Qt SDK update and the Nokia N9

Published Thursday September 29th, 2011
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The new Nokia N9

The new Nokia N9

The Nokia N9 is currently making its way to retail and to eager smartphone fans. This unique Qt-based smartphone is a wonderful showcase for Qt and Qt Quick on mobile Linux.

Qt mobile developers benefit from the Nokia N9’s release – it represents an exciting new device to target with Qt and Qt Quick apps.

If apps like Accuweather are any guide, there will be some exceptional Qt and Qt Quick applications produced for Nokia N9. Effort spent creating these apps can of course be carried across to new Symbian Belle phones like the Nokia 700, as well as the large existing installed base of phones such as the Nokia N8.

The Nokia N9 is a focus at Qt Developer Days in Munich and San Francisco, and places are still available in our dedicated mobile training track at the event. To join us, register at http://qt.nokia.com/qtdevdays2011

SDK update
To align with the Nokia N9 release, an online update for Qt SDK 1.1.3 was made available today.

It introduces the following improvements:
•    Updated Harmattan target, Beta2, to correspond to the most recent public firmware release of Nokia N950 Developer Device. This version of the target is still considered experimental, but it can be used for developing apps for Nokia N9.
•    Qt Creator 2.3.1, with support for app booster for N9 software and fixes for Symbian on-device debugging (CODA).
•    Fix to ensure that Qt Quick components work in the Simulator for software targeting the Nokia N9 smartphone and Symbian phones.
•    Symbian Complementary package improvements with an updated qmlviewer.sis for Qt 4.7.4 and NFC support in the  QtMobility 1.2 sis file.

Developers can obtain this update by running the Update tool of the Qt SDK.

Example apps
Getting started developing for Nokia N9 has been made simpler thanks to Nokia Developer. 14 Nokia N9 demo apps, complete with source code, are available for developers wishing to see best practices developing for the device.

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PeterAzp says:

Can’t wait to develop a DLNA/uPnP application for my N9!

james says:

Already updating to test the Qt Quick components fix. I have had problems trying to test Meego components on windows. And what do you guys have to say about Meego.

Eberhard says:

The Nokia N9 is a focus at Qt Developer Days in Munich and San Francisco, and places are still available in our dedicated mobile training track at the event.
No wonder, Germany is on the N9 No-List. You can’t even buy it over here.

Roberto says:

What a pity Nokia declared this device is DOA. It seems they would have sold a big number of it if just they have declared they will develop further the platform and invest on it…. but they said it’s the first and the last one.

Thorbjørn says:

@Eberhard Of course it’s a pity Nokia isn’t officially selling the N9 in many countries, but amazon.de has several N9 variations available for pre-order as “EU-Import”.

nic says:

Let me guess, zero advance on making it possible to target Symbian from Linux… What a joke. I am the joke, for having fallen this trap. I hope your Windows developers and those few people who received N9s and N950s just for you to be able to say it exists, and “is shipping” have a lot of fun.

Pedro says:

What a frustration. The maintenance tool doesn’t work, it fails (timeout) downloading some package in the middle of the update, when it already erased some components. If you press the cancel button at this point, it renders your development tools unusable.

Please, publish the update as an offline downloadable package.

Sundhar says:

Nice phone, I like it very much. Where can I buy N9 in India?

David McVicar says:

I have had the same frustration as Pedro with the update kit. Apps that delete everthing and then fail used to be called a virus, now they are called a SDK-update.

Andres says:

@nic You can actually deploy for Symbian on Linux. It’s a bit of a hack, but it works. I haven’t been able to run in the debugger with it, though. Get it and then manually point QtCreator to use it:

Daniel says:

I have some apps to port to Harmathan, but they didn’t work well so far.
I hope this update improve the use of QWidget classes making them appear more native in this platform.
Because in other case, this amazing device is a waste.

Nic: You can create a virtual machine using VirtualBox very easily to set your Windows development enviroment. I personally use Kubuntu and only when is time to compile the app, copy/paste the source code in windows VM, compile for Symbian and then copy the resulting .sis file to my linux to continue working.

Scorp1us says:

“The Nokia N9 is a focus at Qt Developer Days in Munich and San Francisco, and places are still available in our dedicated mobile training track at the event.”

We can’t get the N9 in the US, so having it be the focus makes zero sense. But so does Nokia phone OS strategy. I so did want to see you do well, now you’re not shipping any new phone to the US until 2012? Which will be a WP7 phone. Which will not be bought by most people.

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