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Qt Creator 2.3.1 released

Published Thursday September 29th, 2011
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A Qt Creator 2.3.1 patch release is now available through an Qt SDK update and as updated Qt Creator – only packages.

The release fixes a range of bugs, e.g. mixed C++/QML debugging could fail because a wrong gdb was choosen for the C++ debugging part, there where several debugging issues with CODA 4.0.23, and an update to the Harmattan application template in the light of the updated Harmattan target that is included in the Qt SDK update, to mention a few random ones.

Check out the changelog here, or the latest 3 1/2 dozen commits in our full commit log ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are using the Qt SDK, it should notify you about the update, or you can go to the usual download pages on developer.qt.nokia.com or qt.nokia.com/downloads and get the Qt Creator – only version.

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Posted in Qt, QtCreator


simon_e says:

Just updated from 2.1.0. Is there a way to add the intel 11.1 compiler as a toolchain? Qt Creator is trying to use the win32-msvc2008 mkspec instead of win32-icc used to build Qt.

vladest says:

any chance code completition to be fixed for harmattan target and for S^3 QtMobility classes?

sunbg says:

thanks very much,and my english is no very well!

ianfromafrica says:

@simon_e: There’s a bug in Qt Creator 2.3.x which causes it to choose the wrong mkspec in some cases. I’ve had the same problem building for iOS with Qt Creator 2.3.0 & 2.3.1 (didn’t have any problems with previous versions). I submitted a bug report (QTCREATORBUG-6145), but it seems to have been abandoned. The workaround is to go into “Build Steps” settings under “Projects->Targets”. You’ll see the mkspec that the project is using there under “qmake” (which in my case is always incorrect). If you expand that setting, you’ll see an “Additional Arguments” field. If you set this to “-spec “, it should sort out your problem.

ianfromafrica says:

@simon_e: Some of my post got eaten… The last line should be: If you set this to “-spec {your mkspec}”, it should sort out your problem.

Mattias says:

Isn’t there more people having trouble with the code completion, #include files not being found for the harmattan target!? This has lost me 2 weeks of trying to fix the issue with no luck, and reporting it as a bug makes no difference either. Does anyone have a workaround?

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