New online update for Qt SDK available

Published Thursday September 29th, 2011
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An online update for Qt SDK 1.1.3 is now available introducing following improvements:

  • Updated Harmattan target, Beta2, to correspond to the most recent public firmware release of Nokia N950 Developer Device. This version of the target is still considered experimental, but it can be used for developing apps for Nokia N9 device. The Nokia N950 firmware update is available here.
  • Qt Creator 2.3.1, with support for app booster for N9 software and fixes for Symbian on-device debugging (CODA).
  • Fix to ensure that Qt Quick components work in the Simulator for software targeting the Nokia N9 smartphone and Symbian phones.
  • Symbian Complementary package improvements with an updated qmlviewer.sis for Qt 4.7.4 and NFC support in the  QtMobility 1.2 sis file.

You can obtain this update by running the Update tool of the Qt SDK.

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Posted in MeeGo, Qt SDK, Qt Simulator


the desktopharmattan and simulatorharmattan ( meego components ) do not work 🙁

tpunagan says:

Did u use custom installation and select qt components to be installed for harmattan ?

Bale says:

Great update, loving the simulator with qt components for meego.

One note though, qmlapplicationviewer doesn’t implement rootContext(), which is a bit of a pain if one wants to use C++ objects in the QML code. Of course QDeclarativeView could be used directly, but I liked the ready-made plumbing offered by qmlapplication viewer (e.g. the booster support)

Maybe something to consider for the next update?

Rodrigo Linfati says:

Yes, are installed.

developer@virtu:~/untitled/qml/untitled$ ~/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/474/gcc/bin/qmlviewer main.qml
Qml debugging is enabled. Only use this in a safe environment!
RemoteThemeDaemonClient: Failed to connect to theme server (that’s OK if you’re on a PC)
LocalThemeDaemonClient: Looking for assets in “/home/developer/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/474/gcc//harmattanthemes/blanco/meegotouch”
file:///home/developer/untitled/qml/untitled/main.qml:9:5: Type MainPage unavailable
MainPage {
file:///home/developer/untitled/qml/untitled/MainPage.qml:14:5: Type Button unavailable
file:///home/developer/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/474/gcc/imports/com/nokia/meego/Button.qml:42:1: module “Qt.labs.components” is not installed
import Qt.labs.components 1.0

i need manually add “-I path_to_harmattan_import”
~/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/474/gcc/bin/qmlviewer -I ~/QtSDK/Desktop/Qt/474/gcc/imports/desktopHarmattan/ main.qml

but from qtcreator do not work 🙁

tpunagan says:

If u r using on mac, we found out that the online installer is installing some old version. Mac online installer for some reason is not installing the needed qtcomponents.This issue is being currently looked up on.

m][sko says:

perfmon_1.3_s^3.sis don’t work on symbian bella devices( 701 )

Scorp1us says:

Does this fix the Mobility QML problem?
Using 4.7.4, I used the updater to install the Mobility kit. Creator would see the QtMultimediaKit library, and would let me use the Video element in the IDE but when I ran it, it choked.

Clément says:

Has the Mac update issue mentioned by Tpunagan been fixed?

Should I use “SDKMaintenanceTool” to update my installation?

Dio says:

The Qt for simulator is broken on mac. It crashes all the time!

Tim Jenssen says:

@Dio a bugreport with some more details would be nice.

vladest says:

any chance to get offline version?

vladest says:

and btw, any chance code completition to be fixed for harmattan target and for S^3 QtMobility classes?

John Doe says:

Qt SDK updates nothing. Why?
Using Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit with all updates installed.

John Doe says:

Sorry about my previous comment, please ignore it. Updates are OK.

John Doe says:

Sorry, please ignore my previous comment. Updates are OK.

opk says:

No updates available when I check on Win7 platform. I updated Ubuntu machines a few days ago. Did the update get pulled? Update servers down? Was hoping to try the CODA fixes.

JubiluM says:

Sorry to be repeating myself, but does someone have information on the following subject:

There used to be a (reference) documentation that came with the SDK, which looked more or less like:

Nowdays it can only be seen on online documentation.

There is a nice ui and layout there, quick and easy navigation with links to important things. The shipping documentation is a little bit broken (all documentation packages do not link sensibly, Home – link used take you to that reference page but it doesn’t etc. etc.) . Also, I like to use the Assistant, but none other than Assistant’s internal help, is registered. What is up or am I the only one facing the issue?

I have an older version, I believe it is one of the 2010 versions oft the SDK on my laptop and everything considering the documentation is ok.

Don’t know if it is the same on all platforms, I am using OS X.

Tim Jenssen says:

@JubiluM in case you wan’t the doc in another process -> there is an assistant component and then you only need to register the help which you need(the installer registers only the docs inside QtCreator).

For all doc problems inside our helpsystem: WE LIKE TO HAVE BUGREPORTS on: – maybe with the project “Nokia Qt SDK” if you are not sure which project – then we are able to forward these tasks to the right people.

Eike Ziller Eike Ziller says:

@Bale: I don’t get your problem. QmlApplicationViewer *is* a QDeclarativeView. No problem with calling qmlAppViewer->rootContext()

JubiluM says:

@Tim Jenssen
Thanks…yes, I know, and really I like using the Assistant (app) as a help viewer since I do not have to fiddle with the creator if there is something intensive going on at the moment. Also the Assistant (app) in itself is truly an advanced tool for browsing helps…probably because it was designed for the purpose :). I find it uncomfortable, clumsy and less usable when integrated into Qt Creator…..actually same goes with the Qt Designer.

I am also aware that the installer regusters only the docs inside QtCreator. So would it be kind of logical if the installer were to register also docs for the Assistant, if the Assistant application was selected in installer :)? After all, some mental effort has been used to remove the functionality, as it has earlier been there…

Bale says:

@Eike: I am probably missing something, but if I use QmlApplicationViewer as is, calling rootContext->setContextProperty doesn’t seem to have any effect (the QML UI doesn’t find the property). The only way I could make it work was to declare it and re-implement it as:

QDeclarativeContext *QmlApplicationViewer::rootContext () const
return d->view->rootContext();

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