to launch the qemu by selecting first to nokia meego target and then use.

tpunagan says:

@zhxt – -Which target have you selected to deploy your application to ? QEMU is bounded to Nokia meego target. So you have to launch the qemu by selecting first to nokia meego target and then use.

zhxt says:

@tpunagan, Thx.
Yes, I select Harmattan ;
And the run settings for Harmattan in Projects is:

Deployment: build Debian Package and Install to Harmattan Device
Device configuration: Meego 1.2 Harmattan(defalult);

zhxt says:

@tpunagan , The run Qemu button at bottom left does not show up, even I selected Harmattan target,

@Tim Jenßen, unfortunately, I met what you said. strange problems.

some Compile output:

Package created.
Installing package to sysroot …
Package ‘test’ installed.

Error while building project test (target: Harmattan)
When executing build step ‘Deploy Debian package via SFTP upload’

Thiago Macieira says:

What combinations of components in the install will get me an Open Source-only installation? Or, more to the point, which ones should I disable?

I cannot accept anything that is not an OSS license…

Matti says:

@Tim Jenßen wrote: “You are right we missed an adjustment to the new installer”
— You missed a “critical” P1 bug before a release????????
Apparently it was not _that_ critical as it was “only a Maemo bug”.

vladest says:

@Tim Kelly: using the one, comes with QtSDK 1.1.3

zhxt says:

@tpunagan, @Tim Jenßen : I reinstalled it, then qemu works now.

Raed says:

First of all, thanks for your great job.
But i would like to know why we cant now in maemo applications to skip packaging??
why you keep changing these little features in QtSDk??


opk says:

qDebug() doesn’t work at all for me on any Symbian targets – using the CODA that comes with 1.1.3

Vladest says:

@opk: for me it works only for debug builds, running under debugger (F5)

Helmuth says:

I’m unable to run the sdkmaintenancetool (proxy with 100MB daily limit) to install the maemo target online on my machine.
Is there somewhere a offline installer including the maemo target?

Christian Kandeler says:

@Raed: What do you mean? For Maemo, you have the choice between two deploy configurations: One is “Build Debian package and install”, the other is “Copy files”. The latter does not do packaging.

Tim Jenßen says:

@Helmut maybe you can use an older installer from here: http://get.qt.nokia.com/qtsdk/

Qt_SDK_Win_offline_v1_1_1_en.exe is the last one which has fremantle target component inside the offline version of the installers.

Niels Weber says:

@Matti: We will provide an update today fixing the Maemo installation issue.

Helmuth says:

@Tim Jenßen

Thanks Tim, but in this case I have no Harmattan Target – so again the same problem. How to update the Qt-SDK 1.1.1 to the new version OFFLINE?
I need a maemo and MeeGo Harmattan Target on the same Machine to migrate my current applications without cutting-off the current support. I need somehow a migration path.
Is it possible to install only the maemo target (Offline) afterwards I installed the Qt SDK 1.1.3?

Lilian says:

The new Qt Creator looks great, great new features but I loved A Lot more how examples and demos were arranged before, easy selecting the subcategory u r interested in… Newbies will be confused for sure…

JW says:

Can i use the online installer somehow right now or will i have to wait for a fix? I’m still getting the “…tools.maemo.462 … bad hash” error.

developer says:

When I try to run Windows updater Qt_SDK_Win_online_v1_1_3_en.exe
soon after starting it shows error
“Could not download meta information for component: com.nokia.ndk.tools.maemo.462.madde. Error: Bad hash..”

What should be done with this?

Niels Weber says:

@JW, @developer: Please wait for half an hour and try again, bad hash errors are caused by replication not yet being complete for all mirrors.

Tim Jenßen says:

@JW @developer is working for me now.

JW says:

yes it seems to work now. thanks for notifying. 😉

opk says:

What version of qt-components are packaged with this 1.1.3 release? Was hoping that a fix for the fact that SectionScroller doesn’t work with C++ list models would be included, but it looks like that’s a no. The SectionScroller.qml file that is in the simulator directory is also missing a bunch of stuff and has no chance of working. Can someone please look?

Robert says:

I agree. The examples are now such a long list that you are scrolling until hell freezes over, unless you already know a key word and can use the filter.

Something of a tree-like representation would be much easier to navigate.

And why doesn’t the PageDown key at least work in this list?

redex says:

I have the same problems. The Offline installer doesn’t include the maemo files and I’m unable to install it Online.

What is the point to provide a offline installer if it isn’t a offline installer?!

If I would be able to install it online there is no need to download a offline installer. So where is the point to simply provide a bigger online installer and call it Offline Installer?!

Tim Kelly says:

@opk @Vladest – qDebug will only work when debugging.

Tim Jenßen says:

@redex the problem is that the sgintool from MS can not sign files bigger then 2 GB.

Tim Jenßen says:

@redex I posted a workaround at https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTSDK-877

Samppa says:

I know Ubuntu 11.10 is not yet supported platform but has someone managed to install Qt SDK 1.1.3 on Ubuntu 11.10 ?

For me installer always hangs and on console it just prints:
(Qt_SDK_Lin32_offline_v1_1_3_en.run:3249): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)’ failed

Any hints how to over come this issue?

Niels Weber says:

@Samppa: That should not happen. Please create a bugreport, so that we can try to find out what goes wrong.

Andreas Jakl says:

@Sandeep: Seems like the QtM 1.2.0 version included in the update doesn’t have NFC enabled for the C7 with Symbian Anna. See: https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTMOBILITY-1835

Until this is fixed and an updated QtM 1.2.x .sis is provided, you will unfortunately need to continue using the old 1.2 beta target and .sis from: https://projects.developer.nokia.com/QtM12bSymb if you want to develop for NFC on the C7. Or you can of course start using the new Qt SDK Simulator for some NDEF tag-reading use cases (be aware of this issue, though: https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTSIM-210 )

With the latest Belle FW, NFC works fine using the new Symbian Belle target of the Qt SDK 1.1.3.

vladest says:

@Tim, any other way to output info in release mode? cout?

Sandeep says:

@Tim: Ok you said qDebug() works only in debugger mode. Then why does it gives me “Could not connect to the in-process QML debugger: This application is not set up for QML/JS debugging”. This means I can’t get the qDebug message anyway.

opk says:

@Tim: qDebug() used to work fine when launching the application (not under the debugger), this seems like a regression. CODA seems unstable in general. After debugging my app a few times and then disconnecting the USB cable I can’t launch my app anymore until rebooting the phone.

@Sandeep: uncheck the QML debug option in your project’s run settings and that message will go away. Seems like QtCreator should enable qml/js debugging in your .pro file if that box is checked, but it doesn’t (you have to enable it manually by editing the .pro)

kkoehne says:

@opk: You don’t have to add it manually to the .pro (although you can), there’s also a (somewhat hidden) checkbox in the UI under build settings, qmake step.

kkoehne says:

@opk: About the qDebug() issue: See http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/CODA_4.0.23_vs._Creator_2.3 . For the time being, you can install an older version of CODA.

opk says:

@kkoehne, thanks – any estimates on when creator will be updated to work better with the new CODA?

matemaciek says:

CODA is nice. Debugging over WiFi is nice. Debugging on fancy new S^3 devices is getting better. But after update I’ve lost the possibility to build for 3rd edition devices )-: I still have old Nokia Qt SDK installed and have been using qt from there, but now I’m not able to send my apps to 3rd edition devices – which I have to write for, since on our market it’s still the majority of Nokia (smart)phones. Are there plans for supporting CODA on 3rd edition phones? I can install it, but it does not appear anywhere in phone except in applicactions manager – I gues that it’s some kind of “fake” installation.

David B says:

Qt Creator is becoming a 1st class IDE. Great work.

My biggest complaint is with the components, For a new project your choices are: Not to use them, Use the Symbian Ones, or the Meego/Harmatten ones. So if you want a native look and feel on all devices you have to maintain three code bases (so much for write once run everywhere). Is the next new device will probable not be a Symbian, nor a Meego device are we to assume it is going to have its own components. Personally I like the way Qt works across different platforms, instead of different widget classes it uses different themes. Is it in the works to have a set of Unified QML components in the future.?

Even if I choose a target device with this new version of Creator, I can’t run it in the simulator as I get a message that the “Components are not found”. Is there a way to get the native components into the simulator, if not I suggest in the next version of Qt Creator that this capability be added

D says:

64-bit binaries for Windows, please!

Tim Kelly says:

@matemaciek – You can still build for 3rd Ed with S^1 + 4.6.3 target, you just need to post-install it (i.e. online install via SDKMaintenenceTool). runonphone will still work on TRK if you want quick download/launch, but CODA debugging will not be supported on 3rd Ed.

Azeem Anwar says:

hi , i am using Qt creater .when i run any meego/Harmatton project. there is an issue
com.nokia.meego module is not installed
i have all updates of qt sdk.
can anyone help me about this issue
thanks in advace

JubiluM says:

Ok. The documentation shipping with the release is somehow funny. For example, why isn’t there a starting view similar to http://doc.qt.nokia.com/stable/index.html ? If you open the help in Qt Creator, you just get an ugly view that lists things and takes a lot of screenspace. If you open the Assistant, help modules aren’t even registered, you just get the internal Assistant help. I really like to view the documentation on a separate window when I work with my project, it’s really common practice to do so and assistant provides an usable way to navigate through things compared to the integrated system of Qt Creator.

Yet another complaint….the Harmattan api documentation look&feel is totally different (ugly) from Qt documentation, and you are now have a mixture of styles as the Symbian documentation has a little bit of it’s own style.

I think the documentation that ships, is disintegrated. It should be like the online documentation: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/stable/index.html

CN says:


Just did the update on friday, and got today an issue with qgallery code from mobility.
I think the qmobilityglobal.h is missing some defines, at least for the Q_GALLERY_EXPORT.
Replacing the qmobilityglobal.h with an older version fixed the problem for me, but thats just a hot fix and no solution.

Gordon says:

I’ve got several problems with the new version. The biggest is, when I compile a QML based project to Symbian^3, it starts on the phone, but it doesnt run started from the phone. I tap on it, but nothing happens. The project I made with the earlier version has some issues. (it was fine before the new release). I’ve got always other error message (e.g: c++ dump error, file not found (import com.nokia.symbian 1.0), build teh debug helpers etc.)

All of this is on win7 64bit.

gna says:

Okay I tried Qt SDk, and it’s just horrible!! It’s the buggiest Thing I’ve ever tried, really nothing and I mean NOTHING works!

Qt was the greatest Desktop UI Toolkit I knew, and you’re about to destroy it Nokia. Please stop it! The Idea of proting a Desktop Toolkit to a Smartphone with Touch Screen is just stupid! There are no Windows or Linux Versions for Smartphones either. The Smartphone Os’s are all developed for Smartphones and not just adapted a bit.

So please just let Qt be a Desktop toolkit, because thats the thing it’s good at. Just start you WP7 Smartphones or if Nokia do not want to go under, switch to Android.

I am relly sorry, but this is my honest opinion. You couldnt convince me with your Product!

JubiluM says:

Is there any magic to be made to make the (reference) documentation shipping with the SDK look like: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/index.html? You have a nice ui and layout there, quick and easy navigation with links to
important things. Why is the shipping documentation poor and broken (separate documentation packages do not link sensibly, Home – link should take you to that reference page but it doesn’t, etc. etc.) compared to that online?

I have an older version, I believe it is one of the 2010 versions oft the SDK on my laptop and everything considering the documentation is ok. It’s been broken now for a while, is it going to be fixed at some point?

Don’t know if it is the same on all platforms, I am using OS X.

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